An ex-con who’s taken part in the robbery of a racetrack is caught and sent back to prison, but he won’t tell his fellow gang members where he’s stashed the loot. The gang kidnaps his girlfriend and has him tortured in prison in an effort to find out where the money is.

Also Known As: The Concrete Jungle, Die Spur führt ins Nichts, La jungla de cemento, Prisão Maior, Criminalul, Kriminalac, Die Spur führt ins Nichts West, Concrete Jungle, Jaget av alle, Les criminels, La giungla di cemento, Betonowa dzungla, Betonska dzungla, To katharma tou Londinou, The Criminal, Armadilha a Sangue Frio, Криминал Soviet, El criminal, Den kriminelle, Labyrinten, Przestepca, Hyänen der Unterwelt, Sementtiviidakko, Le criminel, Cementdjungeln, Suç altında

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