After an unexpected death in the family, a mother and son struggle to find spiritual healing at a beachfront summer home.

Also Known As: CRESCENT 冷たい海の底, The Crescent

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  • floarea-dumitrescu
    floarea dumitrescu

    Lynchian in it’s essence, The Crescent is not what you’d expect from a horror film. It’s an emotional rollercoaster, and the more you invest emotionally in the characters, the more suspense and psychological thrills you’ll draw from it. If you are expecting cheap scares and instant gratification, you won’t find them here. If you’re looking for a unique and mature mystery with supernatural implications, you’ll get exactly what you wished for.

  • krumins-vija
    krumins vija

    This unusual art house collaboration between Canadian production company Cut Off Tail and Germany’s Deutsche Telefunken features a lead actor who was still a toddler at the time of filming (and coincidentally, the director’s own son).Beth is sad because Pete has died. She retreats to Gramma’s house at the beach, which she intend to sell. At the beach she meets Joseph, who expresses an interest in Lowen. Beth is unnerved.Strange noises wake Beth in the night. She investigates but finds nothing. Lowan plays with his truck. Joseph walks on the beach. Beth is distracted.Sam meets Beth at the beach. Lowen likes her. Beth is pleased.Lowen looks through a window and sees the Other People walking on the beach. He calls out to them, but they cannot hear him. Beth is busy with her marbling.Lowen plays with Sam. Sam tells Beth there are people in the area who ‘don’t want to stay dead.’ The strange noises at night are getting worse. Beth is concerned.Joseph clashes with the Other People. Sam comes to visit. Beth leaves her house in the middle of the night, and does not return.Lowen is alone. Sam knocks on the window, but cannot see or hear him. Joseph breaks into the house, but Lowen escapes.The Other People find Lowen on the beach, and carry him into the sea. Beth is still missing.Sam and Lowen find Beth on the beach, unconscious but alive. Beth returns to the house, and recuperates on a couch. Lowen brushes her hair.Beth has a dream about Pete. Joseph visits, and explains that he has lived many lives. He says Beth must give him Lowen because he needs a ‘vessel’ in order to ‘return.’Beth observes that Joseph has begun to mutate. She attacks him with her marbling comb. Joseph collapses to the floor with the marbling comb stuck in his head.Beth enjoys a brief moment of triumph. Joseph gets up and attacks her with the marbling comb. Beth fights back, and smashes his face into a bloody pulp. Joseph stays down, but it’s not clear if he’s dead.Lowen is at the beach with Beth. The Other People have arrived, and this time Gramma is with them. Beth picks up Lowen and walks into the water, where they both drown.I rate The Crescent at 23.31 on the Haglee Scale, which works out as a refreshing 7/10 on IMDB.

  • jordan-taylor-cook
    jordan taylor cook

    Beth has lost her husband and takes their toddler Lowen to their beach house to heal. While there, she is frightened by an elderly neighbor who has taken an interest in her son. The movie is trippy and beautiful and slow but it does what The Babadook didn’t – make you care for Beth and her son Lowen. As slow as it was, I was so terrified and uncomfortable for Lowen I almost had to stop watching. The toddler was amazingly cute and so good I wondered if he was older but small for his age. There were hints at the movie ending but for the most part it managed to maintain the mystery until the very end at which point everything makes sense.

  • siegbert-kohler
    siegbert kohler

    I was hooked from the start, the single mom and her little kid, (How they made that lil’ kid do so much, say so much, run around, and hide from monsters and ghosts and evil Pet Semetary cats and on and on… ) Spectacular! It starts right with an anti-climax , in the mothers attempts at trying to rebuild her life and just be a mom to that poor child we are intermittently interlarded with dash of melancholia here and a little bits of fear here. I was pleasently surprised, to me, it seems like there perhaps is way more to the tale, yet the narrative is so artsy , due to the fact that the mother is constantly painting in the abstract and so it the narrative touches on that as she tries to figure out what is going on, it will give you a start here and there, but at the end even after the crisis moment, we are left with a sense that something good came out of all this , do we need to understand every single second of it, I don’t know, I mean the tale at some point spills into the other regions, other realms man has posed questions and inquired since time immemorial, this was just a nice artistic tale that took us there, yes though beware of really spooky creepy middle-aged men with really nice silver locks! That’s one thing I learnt from this movie! lol…

