The film tells the story of an outlaw who masquerades as a blind man’s son in order to trick the old man out of a cache of gold located in a vacated town. A gang of bandits appears in the same town to rob a payroll coach that has to pass through and they take the blind man’s gold as well, setting the desperado against the gang.

Also Known As: Le massacre et le sang, Texas desperados, Django, ulven fra Texas, Sujos e Sem Lei, Die im Staub verrecken West, Мръсни бандити, El desesperado, Βρώμικοι Παράνομοι, Big Ripoff, El desperado, O Desesperado, O Amargo Sabor da Vingança, La ley de la violencia, La boue, le massacre et le mort, Django - Die im Schlamm verrecken, El Desperado, King of the West, Django - die im Staub verrecken, The Dirty Outlaws, Escondido West

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