Thrown into a remote Philippine prison somewhere in the untamed jungles of Manila, Collier enters the all-female jail after her horrible crime. There, sharing the same squalid cell with the equally unfortunate inmates–the tough-as-nails lesbian leader, Grear; the cynical, Alcott; the heroin-addict, Harrad, and the rebellious cellmates, Ferina and Bodine–beautiful Collier will immediately catch the eye of the brutal guard, Lucian. But, life behind bars is hard, and amid daily humiliation, cat-fights, free sex, and torture, the desperate women concoct a daring escape plan. Will the lethal sextet of prisoners escape from the cage?

Also Known As: Дом большой куклы Soviet, Bamboo Dolls House, Zankoku Onna-Keimusho, Women's Penitentiary III, El avispero, Women's Penitentiary, The Big Doll House, As Condenadas da Prisão do Inferno, Γυναίκες στο Κλουβί, 残酷女刑務所, Sesso in gabbia, Gynaikes sto Klouvi, Cárcel de mujeres, Wielki dom lalek

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