In this installment of the “Why We Fight” propaganda series, we learn about the events on the Russian front of World War II. We learn about Russia’s heroic resistance to invasion in the past and how those qualities were called upon in the current war. We also learn about Russian tenacity and their determination to win against the seemingly invincible forces of Nazi Germany in the bloodiest fighting of the war.

Also Known As: För frihet kämpa de, The Battle of Russia: The Nazi March Frozen, A Batalha da Rússia, The Battle of Russia, バトル・オブ・ロシア, Slaget om Rusland, Az orosz hadjárat, Oroszországi háború, La battaglia di Russia, Битва за Россию Soviet, I mahi tis Rosias, Why We Fight, 5, La Bataille de Russie, Why We Fight: La battaglia di Russia

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