Sean is driving cross-country to deliver a vintage Mercedes and attend his sister’s wedding when he picks up hitchhiker Nick, who just happens to be a vampire hunter, tracking down a group of youthful vampires who feed on unwary travelers. They run into Megan, who has been left for dead by the vampires. As they use her as a lure for the vampires, Sean becomes attracted to her. After Sean is infected with the vampire virus, he, Megan and Nick must race against time to kill the vampire leader Kit to stop Sean from becoming one of the undead.

Also Known As: Al margen de la noche, Вампири от пустошта, Los malditos, vampiros del desierto, Desert Vampires, Ночь вампиров, The Forsaken - Die Nacht ist gierig, Straceni, Oi kynigimenoi, Hylätyt sielut, A sivatag vámpírjai, The Forsaken: Desert Vampires, Vampiros do Deserto, The Forsaken, Cazadores de vampiros, Vampires of the Desert, Vampire Hunter, Les vampires du désert

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  • mikhailina-vashchenko
    mikhailina vashchenko

    You better fancy either Brandon Fehr or Kerr Smith, to enjoy this Vampire-Road-Movie. Nice to watch, but not very inspired. A nice advantage for director J.S.Cardone to blow up cars, houses and people, but even the special effects are slightly preposterous. And so is the plot. Not even the actors seem to take it serious, so it appears to be some kind of college-theatre on screen.

  • caitlin-kelly
    caitlin kelly

    The similarities between this one and a movie by John Carpenter are more than apparent (as other users have stated here too). John Carpenters movie is much better (and even that wasn’t a milestone). Maybe with the new vampire craze right now, this would have been successful and I don’t think that it must hide between some of the Twilight moments (especially during the second part of the series).But as it is, this just isn’t really good. The action might be the best on hand here, but the characters, the dialogue, the story overall are just that bad, that you are actually wasting your time. There is one scene, that is the most insane ever. (only real spoiler ahead, concerning one scene) A human is playing chicken with a vampire … and the vampire steers his car away … Really? Like really? If you still think you don’t mind complete madness like that being in the movie, than go ahead and watch

  • marin-nizetic
    marin nizetic

    “The Forsaken” follows a young film editor who takes a cross-country trip from Los Angeles to Florida for his sister’s wedding. Along the way, he picks up a hitchhiker on his way to Texas for unknown reasons—but he gets more than he bargained for when the two come across a disoriented woman at a truckstop. Turns out the hitchhiker is a vampire hunter, the girl is infected, and there’s a cult of desert vamps seeking them out.I saw this film years ago back in 2001 when it was released, and recently revisited it almost fifteen years later. Often ranked among film buffs as one of the worst post-millennial vampire movies ever, “The Forsaken” is a hodgepodge of traditional vampire elements with revisionist intentions that don’t quite work. The film’s greatest idiosyncrasy is that the vampires here are fangless—instead, they were more of a cult of blood drinkers who carry a virus that “turns” those who come into contact with it. The fact that the vampires in the film are not really “vampires” in the traditional sense seemed to have elicited extreme reactions from genre fans. I’m not what I’d consider a hardcore vampire film lover, so I was able to accept this on its own merits, as unusual as it is.While the script is a bit clunky and the character relationships seem arbitrary and at times underdeveloped (this is most apparent in the film’s denouement), it does evoke a dusty, creepy desert atmosphere. As beautiful as the desert is, let’s be honest: deserts are creepy. They are no man’s land—desolate, expansive, and dangerous—and that is something this film gets right. The vast landscapes, long two-lane highways, and dingy desert truckstops are captured fantastically. It largely cribs this atmosphere in co-opting the tradition of road movies, and many have compared it to “The Hitcher,” although I think it aesthetically looks more like John Carpenter’s “Vampires” (also set in the desert), from which it borrows liberally.The film is nicely shot, with direction from J.S. Cardone, who began his career with the bizarro ’80s slasher film “The Slayer,” and would go on to script and direct the atrocious remakes of “Prom Night” and “The Stepfather” after “The Forsaken.” For all intents and purposes, the direction here is decent, and there are some great images and scenes interspersed throughout. Kerr Smith and Brendan Fehr ground the film as the two male leads, while Izabella Miko is fantastically weird as the mute, traumatized victim of the vampire gang. Jonathan Schaech seems miscast here in my opinion—the role of the vampire leader seems to call for someone who is legitimately intimidating on screen, and he’s just not—he’s ridiculously sexy in this, but he isn’t scary. China Oruche plays his mad sidekick nicely, and Carrie Snodgress probably turns in the most notable performance as a gun-toting desert redneck.Overall, “The Forsaken” is probably not as bad as you’ve heard it is. It’s an entertaining and atmospheric road flick that is legitimately fun. The truth is that it’s an average revision of traditional vampire territory, and the amount of flack it’s gotten over the years is largely due to the disgruntled vampire fans who want their vampires served a certain way. All in all, it’s a decent, bloody desert romp from the early 2000s. 6/10.

