When Kristy Thomas, president of The Baby-Sitters Club, has a brilliant idea to run a summer day camp, the girls all agree it’s the perfect way to spend their summer together. But life gets complicated as budding romance, family problems, and three rival teen girls conspire to ruin the club, all putting the friendships between the members to the test.

Also Known As: O Clube das Baby-Sitters, O Clube das Babás, Klub bebisiterki, Το κλαμπ των baby-sitters, Der Baby-Sitters-Club, Le club des baby-sitters, Kolezanki, ベビー・シッターズ・クラブ, Angriff der Schnullerbrigade, To club ton baby-sitters, The Baby-Sitters Club, El club de las Babysitters: La película, Il club delle baby sitter, Lastenlikkojen klubi, El club de las niñeras, Klub Baby-Sitters, Веселые няньки, Клуб нянь, Bébicsőszök klubja

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