A film commissioned by the Algerian government that shows the Algerian revolution from both sides. The French foreign legion has left Vietnam in defeat and has something to prove. The Algerians are seeking independence. The two clash. The torture used by the French is contrasted with the Algerian’s use of bombs in soda shops. A look at war as a nasty thing that harms and sullies everyone who participates in it.

Also Known As: A Batalha de Argel, Битката за Алжир, Nabard-e aljazeere, Aruje no Tatakai, Bitwa o Algier, Schlacht um Algier, Битва за Алжир, Cezayir Savasi, De slag om Algiers, La batalla de Argel, Taistelu Algeriasta, Slaget om Alger, I mahi tou Algeriou, Maarakat madinat al Jazaer, Bitva o Alžír Czech, Bitka za Alžir, Schlacht um Algier West, Paras, I mahi tis Algerias, Slaget om Algier, Η μάχη του Αλγερίου, Битва за Алжир Soviet, Az algíri csata, La batalla de Argelia, Kampen om Algerie, La bataille d'Alger, Taistelu Algerista, The Battle of Algiers, Alžirska bitka, Ma'rakat aljazaer, La battaglia di Algeri

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