Resigning his commission on the eve of his unit’s deployment against Egyptian rebels, a British officer seeks to redeem his cowardice by secretly aiding his former comrades, disguised as an Arab. When his unit is overwhelmed and captured by the rebels, the hero finds an opportunity to return the “feathers” of cowardice sent to him by his former comrades by freeing them.

Also Known As: Le quattro piume, Kahramanlar Destani, De vier veren, Négy toll, The Hero West, Les 4 plumes blanches, As Quatro Penas Brancas, Neljä sulkaa, Las cuatro plumas, De fire fjer, Чотири пера, Ta tessera ftera, The Four Feathers, Чeтирите пера, Ctyri péra, De 4 fjädrarna, Die vier Federn, Les quatre plumes blanches, Четыре пера Soviet, Vier Federn West, Cztery pióra

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