Married life is proving to be difficult for newlyweds Jenny (Hayley Mills) and Arthur (Hywel Bennett). With well meaning, but interfering parents, nosey neighbors, and a town that thrives on gossip, can their marriage last? With all these pressures it’s no wonder their personal life is suffering. Will there ever be any good news?

Also Known As: Kuherruskuukausi, Chaque chose en son temps, Futari dake no mado, ふたりだけの窓, Lett er ikke livet, Családi ügy, Honigmond '67 West, Ung smekmånad, I proti nyhta tou gamou, Nowożeńcy, Aile yolu, Luna de miel en familia, Todo a su tiempo, Wedlocked or all in Good Time, Rodzinne sekrety, Den vanskelige kærlighed, Questo difficile amore, The Family Way, В интересном положении Soviet, Este difícil amor, Lua-de-Mel ao Meio-Dia

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