Dr. Weitzman works with patients in a sanitarium. Convinced that all that his “group” needs is a some fresh air and some time away from the sanitarium, he persuades the administration to allow him to take them to a ballgame. Unfortunately, he accidentally stumbles across a crime in progress and ends up in hospital. The group is stranded in New York City, forced to cope with a place which is often more bizarre than their sanitarium.

Also Known As: Una pandilla de lunáticos, Das Traum-Team West, Kathenas me tin trela tou, De médico y de loco todo el mundo tiene un poco, Tim iz snova, Marados à Solta, Команда мечты Soviet, Rüya Takim, Καθένας με την τρέλα του, Hjärngänget, Шантава компания, 4 pazzi in libertà, Drømmegjengen, El equipo genial, Springturen, Turha Joukko, L'équipe de rêve, Az álomcsapat, De Médico e Louco Todo Mundo Tem um Pouco, The Dream Team, Das Traum-Team, Une journée de fous

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