François is a film-maker, usually impassive and without affect. He’s making a film about women’s pleasure as they transgress taboos. He doesn’t know that two fallen angels who’ve been sent to upend him are manipulating his interest. He interviews young women, video tapes screen tests, and selects several for the film. The erotic scenes with them generate off-screen dynamics that may overwhelm the project. His wife is at first ignorant of his venture, then she’s put off, and then becomes his assistant. The fallen angels are always close at hand: is François’s ruin inevitable?

Also Known As: Άγγελοι Εξολοθρευτές, Os Anjos Exterminadores, Portraits nus, はじらい, Les Anges Exterminateurs, The Exterminating Angels, Gli angeli sterminatori, Hävitavad inglid, Os anjos Exterminadores, Intohimon ja tuhon enkelit, Teuflische Engel - Heimliche Spiele 2, Angeloi exolothreftes, Les anges exterminateurs, Ангелы возмездия

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