  • marcus-schmiedecke-b-sc
    marcus schmiedecke b sc

    When I first read the plot description of “The Forsaken”, I was not expecting a whole lot. However as the story unfolded, I was pleasantly surprised at how good the movie was. The movie starts with Sean (Kerr Smith) who works at a studio cutting trailers. To earn a little extra cash on the side, he takes a job of driving a beautiful Mercedes across country which also happens to coincide with the fact that his sister is having a wedding at the destination as well. Along the way he meets a mysterious hitchhiker named Nick (Brendan Fehr) who, it turns out, is on the trail of a very nasty vampire (played to great effect by Johnathon Schaech). Nick has apparently be bitten by the Forsaken (as the vampires are referred to) and in order to save himself from becoming the undead, he must kill the master vampire before its too late and he is not the only one as they soon meet up with Megan (the beautiful Izabella Miko) who has also been cursed and left for dead by the vampire gang. To make matters worse, Sean becomes infected by accident when Megan passes the curse on to him. Due to the desert setting and outlaw nature of the vampires, one will see the obvious influence of “Near Dark” on the storyline and while this film is not quite as good as that movie, its not as bad as some people have said. The dialog is pretty decent and intelligent for this kind of movie and there is pretty good direction and camera shots by J.S. Cardone. Add some really cool car chases to the mix and you have yourself a good teenage vampire movie, something that seems rare these days with the introduction of “Twilight”. So, if you’re looking for a decent horror flick to kill 90 Min’s, check out “The Forsaken”. 8 out of 10.

  • veneranda-cirulis
    veneranda cirulis

    despite the fact that Comcast only gave it 1 star, I decided to watch this movie one recent rainy Saturday afternoon, and I was pleasantly surprised.first, a disclaimer: even though I’m a 50-something female, I apparently have the movie tastes of a 12-year-old boy. I loved “Route 666” with Lou Diamond Phillips, and and I never miss “Wishmaster 2” when it’s on cable.but if you, like me, like guilty pleasures, you will like this movie. it’s a buddy pic with a desert vibe and rather a lot of bloody vampiric action, so–something for everyone! the acting is–competent, let’s say. Brendan Fehr, who plays Nick, is actually pretty good. (I see he also starred in another favorite guilty pleasure, Final Destination.) and the two main characters are pretty appealing: you like them and root for them.when talking about a good-bad movie I always say “Well, it’s not Citizen Kane or anything” but in fact this movie was far more entertaining than Citizen Kane. if you find yourself at loose ends on a rainy Saturday, check it out.

  • linda-jones
    linda jones

    With a plot heavily indebted to John Carpenter’s Vampires and also Kathryn Bigelow’s Near Dark this is an OK desert vampire movie aimed squarely at the teen market. Surprisingly amount of nudity for an American horror film of this period but all the racy gore scenes are toned down by the use of rapid editing so you can’t make out what is going on properly. Vampirism is explicitly associated with AIDS as characters are infected and have to take drugs to delay the “full blown” effects of their bites. Various plot holes abound and some of the exposition is simply laughable – especially a rapid-fire dialogue scene in which the origin of vampirism as deriving from 8 knights in the crusades is explained; the filmmakers would have been better excising this. But, with the vampires just nasty cyphers who kill and be killed (rather than in Near Dark where they were just as nasty but at least properly characterised) and sulky heros who hide their emotions behind their dark glasses (I agree with one of the other posters that there is a hidden subtext that the Kerr Smith character is gay) this is a bit of a bore and I found myself hitting the fast forward button somewhere around the half way mark.

