The Triffids are on their way – devouring humans, and most off the planet thinks it’s a joke – but is not. Far from it. To help stop the invasion, a group of hold outs fight this invasion of killer plants. But it’s not just the plants which need to be eradicated! The followers of a megalomaniac who’s built an army of street psychopaths; the man who’s name alone brings a chill to one’s blood; Torrence. Eeyagh!

Also Known As: El día de los trífidos, Dan trifida, Deň trifidov, Dan Trifida, Dzień Tryfidów, Die Triffids - Pflanzen des Schreckens, Invázia trifidov, 前後2部構成のテレビドラマ, Le jour des Triffides, Triffidernas dag, The Day of the Triffids, Γη ώρα μηδέν, Денят на трифидите, День Триффидов, Triffidien kapina, Gi ora miden, A triffidek napja

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