1) Jerôme Chambard, a retired man, taken in by nuns in a convent, swears like a trooper. 2) Françoise takes a lover because he has promised her a diamond necklace. 3) Denis, a seminarist, decides to renounce his vows to avenge his sister. 4) God in person lands at a remote farm and works miracles there. 5) Pierre learns that his mother is not his mother, but a famous actress. 6) Didier, a bank clerk, teams up with a bank thief after being fired by the manager 7) Jerôme Chambard is invited to Sunday lunch by his friend the bishop and by dint of drinking to their friendship the holy man cannot remember the ten commandments anymore

Also Known As: Diabelskie sztuczki, Fruto Proibido, Der Teufel und die zehn Gebote West, El diablo y los diez mandamientos, De duivel en den tien geboden, O Diabo e os 10 Mandamentos, Djævelen og de ti bud, Le tentazioni quotidiane, Le diable et les 10 commandements, フランス式十戒, Vi er alle syndere, Djavo i deset zapovesti, Dracul şi cele zece porunci, O Diabo e os Dez Mandamentos, Se upp för Satan!, Der Teufel und die zehn Gebote, The Devil and the Ten Commandments, Дяволът и десетте Божи заповеди, Op een hete namiddag..., Le diable et les dix commandements, Paholainen ja 10 käskyä, Det er dejligt at synde, Le Diable et les Dix Commandements, Az ördög és a tízparancsolat, O diavolos kai oi 10 entoles, Дьявол и десять заповедей, Devil and the Ten Commandments, Diavolo e dieci comandamanti

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