  • julia-quiros-ropero
    julia quiros ropero

    What can I say? This is definitely one of the worst movies I have ever seen. It has no likable characters, a poor story and poor execution.SPOILERSThe story suffers from a number of plot holes. Example, Nick has supposedly been tracking the vampire gang for months. He knows that they can only be killed by sunlight or decapitation, yet his only weapons are a handgun and a knife! He had plenty of time to pick up a bladed weapon suitable for decapitation, so why doesn’t he have one?Plus, it is stated several times that the Forsaken can only be killed on hallowed ground. Yet they still need a human to drive them around in the day. So sunlight kills them anywhere? So when the head vampire dies at the end, it didn’t need to be on hallowed ground? So the ‘quest’ to reach it was pointless. And yet again we have the ‘dawn to mid-day in seconds’ cliché found in so many vampire movies.My main reason for seeing this was Izabella Miko. The way she is shown on the forefront of the video cover suggests that she has a big part. Yet she is completely wasted as she spends 99% of the movie in shock. She is used in the film merely as a way to lure the vampires (yet another cliché- woman bitten by vampires who has a psychic link to them). Not to mention the gratuitous nudity which I despise. She deserves much better than this.The protagonists treatment of Megan (Izabella) is abhorrent and leaves the audience with no sympathy for them at all. I was really hoping that Nick would die and that is not right. We are supposed to cheer the ‘heroes’ on, not hate them.Avoid this movie like the plague.

  • ibrahim-nedermeijer
    ibrahim nedermeijer

    Best write a review before this movie escapes my memory and dissolves with the passing time. Sean (Kerr Smith) works in Hollywood as film editor (mainly preparing trailers) and as such isn’t exactly overflowing with cash. Hence when he lacks funds to attend his sister’s wedding in Florida he decides to take up an offer by a repo office to drive a classic Mercedes to Miami. Main two rules – no hitchhikers and no reckless driving. In movie logic – those are the two rules that will definitely be broken during the course of the movie. Even more so that along the way he picks up a bum vampire killer called Nick (Brendan Fehr) and a catatonic chick Megan (Izabella Miko). Which only puts him high on the feeding list of a gang of bloodthirsty vampires led by Kit (Johnathon Schaech)…The scriptwriter tried to input some new life into the whole vampire genre by introducing a new myth concerning their creation (connected with the crusades) as well as giving it a great backdrop for prospective sequels (with three more ‘original’ vampires waiting to be vanquished. Trouble is that the movie itself is so cliché ridden that the freshness just isn’t there. Actingwise all the people in this movie do a decent job and have a cool enough feel to them that it makes the flick enjoyable. But the dialogue and direction of “The Forsaken” is very traditional horror filmmaking (with no real atmosphere behind it) and that in itself makes it a competently done, but forgettable experience. Additionally they are no real action or horror scenes which really stand out and in general you feel more like you are being served a pilot of a television series than a movie itself.The biggest fault I can find in this movie is the character of Megan, who gets involved in the plot for no real purpose, sits around catatonic for most of the movie and doesn’t even have a romance with the hero. After all this she just walks away in the penultimate scene never to be heard of again. Totally pointless character played by a passable Izabella Miko (not too pretty and does nothing with her character to make her memorable – given she was supposed to lie around motionless for the majority of this movie). Much more eye-catching was the vampire Cym (Phina Oruche) who must have one of the most sensual lips I have ever seen in cinema…

  • christophe-turpin
    christophe turpin

    The Forsaken has a guy who cuts trailers going across the country to go to his sister’s wedding. But in Texas (oh, of all places) he runs into a hitch-hiker who gets him into trouble when vampires start hunting them down. Some things in the movie not seen before (like a naked woman in a shower not being arousing, of course considering the blood) and some good action and stunts, but the plot seems like it’s done before; this film was done better when John Carpenter did vampires (think about the similarites). Time waster deluxe. C+

  • vanesa-cabanas-hoyos
    vanesa cabanas hoyos

    This is NOT a great movie. But I think it is a fun movie. It has an interesting take on the origin of vampires. It’s bloody in a very sloppy kind of way. I laughed at a lot of it. Low budget, no name actors, a classic “B Movie” style. WAY better than “John Carpenter’s Vampires”.

