An American girl, Isabella, sets out to make a documentary to understand what happened to her mother who murdered three clergy people. She was not convicted due to insanity and was sent to a mental hospital in Italy. Isabella meets with some priests in Italy who explain that her mother’s condition may not be medical, but could be an extra-human possession.

Also Known As: Ο Διάβολος Μέσα Της, Đavo u meni, O Despertar das Trevas, Demony, Sotona: Razotkrivanje, Дяволът в мен, O diavolos mesa tis, Ha'Satan she'bifnim, Le diable en moi, The Devil Inside, Filha do Mal, Devil Inside, Con el diablo adentro South, L'altra faccia del diavolo, Con el diablo adentro, Diavolul din tine, Untitled Bell and Peterman Film, Az ördög benned lakozik, Одержимая, デビル・インサイド, Paholainen sisälläni, İçimdeki Şeytan, Setonas manyje, Одержима

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