Laurel Ayres is a businesswoman trying to make it but unfortunately she works at a investment firm where she does all the work but all the senior investors like Frank Peterson grab all the credit. She then leaves and starts her own firm. While trying to find clients Laurel pretends that she has a male partner named Robert Cutty. And when she starts to do well all of her clients wants to meet Cutty which is difficult since he doesn’t exist.

Also Known As: Partner, Ο Συνεργάτης μου, Wer ist Mr. Cutty?, Halløj på Wall Street, Ortak, Wall Streetin valtiatar, O Sócio Perfeito, Компаньон, En versting på Wall Street, L'associé, Kompanionas, O Sócio, The Associate, En värsting på Wall Street, Компаньйон, Halløj på Wallstreet, O synergatis mou, Funny Money - Come fare i soldi senza lavorare, Cómo triunfar en Wall Street, Съдружникът, A csendestárs, La Socia principal

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