Now come into his full knowledge and power, the Anti-Christ in the body of Damien Thorne is about to strike his final blow. The Christ-child has been born again, on the Angel Isle, Great Britain (Scotland, England & Wales). The plan is simple, kill the Christ child to prevent him from growing up to bring the return of Christ and death of the Anti-Christ.

Also Known As: La profecía III: el conflicto final, La última profecía, Omen III - De 7 knivarna, El final de Damien, De 7 dolkarna, Ómen 3 - Végső leszámolás, La profecía III, Het laatste omen, Ostateczny konflikt, Tegnet III: De Syv Knive, Omen III: Ostatnie starcie, A Profecia III: O Conflito Final, The Final Conflict, Omen 3: Son Mücadele, Поличбата III: Последният конфликт, The Omen III: The Final Conflict, Conflito Final: A Última Profecia, Barbaras Baby - Omen III West, Omen III - Barbara's Baby West, La profecía III: el Anticristo, Омен III: Последний конфликт Soviet, Conflitto finale, 7 tikaria, La malédiction finale, Omen 3, Omen III: The Final Conflict, The Omen III, Conflito Final, De sju dolkarna, Predskazanje III, 7 tikaria - omen 3, Omen 3 - Siste kapittel, De sju knivarna - Omen III, 7 tikaria - Omen III, Barbaras Baby - Omen III, Η τελική αναμέτρηση, Omen III: Conflitto finale

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