  • akritas-porikhes
    akritas porikhes

    Kerr Smith and Brendan Fehr played their parts well, Simon Rex made me laugh a few times, John Schaech made a great, nasty villain, great action, very original w/ telegenetics and vampires salivating blood, Izabella Miko made a good jump from Coyote Ugly to this movie.Credit goes to Tim Jones and J.L. Schell for putting together a score the gave the movie an extra boost(one of the best I’ve heard)8/10, It kicked ass

  • regitze-olsen
    regitze olsen

    The movie seems to take a little of “The Lost Boys” and “Near Dark” and regurgitate it all into your nowadays mundane vampire movie. Little originality shows other than in introducing drugs you can take, known as “the cocktail”, to stave off vampiric infection. The story has a couple young guys driving around in the middle of nowhere. They run into an infected girl and the vampires responsible for her doomed existence. What ensues is a ridiculous game of cat-and-mouse falling on a flaccid and incredulous conclusion. Don’t expect much in the way of transformations or other special effects as this film rides on a modest budget. I give the actors credit for their part in trying to support a plot with little future. 4/10

  • urszula-szuta
    urszula szuta

    I thought this movie was great. Didn’t have too much of the mystical mumbo-jumbo, while still adhering to a lot of vampire lore. This movie, while similar to Blade and many other vampire movies, brings new blood to an old story. Let’s face it. The vampire tale has been told about every new way possible. While it’s true it’s very gory, this one combines some of the old and some of the new for a unique affect.That and the slashyness of it made my day.

  • kathleen-russell
    kathleen russell

    I just picked up this film while perusing the horror section at my local video store. The box states “…sexiest vampire movie since ‘The Lost Boys’!”.The only things those two films have in common is that they’re both aimed for a teen audience, both seem to have a ‘token female’, and both are rife with homoerotic subtext.This film is, without a doubt, a ‘B’ movie. It is most definitely not the best vampire film I’ve ever seen, and it’s not even the best ‘B’ vampire film I’ve seen. But if you go into it expecting a ‘B’ movie, you’ll enjoy it. It’s even better if you make fun of it a little, ala Mystery Science Theater 3000.It wasn’t a film I would buy, or even rent again. But as something to throw in on a cold, rainy night when I had nothing better to do? Enjoyable.

  • kayleigh-woudenberg-meijer
    kayleigh woudenberg meijer

    While driving a delivery car across desolate desert badlands backroads self-absorbed twentysomething slacker Sean (amiable Kerr Smith) winds up running into both scruffy vampire hunter Nick (an excellent, charismatically ragtag turn by Brendan Fehr) and a deadly bunch of age-old itinerant bloodsuckers led by the smoothly malevolent Kit (the terrific Jonathan Schaech, who’s wonderfully wicked in a juicy full-blown nasty villain part). Opening with the arresting image of beautiful blonde babe Izabella Miko washing blood off her bare breasts in the shower, culminating with an exciting explosive climax, with a handy helping of graphic gore, raucous roaring rock music and rousing vehicular action sandwiched in between, this delightfully down’n’dirty low-budget Grade B exploitation horror flick sizes up as a tasty trashy treat. Writer/director J.S. (“The Slayer,” “Shadowzone”) Cardone elicits sound performances from the entire cast (veteran late, great character actress Carrie Snodgress in particular contributes a lively last reel cameo as a feisty old battle axe), keeps the unflagging pace fast’n’furious throughout, and, most importantly, delivers the unapologetically lowdown sleazy goods with a winning dearth of pretense and a hugely satisfying surplus of rip-snorting panache. Moreover, there’s a marvelously positive and optimistic statement about the redemption of Generation X in this movie: Sean starts out as strictly interested in achieving his own immediate goals in life, but by meeting Nick and joining forces with him to fight the vampires he overcomes his initial selfishness and thus redeems himself in the process. Cardone persuasively makes the point that the allegedly “lost” and hopeless Generation X has a latent capacity to amount to something; all they need is the right stimulus to spark them into action. Since I’m often perceived as a member of this “lost” generation, I found this message to be both very refreshing and extremely heartening. It’s nice to know that there are a few filmmakers out there like Mr. Cardone who haven’t totally written us off as a lost cause. A splendidly scuzzy and snappy dilly that’s one of my favorite fright features of the early 21st century which even comes complete with some pertinent social commentary about modern youth.

