When the two terrorists Abdul Rafai and Mustafa hijack a Boeing 707 in Athens with 144 passengers and 8 crews, they use a grenade to force pilot Captain Roger Campbell to fly to Beirut, Lebanon, instead of to Rome and New York. Meanwhile the Delta Force commanded by Colonel Nick Alexander and Major Scott McCoy are assigned to resolve the situation. Abdul and Mustafa separate the Jewish and Marine passengers and they are transported to Beirut, while twelve other terrorists embark on board. Then they fly to Algiers, where the women and children are released. McCoy and the Delta Force team are prepared to attack the plane when Alexander learns that there are now fourteen terrorists on board and not only two, and he aborts the mission. Abdul kills a Marine and returns to Beirut with the male passengers on board. Now the Delta Force needs to act in two locations crowded of terrorists to release the hostages. Will they succeed?

Also Known As: Delta Force, Dynami Delta, Oddział Delta, Delta Force West, Forţa Delta, Delta Kommandó, La Fuerza Delta, Mahatz Ha-Delta, Fuerza Delta, Operatiunea Delta Force, Δύναμη Δέλτα, Delta burys, Отряд Дельта Soviet, Zafer topu, Amerika's nieuwe helden, Styrka Delta Force, Comando Delta, Делта форс, Delta Force Czech, The Delta Force, Força Delta

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