Lucy and Edmund Pevensie are stranded in Cambridge, living in the house of their obnoxious cousin Eustace, while the grown-ups Susan and Peter are living in the USA with their parents. When a painting of a ship sailing on the sea of Narnia overflows water in their room, Lucy, Edmund and Eustace are transported to the ocean of Narnia and rescued by King Caspian and the crew of the ship The Dawn Treader. Caspian explains that Narnia has been in peace for three years but before he took his throne back, his uncle tried to kill the seven lords of Telmar, who were the closest and most loyal friends of his father. They fled to The Lone Island and no one has ever heard anything about them. Now Caspian is seeking out the lords of Telmar with his Captain Drinian, the talking mouse Reepicheep and his loyal men. Soon, they discover that an evil form of green mist is threatening Narnia and the siblings and their cousin join Caspian in a quest to retrieve the seven swords of the seven lords of Telmar to save Narnia from evil.

Also Known As: As Crónicas de Nárnia: A Viagem do Caminheiro da Alvorada, Le monde de Narnia: L'odyssée du passeur d'aurore, Opowieści z Narnii: Podróż Wędrowca do Świtu, Les chroniques de Narnia: L'odyssée du Passeur d'Aurore, Kronike iz Narnije: Plovidba broda Zorogaza, Letopisy Narnie: Plavba Jitrniho poutnika Czech, Narnia: Ek Adhbuth Safar, To hroniko tis Narnia: O taxidiotis tis avgis, The Chronicles of Narnia 3, Letopisi Narnije - Putovanje namernika zore, Sipurei Narnia - hamasa bedoreh hashahar, Narnia: Morgenvandrerens rejse, Narnia günlükleri: Safak yildizi'nin yolculugu, Kronike iz Narnije - Plovidba broda Zorogaza, Las crónicas de Narnia: La travesía del viajero del alba, De Kronieken van Narnia: De Reis van het Drakenschip, Хроники Нарнии: Покоритель Зари, Narnia: Dobrodruzstvá lode Ranný pútnik, Хрониките на Нарния: Плаването на Разсъмване, Το χρονικό της Νάρνια: Ο ταξιδιώτης της αυγής, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Хронiки Нарнii: Пiдкорювач свiтанку, Narnijos kronikos: Aušros užkariautojo kelione, Le cronache di Narnia - Il viaggio del veliero, Narnian tarinat: Kaspianin matka maailman ääriin, Narnia: Dobrodruzstva lode Ranny putnik, Narnia: Kung Caspian och skeppet Gryningen, As Crônicas de Nárnia: Viagem do Peregrino da Alvorada, As Crônicas de Nárnia: A Viagem do Peregrino da Alvorada, Cronicile din Narnia: Calatorie pe mare cu Zori-de-Zi, Zgodbe iz Narnije: Potovanje Potepuske zarje, Narnijas hronika: Ritausmas celinieka brauciens, Narnias kronikebi: Aisis dampkrobeli, Die Chroniken von Narnia - Die Reise auf der Morgenröte, Las Cronicas De Narnia 3, Narnia kroonikad: Koiduränduri teekond, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Legenden om Narnia - Reisen til det ytterste hav, Las crónicas de Narnia - La travesía del viajero del Alba, Narnia krónikái: A Hajnalvándor útja, Las crónicas de Narnia: La travesía del Viajero del Alba, Berättelsen om Narnia: Kung Caspian och skeppet Gryningen

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