  • rusudan-qavelashvili
    rusudan qavelashvili

    … but then what do you expect? It’s a Vampire movie, it’s about killing, eating and having fun. And quite frankly I had more fun with this movie than with most other movies I have seen lately.Not Oscar Material, but hey, it is definitely way better than other movies like Driven.

  • kristina-puusepp
    kristina puusepp

    This movie is pure excrement. I thought I was watching a very bad episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Even worse, I found myself in a movie theater which meant that I couldn’t change the channel. The movie tries to redefine the vampire elements, but instead poorly churns out the same old story. No one will care for its uninspired plot or irritating characters. Pointing out all of the films logical flaws wasn’t even fun. Instead, it made the experience even more excruciating. This film is definitely up there with U.S. Seals as one of the most painful movies I have ever watched. The original From Dusk Till Dawn had more vampire action in a fraction of its second half than this abomination. If you want to watch a film about vampires, pick any vampire movie except this.

  • tycho-houdijk-van-den-nieuwenhuijsen
    tycho houdijk van den nieuwenhuijsen

    Young man (Kerr Smith) delievering a car to Florida picks up a hitchiker (Brandon Fehr) along the way who manages to get Smith mixed up and eventually bitten by a group of vampires. Well casted horror film offers realistic performances, nice atmosphere, good editing, well chosen soundtrack, some interesting twists to vampire folklore, and one of the sexiest casts to appear in a horror film in quite some time.Rated R; Graphic Violence, Nudity, Profanity, and Sexual Situations.

  • vlaicu-marin
    vlaicu marin

    You know, sometimes you’ll see a B-movie horror flick where the story really grabs you and you think, man, if they just had a better budget, cast, effects, this really could have been something. Then in turn you’ll see a movie with a decent cast, director and money to spend, but its obvious the script was written two days before shooting began.I’m sorry to say that the Forsaken is more of the latter and less of the former. For us boys, there’s plenty of explosions, car chases, the odd bit of nudity, but the plot is so wafer thin it falls to pieces at the first breeze.As a ‘popcorn’ ‘no-brainer’ of a movie it’s pleasant enough, the cast perform well with what little they’ve been given, but for me personally the ending felt like it had been ‘tacked on’ in a rush. That and the fact the whole thing feels like a marketing ploy to earn a sequel spoiled it for me really. Still if you’re at a loose end and you like your horror flicks might be worth a watch for Johnathon Schaech (Star turn in my opinion) as the head vampire. Just don’t get your expectations up.

