Young orthodox Jew Mordechai Wolkenbruch, called Motti, has a serious problem: All the women, whom his mame introduces to him as potential wives, look just like her. Whereas Laura, his fellow student, does not at all – but unfortunately she is a schikse: She wears pants, has a nice tuches, drinks gin and tonic and swears. Motti begins to have doubts: Is the predetermined path given by his parents the road for him to follow? His obedience towards his mother’s disturbing methods starts to fade, whereas at the same time his passion for Laura grows. So things take their course. And very soon Motti comes to the conclusion: even schiksen can be totally nuts.

Also Known As: The Awakening of Motti Wolkenbruch, Wolkenbruch's Wondrous Journey Into the Arms of a Shiksa, Non tutte le sciagure vengono dal cielo, Przebudzenie Mottiego Wolkenbrucha, O Despertar de Motti, Wolkenbruch, Wolkenbruchs wunderliche Reise in die Arme einer Schickse

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  • dmitri-filippov
    dmitri filippov

    I’m only 10 minutes into the movie, but it’s already beyond hysterical with this HORRIBLE English dubbing. Was this their INTENT!?If you’re into this kind of Jewish humor, which I am, don’t miss it.

  • erik-christiansen
    erik christiansen

    The leading actor Joel Bassman was really cool and the movie was written and directed very adequately.. The supporting actors were all great.. I enjoyed it so much… I recommend it to anybody that wants a movie that will make them happy..

  • briedis-ilga
    briedis ilga

    They hit it out of the park with this. Very funny and gives a nice view into modern Jewish culture, at least from the perspective of a young man. Definitely recommend watching it with subtitles and the original audio. Gives a much better portrayal of emotion.

  • julian-edwards
    julian edwards

    I think Netflix recommended this to me after having loved Shtisel so much. This is the type of movie I really enjoy. I normally hate it when they’re breaking the 4th wall, but even though the main character is talking to us directly throughout, it didn’t bother me one bit.I’m not Jewish, and I’m sure there are lots of cliches in this film (pushy mother, Jews only buying from each other etc.), and perhaps they explained a little too much about life for relatively Orthodox Jews to the viewers, but it was still done nicely and enjoyable in my opinion. Humour as well, though not in a slapstick kind of way.

  • ddhiingraa-vikrm
    ddhiingraa vikrm

    Extremely funny and somehow a true story about being jew in a modern world. The best comedy of 2019!

  • vanags-niks
    vanags niks

    A very realistic movie, gives us many of real situations in funny way. It is not related only with Jewish people. It fits well with any person belongs to a minority group in any place of the world. Especially if that minority group has strict rules to protect their values.

  • diogo-sales
    diogo sales

    Ten or so years ago, My Big Fat Greek Wedding was all the rage. Think of this as the Jewish version. It’s funny, sweet and touching. Be it Greek, Jewish, Italian – or any ethnic group that has strict controls and ideas about their families and children, this movie touches us all. As for me – My Big Fat Greek Wedding was spot on.

  • samiha-yahsi-demirel
    samiha yahsi demirel

    A very entertaining film, even hilarious. annoyingly enough I watched it with a bruised rib and the laughter was quite painful for me. enjoyed it very much!