Californian lawyer Bill McKay fights for the little man. His charisma and integrity get him noticed by the Democratic Party machine and he is persuaded to run for the Senate against an apparently unassailable incumbent. It’s agreed he can handle it his own way, on his own terms. But once he’s in the race and his prospects begin to improve, the deal starts to change.

Also Known As: El candidato, Bill McKay - utmanaren, The Candidate, A jelölt, O Candidato, Il candidato, Politicna kuhinja, Votez Mc Kay, O ypopsifios, Stem på McKay, Kohosha Biru Makkei, 候補者ビル・マッケイ, Utfordreren, Kandydat, Candidatul, Bill McKay - Der Kandidat West, Valtapeli, Votez McKay, Кандидат Soviet, 候選人, McKay - utfordreren, Maktspel, Кандидат, Bill McKay - Der Kandidat

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  • robert

    Thee Candidate starts buffering at 1:20:00-Please fix! I have tried three times.