Based on an attraction at Disneyland, the Country Bear Jamboree, this movie is one in a long line of live action Disney family films. The movie is a satire of “Behind the Music” rock and roll bands. Beary, a young bear raised by a human family in a world where humans and talking bears coexist, attempts to trace his roots. He meets up with the Country Bears, a long-since broken-up band, a parody of bands like the Eagles. Beary helps the Country Bears reunite for one final concert, while searching for who he truly is.

Also Known As: Les Country bears, The Country Bears, I Mattacchiorsi, As Aventuras de Beary, o Ursinho, Деревенские медведи, Beary e os Ursos Caipiras, カントリー・ベアーズ, La gran aventura de Beary, Ο Μπέρι και η Αρκουδοπαρέα του, A házimaci, Beary-karhun suuri seikkailu, Kasaba Ayıları, Meškiai muzikantai, Osos a todo ritmo, The Bears, Die Country Bears - Hier tobt der Bär, Country Miśki

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