After Charles Dobbs, a security officer, has a friendly chat with Samuel Fennan from the Foreign Office, the man commits suicide. An anonymous typed letter had been received accusing Fennan of being a Communist during his days at Oxford and their chat while walking in the park was quite amiable. Senior officials want the whole thing swept under the rug and are pleased to leave it as a suicide. Dobbs isn’t at all sure as there are a number of anomalies that simply can’t be explained away. Dobbs is also having trouble at home with his errant wife, whom he very much loves, having frequent affairs. He’s also pleased to see an old friend, Dieter Frey, who he recruited after the war. With the assistance of a colleague and a retired policeman, Dobbs tries to piece together just who is the spy and who in fact assassinated Fennan.

Also Known As: Casus Kim, Uma Poltrona para a Morte, John Le Carre's Puhelu vainajalle, The Deadly Affair, Smiertelna sprawa, John Le Carre's Spionen måste dö, Chamada para um Morto, Telefon til avdøde, Дело самоубийцы Soviet, Llamada para el muerto, Afacerea mortală, Puhelu vainajalle, Llamada para un muerto, Смъртоносна афера, I kataskopos tou Londinou, Ébresztő a halottnak, Smrtonosna afera, Samtal med den döde, Anruf für einen Toten West, Kyôfu to no sôgû, Duas Plateias para a Morte, M-15 vraagt om bescherming, Telefon til afdøde, M.15 demande protection, De kus van het gevaar, John le Carré's The Deadly Affair, Chiamata per il morto

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