Geremia, an aging tailor/money lender, is a repulsive, mean, stingy man who lives alone in his shabby house with his scornful, bedridden mother. He has a morbid, obsessive relationship with money and he uses it to insinuate himself into other people’s affairs, pretending to be the “family friend”. One day he is asked by a man to lend him money for the wedding of Rosalba, his daughter. Geremia falls in love at first sight with the bewitching creature and and soon indulges in a “beauty and the beast” relationship…

Also Known As: The Family Friend, O Amigo da Família, Άσπονδοι εραστές, Друг семьи, L'amico di famiglia, Ο οικογενειακός φίλος, Amigo de la familia, El amigo de la familia, L'ami de la famille, Przyjaciel rodziny

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