  • bayan-ozdes-gorsev-aksu-seven
    bayan ozdes gorsev aksu seven

    Gosh, I remember seeing this movie when it was released in the theaters, a friend from school and I both are just the biggest vampire movie fans you’ll meet. You name the vampire movie, I’ve probably seen it or at least have heard of it. So we naturally saw the trailer for The Forsaken and didn’t even hesitate to see this movie, it just looked so awesome. Ever since The Lost Boys, we haven’t had a really good teenage vampire movie that could be a new classic for my generation… well, sadly this failed. Now honestly it’s not a horrible movie, but it just didn’t thrill me. The story isn’t anything special and the cast is pretty forgettable, I’m not digging the “make up” effects they had considering these “vampires” didn’t have any fangs at all, but I didn’t feel like my time was totally wasted.Sean is driving cross country to his sister’s wedding when he picks up Nick, a hitchhiker who happens to be a vampire hunter hunting a group of vampires led by Kit, one of the Forsaken. The Forsaken are a group of French Knights that during the First Crusade made a pact with the demon Abbadon to live forever. Nick was bitten by a vampire but thanks to a drug cocktail the vampire virus is kept at bay. Nick is hunting this particular Forsaken: he believes him to be the one that his strain of the vampire virus is descended from and that if he kills him he will not eventually turn into a vampire. At first Sean is less than willing to indulge his new acquaintance, but then they find Megan, a girl Sean finds he is attracted to, bitten and left for dead by the vampires. Nick also proves he is telling the truth by killing a vampire, Teddy, by exposure to sunlight. When Sean is infected with the vampire virus, their only hope is to kill the vampire leader before it is too late.The Forsaken is just alright movie, the reason I say that it didn’t totally waste my time is because it did have a couple good scenes here and there. I thought that the scene where the guys and the girl go to the hotel room to find out if the girl was bitten by a vampire and get some sleep, then they see the vampires go into the room across from them was pretty intense. The vampires of the movie were pretty decent as villains, but Simon Rex as this sort of updated retarded Reinfield, it’s like if Reinfield and Forrest Gump had a child, it’d be Simon Rex and he just didn’t get enough character development for us to care at all about him. There are still things that need to be fixed with the script, but I wouldn’t say this is a horrible movie, I would just say that you shouldn’t go out of your way to see it.5/10

  • eliana-papathoma
    eliana papathoma

    A b-rate horror movie that has vampires…the only reason it had a little more appeal was because it had Kerr Smith from Dawson’s Creek and Brendan Fehr from Roswell…however i felt sorry for Izabella Miko. It seemed as if she was one of the characters and then when you watch the movie, she speaks twice and it is about 5 to 10 lines at the last 10 minutes of the movie. Instead she seems to be the expected blonde who runs around and screams. A fun movie, not that big on effects or plot line, it’s fun hour and a half. But please don’t go see this movie with any expectation of this being anything more but entertainment…so go see it, but take it for what it’s entertainment value is, a fun movie.

  • andrius-gaizauskas
    andrius gaizauskas

    I’m not a fan of Dawsons Creek, by that I mean I never got to see it but if I can ever watch it I will, but I have heard of Kerr Smith and it was the only reason I watched this movie. What I found, however was actually a really good and in parts scary, sexy, vampire movie. People say it’s not original, I think it is. The vampire lore has been modernised (modernized) very well in certain tv shows, but Forsaken Desert Vampires really did scare me, and I felt something for the poor people who I felt were just like me in this horror nightmare being chased by vampires. If you dont like great acting, scary scenes, drama or great music than don’t watch this movie, cause it has it all. Plus it has Kerr in a singlet and cars, what else do you need?? I was 17 when I first saw it, and think it’s great for people in and around that age bracket.

  • emile-chevalier
    emile chevalier

    The Forsaken opened here (the UK) yesterday with very little fanfare or publicity. Not being a big vampire movie fan, I went to see the film more out of curiosity than anything else. I was pleasantly surprised. The picture, written and directed by J S Cardone, attempts to drag the vampire film kicking and screaming into the twenty-first century. Of course, this in itself is nothing new. Over the past few years we have endured a number of films that mix the standard bloodsucking fare with the more modern way of life, so much so the collective movies have spawned their own sub-genre. Cardone’s film stands out, though. More subtle than ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ and a hell of a lot more convincing than last year’s ‘Dracula 2000’, The Forsaken unfolds with a po-faced seriousness often lacking in the modern horror film. So much so that Cardone’s film emerges as a dirty, dark, grubby little feature which mercifully eschews ironic, post-modern banter and throw-away comedy lines in favor of a sustained and bleak atmosphere. The film has many strong points. Despite both leading men coming from successful teen-oriantated television shows (Kerr Smith from ‘Dawson’s Creek’ and Brendan Fehr from ‘Roswell’), The Forsaken never feels like a teen horror movie. It is rough and unpolished, dark and mean.The cast are solid. Smith makes for a sympathetic hero and Fehr convinces as a man with a mission. Schaech steals the picture, though, as the head honcho. Looking a lot older than I suspect he actually is, complete with a grey wisp in his hair, Schaech wanders through the film with an air of quiet menace that serves the picture well. His jagged, sculptured face tells a thousand stories and he restrains himself from overplaying. One interesting fact about the movie is that, as far as I am aware, there are no shots of glaring fangs in the movie, no sharp teeth. The only ‘vampirism’ I can recall seeing were Schaech’s elongated finger nails. Fresh.Of course the film is not perfect. It is littered with sudden outbursts of loud, obnoxious songs obviously placed to market the soundtrack album. Which is a shame, because the score, when heard, is really rather good. Schaech is under-used, and the gimmick editing employed to signify his murderous rampaging is confusing and redundant. The film will not be to everyone’s taste. Too off-the-beaten-track for mainstream audiences and not enough splatter for the gore-hounds, the film is left stuck somewhere in between. The film also contains a number of misjudged scenes that border on being needlessly nasty and vile. The killing of a state trooper is particularly grim. But these are minor gripes. The Forsaken is a good film that, I suspect, will be loved or loathed by anyone who takes the time to watch it. I loved it.

