Picking up three years after the events in Magnum Force, a threatening terrorist group called, The People’s Revolutionary Strike Force declare war to the city of San Francisco and demand a ransom to be paid, otherwise they plan to blow the city apart. While Inspector ‘Dirty’ Harry Callahan is at a limbo following his unorthodox method during a robbery, he’s at it to dispatch the terrorist group, by playing their game by being more dirty than ever. But this time, he’s got a new partner, which might prove the task to be somewhat more difficult than ever, unless the two can work together.

Also Known As: Neizprosno, L'inspecteur ne renonce jamais, Dirty Harry tar hevn, The Enforcer, Az igazságosztó, Hardingen, Prljavi Hari: Isterivač pravde, Cielo di piombo, ispettore Callaghan, Murskaaja, Подкрепление Soviet, Affetmeyen Adam, Dirty Harry III - Der Unerbittliche, Насилникът, Procurorul, Ο επιθεωρητής Κάλλαχαν ξανακτυπά, Hårdingen, Dirty Harry renser ud, Ο επιθεωρητής Κάλαχαν επιστρέφει, Egzekutor, Harry - O Implacável, Sem Medo da Morte, Dirty Harry 3, Executorul, Dirty Harry III - Der Unerbittliche West, Enforcer - hårdingen, Istjerivač pravde, Sin miedo a la muerte, Moving Target, Dirty Harry III, Den hårda jakten, Harry l'executor, Harry el ejecutor

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