The story is set in a world where implanted microchips can record all moments of an individual’s life. The chips are removed upon death so the images can be edited into something of a highlight reel for loved ones who want to remember the deceased. Caviezel portrays the leader of the organization that opposes this technology’s development.

Also Known As: Galutinis montažas, Son kurgu, Τελική Πράξη, Violação de Privacidade, Døds-sekvensen, Окончательный монтаж, Teliki praxi, La memoria de los muertos, Más allá de la muerte, The Final Cut, Последен спомен, The Final Cut - A Última Memória, Final Cut, The final Cut - Dein Tod ist erst der Anfang, Vágott verzió, Остаточний монтаж, Wersja ostateczna

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