  • lucia-iglesias-jodar
    lucia iglesias jodar

    SUMMARY: B-movie. Men under 30 who consider themselves outsiders will dig this road trip to Hell. Others, pick another film.WHY I SAW IT: I’m too old for this film, but the young ladies in my local “Roswell” fan club wanted to see Brenden Fehr (“Roswell”, “Final Destination”) and Kerr Smith (“Dawson’s Creek”, “Final Destination”). WB fans, watch for the cameo by Sara Downing (“Courtney Banks” on “Roswell” and star of the upcoming TV series “Dead Last”).THE STORY: Ambitious, dutiful Sean is paid to drive a Mercedes sports car from L.A. to Miami. In this road movie, he encounters quirky characters in the deserts, canyons and plains of the Southwest. The pace picks up when he meets cynical slacker Nick and they rescue traumatized beauty Megan. The reluctant alliance of these mismatched people anchors the story as events go from disturbing to terrifying.IDEA CONTENT: None of the common Hollywood refusal to recognize evil as writer/director J.S.Cardone pits ordinary guys against vampires who once were human cowards who “saved their lives” by becoming demons. Even more loathsome are the human criminals who serve the vampires and disguise their crimes as those of serial killers. News-junkies will be reminded of American and Russian politicians who pose as friends of the common people. With their organized-crime partners, they trash the economy and society while putting the blame on “selfish consumers” and “greedy businessmen”. Those who know mythology will recognize the classic sequence of Ominous Foreshadowing, Leaving Home, Wilderness Journey, Crisis of Decision, the Mighty Action, and Personal Transformation.ESTHETICS: Slightly-flawed, down-to-earth script skillfully alternates horror with humor, terror with sexiness. Well-chosen music. Several beautiful actresses.DIRECTION: Downplays charisma in favor of realistic performances from well-cast actors.EDITING: Muffled sound in one scene. Well-paced, well-cut action. The night chase by two carloads of vampires stands out.WHY IT’S RATED “R”: Four-letter words. Topless and nude starlets. Merciless bloody violence, not graphic enough for the splatterfans.MY VOTE: For this subgenre and intended audience, 8 on a scale of 10.

  • anargure-magkaphopoulou
    anargure magkaphopoulou

    While most of the reviews were negative, this review is a positive one since I am a sucker (no pun intended) for vampire tales. THE FORSAKEN is a throwback to such 1980s classics as THE LOST BOYS, NEAR DARK, and THE HITCHER. While it’s not nearly as good as those three flicks, it certainly is an interesting and occasionally intriguing picture. Unlike most teen horror films that have come out in the past five years, it is smart, original, and is actually scary at times. It’s a fun horror movie that isn’t perfect, yet still worth watching for its somewhat new take on the vampire tale. However, one can’t help but get the feeling that THE FORSAKEN could have been so much more and it might have been had it not been heavily edited before its release due to the political climate at the time. Something tells me prior to being edited to death by the studio, THE FORSAKEN was something special. There are moments where one can see a better movie in the mix. Hopefully one day there will be a director’s cut so audiences can see what J.S. Cardone originally intended the film to be like. I give it 5/10. It’s not bad, though it’s not great.