A wily D.A.(Brady) gets a 10 year conviction of a young 20 year old (Robert Graham)who he knows killed a man in self defense. Years later Brady becomes warden of the prison holding Graham. When Brady realizes that 6 years of working in the prison jute mill has pushed Graham to the breaking point, he gives him a chance- a new job as his valet. Graham responds well and earns the respect of both the warden and his beautiful daughter. Graham’s mettle is put to the test when he stumbles onto a prison murder committed by his cell-mate. He must choose between the criminal code of silence and the warden’s strong persuasion to reveal the killer.

Also Known As: El código penal, 光に叛く者, O Código Penal, Le code criminel, Ludzie za kratami, Den uskrevne Lov, Código Penal, The Criminal Code, De dömdas lag, Poios tha ton dikaiosei?, Codice penale, I lovens navn, Уголовный кодекс Soviet

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