  • suvi-pesonen
    suvi pesonen

    I recently watched The Crescent at the Vancouver Film Festival and I loved it. The Crescent is visually stunning and tells a story that can scare someone of any age. I don’t want to give anything away but all of the little things make sense at the end and it is truly a glorious experience. Well done!

  • stanislava-stepankova
    stanislava stepankova

    Personally, I thought the actors were spot on. The child was amazing (I always cringe when a small child is in a film). I have no idea how they got the child to act. It’s VERY slow, but, it did keep me interested. I would consider this more of an Art House film. I gave it a 6. Would have given this a higher rating, the slowness brought it down.

  • sinisa-zeba
    sinisa zeba

    Beth, a widow, takes her toddler to her mother’s house to spend some time far away near the sea. A strange man appears and frightens Beth. Later, the widow , who seems depressed and lifeless will have to deal with unwanted guests who seem to be coming at night to sound the doorbell. First of all, the movie is not that scary at all. The characters, situations, etc, do not leave you with any feeling at all. I get that Beth is depressed for her loss, but her acting makes the movie slow and dull. The kid is a good actor thought. Second, although the visuals of the paint combinations on water are interesting, there is not much else that could get my attention. The variation in format for the flashbacks are unnecessary in my opinion. Third, the movie feels way too slow, the acting is not that great and the situations are not believable. And last, the story in general is terrible, it doesn’t build up correctly to justify the plot twist in the end. Not impressed really but you can give it a try if you have the time.

  • mariana-correia
    mariana correia

    I should’ve listened to the other reviewers. This movie has no discernible plot, they try to add on at the end, but it fails miserably. We got it right off that everyone is dead and unlikable. No sympathetic characters. Right off you find the protagonist is someone you just can’t care about. And that kid, what an annoyance. It is boredom then at the end when they introduce what they think is plot but just more crap. Total crapfest. Don’t say you weren’t warned

  • vidyaa-gaaykvaadd
    vidyaa gaaykvaadd

    This movie is a shining example of someone who had a very specific vision for their film, so they just did whatever they wanted and it didn’t end up coming together in any meaningful way. In an attempt to be deep and symbolic the movie is instead pretentious and a waste of time. The story is nonsensical and confusing until a character just explains it at the end. It’s manages to be obtuse and hard to follow without actually being intriguing or leaving much up to interpretation. It’s shot like absolute garbage, mostly using a lot of ugly close ups and handheld shots that have no sense of framing for the scene. Occasionally the movie has weird interludes where the aspect ratio changes to basically portrait view for seemingly no reason. There are some interesting visuals involving paintings made by the main character, but they don’t end up having any real significance other than looking cool. Every performance is laughably bad; the lead especially seems incredibly bored every time that the scene is supposed to be suspenseful or scary. Probably most damning, it just isn’t scary in any way. Nothing that happens to the main character and her son is really that threatening or disturbing in any way. There are a litany of cliches and played out set ups that never go anywhere. For a movie that’s paced like a slug on wet concrete it doesn’t create any sense of suspense whatsoever. In total, it’s stupid, it’s boring, it’s ugly, it’s poorly acted, and it has nothing to offer on a story level. Skip it.

  • elize-feltzer
    elize feltzer

    Very, very slow. It doesn’t fit together well to make a whole story.

  • vilcins-veronika
    vilcins veronika

    I wasn’t expecting too much and that is exactly what I got. Very slow, dull, and virtually no real scares or excitement. There are a few good shots and some decent acting but the story really drags it down and is really something better suited for a short story at best. Very artsy yet it lacks real nuance. Your time would be much better spent watching something else.