A lonely girl seeks love, connection and family by crashing funerals.::Sean Kohnen

Also Known As: The Funeral Guest

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  • nicole-ryan
    nicole ryan

    Juliana Robinson excellently portrays the lonely girl, Emily. who selects funerals to fill her needs for the closeness of family and friends. Eventually her ruse as a grieving loved one of the deceased snags her into an entangled story line. written by Kohnen brothers, Matthew and Sean. Serious Emily is balanced by great comic character, Carla, played by Sugar Lyn Beard. Together with good casting of other characters including the magical place of Old Town in Lansing, Michigan bring the viewer a thoughtful satisfying story. And that’s what it is all about – story.The art thread through the movie makes a great venue for several artists as well including work by my husband, Joel Ellis, displayed in the activity room of an assisted living home. We were not disappointed – the paintings looked beautiful. The film team deserve the awards including the LA Indie Film award. We saw the film through Amazon prime on IMDB Watch Now.

  • joanna-birch
    joanna birch

    Emily is lonely and somewhat isolated, so she goes to funerals to experience human connection at those times when people are most open. This movie shows us, through Emily and her band of alternately hilarious and touching supporting characters, that family is often as much about choice as blood, soul as well as lineage. When Emily is mistaken for a long-estranged sister at a young woman’s funeral, she fills a void for the family and finds that she can be loved for her true self in the process.The Funeral Guest provides a moving and personal moment for everyone who’s ever lost or cared for a loved one. Shot before a Michigan autumn background, the color and the original sound track cover the story in a warm honey glow. It’s a delicious mix of comedy and sweet sadness.

  • sandra-graves
    sandra graves

    This was a real surprise for me. i’m not a fan of funerals, but this was a very poignant story of a lady lost and longing for a family she has never really had. her love and giving to a family in moarning was inspiring even though she did it on a false pretense. not for action lovers, but for those into sentimental movies that tug at the heart.