This movie is about the Vineyard family and their trip to the New Jersey Pine Barrens. There is a legend that the Jersey Devil lives in these woods. It came about after a woman known as Mother Leeds had 13 children, but she offered up the 13th child to the Devil so she and her other children didn’t have to leave their house as they were going to be forced out by the town folk because she was having too many kids in the area back in the 1700s. So it’s now the present, and the Vineyard family are going to camp there so the father (Stephen Moyer) can release his father’s ashes. But while there they hear that someone has gone missing, and Richard (Moyer) thinks it’s the work of the Jersey Devil. So they move their camp site to get away from the rest of the campers only to find that they’re in more trouble than they were before. But is the legend of the Jersey Devil real, or is it just another story?

Also Known As: Dykviete, The Barrens, Jersey Devil, デビルズ・フォレスト 悪魔の棲む森, Devil in the Woods, Tukšaine, Пустище, The Forest, El demonio de Jersey, El hijo del diablo 2, O Diabo de Jersey, Şeytanın Ormanı, Floresta Demoníaca, Пустошь, The Jersey Devil

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