The Republic of Wadiya is ruled by an eccentric and oppressive leader named Hafez Aladeen. Aladeen is summoned to New York to a UN assembly to address concerns about his country’s nuclear weapons program, but the trip goes awry.

Also Known As: Ο δικτάτορας, Ha'dictator, Diktatoren, Diktaator, El dictador, Il dittatore, Le dictateur, The Dictator, Ke Dôc Tài, Finchley's Dream, El Dictador, O Ditador, A diktátor, O diktatoras, Dyktator, Диктатор, Dictatorul, Диктаторът, Diktatör, Diktatorius, Diktators, Der Diktator, Diktaattori, Diktator

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