Travelling with mind-boggling speed, a gleaming unidentified flying object zooming in from the boundless deep space, penetrates the Earth’s atmosphere, landing smoothly in Cold War-Washington, D.C. Encircled by large yet feeble military forces, the peaceful intergalactic ambassador, Klaatu, emerges from the mysterious vessel accompanied by the silently dangerous robot of incomprehensible power, Gort, only to witness firsthand the earthlings’ hospitality. The sophisticated humanoid declares that he comes in peace; however, he needs to assemble the world’s greatest minds to hear his merciful warning and a definitive ultimatum. Is Klaatu the messenger of humanity’s doom?

Also Known As: A nap, mikor megállt a Föld, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Den dag, jorden stod stille, День, когда остановилась Земля Soviet, O Dia em que a Terra Parou, Ultimátum a la Tierra, Όταν η Γη σταματήσει, Mannen från Mars, De dag waarop de aarde stilstond, El día que paralizaron la tierra, El día que paralizaron la Tierra, El día que se paralizó la tierra, Der Tag, an dem die Erde stillstand West, Flygende, Chikyu no seishi suru hi, Journey to the World, 地球の静止する日, Päivä jolloin maailma seisahtui, Uçan Dairelerin Esrarı, Dzień, w którym zatrzymała się Ziemia, Den, kdy se zastavila Země Czech, Deň, keď sa zastavila Zem, El día que la Tierra se detuvo, El día que la tierra se detuvo, 地球末日記, Ziua în care Pământul s-a oprit, Mission spatiale - Le jour où la terre s'arrêta, Otan i Gi stamatisi..., Farewell to the Master, Uhkavaatimus maalle, Денят, в който земята спря, Der Tag, an dem die Erde stillstand, Le jour où la terre s'arrêta, Дан када је Земља стала, Ultimatum alla Terra, День, коли Земля зупинилась, Ultimatum til Jorden

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