U.S. Border Patrol agent Charlie Smith just wants to do a good job and provide for his wife. But between her demands for a more affluent lifestyle and the importuning of Charlie’s partner Cat to take part in illegal activities in exchange for bribes, Charlie gets caught up in helping smuggle illegal immigrants across the Texas border. When one of them, a young Mexican girl named Maria, loses her baby to abductors who plan to sell the child, Charlie decides to take a stand for her and against the corruption he’s fallen into.

Also Known As: A Fronteira da Vergonha, Siena, Border, The Border, Gränsen, O anthropos ton synoron, Ο άνθρωπος των συνόρων, Grenzpatrouille West, Police frontière, Granita, Állj, határ!, Frontera violenta, Границата, Frontiera, Na granicy, Граница Soviet, Meja na Riu Grande, Grenzpatrouille, Fronteira da Violência, Granica, Grænsestrømer, Sınır, ボーダー(1981), La frontera, Farlig grense, Raja

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