When the intelligent criminal Erwin “Doc” Riedenschneider is released from prison, he seeks a fifty thousand-dollar investment from the bookmaker Cobby to recruit a small gang of specialists for a million-dollar heist of jewels from a jewelry. Doc is introduced to the lawyer Alonzo D. Emmerich who offers to finance the whole operation and buy the gems immediately after the burglary. Doc hires the safe cracker Louis Ciavelli, the driver Gus Minissi, and the gunman Dix Handley to the heist. His plan works perfectly but bad luck and betrayals compromise the steps after the heist and the gangsters need to flee from the police.

Also Known As: Blodigt spel, Dzungla na asfaltu, Asfaltová džungle Czech, La jungla d'asfalt, Asphalt-Dschungel, Elmas Hırsızları, O Segredo das Joias, Quand la ville dort, I asfaltens djungel, Asfaltowa dżungla, Quando a Cidade Dorme, Η ζούγκλα της ασφάλτου, Jungla de asfalt, Koursaroi ton megaloupoleon, La jungla de asfalto, Wanneer de stad slaapt..., Raubmord West, Asfalto džiungles, Asfaltjunglen, Asfalttiviidakko, Aszfaltdzsungel, Asphalt-Dschungel West, Giungla di asfalto, Асфалтовата джунгла, Асфальтові джунґлі, Асфальтовые джунгли Soviet, 夜闌人未靜, アスファルト・ジャングル, The Asphalt, The Asphalt Jungle, Asfaltjungelen, Mientras la ciudad duerme, Asphalt jungle, Giungla d'asfalto, Raubmord, I zougla tis asfaltou

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