All Lodge wants is for his gaming group to finish their adventure. Unfortunately, they’re more interested in seducing barmaids, mooning their enemies, and setting random villagers on fire. Desperate to rein in his players, Lodge injects two newbies into the distrust: a non-player character controlled by Lodge, who the power gamers immediately distrust, and the rarest gamer of all — a girl. Can the group overcome their bickering to save the kingdom, or will the evil necromancer Mort Kemnon triumph unopposed? A parody of fantasy films and the adventure gaming community, The Gamers: Dorkness Rising is a hilarious romp through the world of sword and sorcery — in this case, a world of exploding peasants, giant house cats, and undead roast turkeys. Game on!

Also Known As: The Gamers 2, Игроки 2: Маразм крепчал, The Gamers: Second Edition, The Gamers: Dorkness Rising

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  • heidi-ford
    heidi ford

    Sometimes whenever you play a game for the second time around you actually get a little better, that same fundamental truth goes for this film which I personally think is a little better than the first, but that’s just me.It does the same thing as the original it parodies on the fantasy RPG genre and has the same story format, however what I like is that they actually did create a sense of characterization and story with both the real world and even the fantasy world they constructed, which actually made me care a little for what happened in both.For it’s pluses, the company “Dead Gentlemen” as usual had a low budget but they used it well, the makeup work on the monsters is good, the action is also good it’s well choreographed, the locations they used are solid there are more used than in the last one, the film is the right length which means a longer campaign for the characters as well as gives the film a more epic feel; and the acting is solid.But as usual the real magic of the film is in it’s script and parody. The writing is clever and above average. Both the visual and verbal humor go together great and there are plenty of memorable lines. There are some instances I found hilarious I’ll just talk about a few of them I don’t want to say too much, there was this moment which obviously parodies the “Final Fantasy” video games where there is this battle and both sides are just standing there and have to wait till it’s one person turn to attack, I couldn’t help but crack up because it’s true the characters they attack never defend themselves in anyway. Or another where we see Ninjas and Pirates attack one another in an office, this was based on an actually RPG game, seeing this sequence makes me wish “Dead Gentlemen” did a film based on the mere concept. And of course the player that picked the Bard for some fraked up reason, his character gets killed more times than Kenny from “South Park”, has it ever occurred to him to pick a character that can actually fight.Overall “The Gamers 2: Dorkness Rising” is a solid sequel. If your a fan of RPGs, video games or even the fantasy genre in general then this film is for you, you can’t lose with this sequel.

  • andrea-robertson
    andrea robertson

    The makers of The Gamers present this extended sequel. Now running at feature length, the premise is still entertaining but stretched a bit thin. The quality is raised ever so slightly in terms of acting and technical aspects. There are also much funnier lines which is always nice. The film-makers have tried to add some further arcs in terms of the characters and their characters within the film, but these don’t always succeed. Some say you have to be a gamer to get this film, but I would disagree. It’s just a bunch of guys using their imagination for escapism, and they’ve managed to craft a film that can help you escape just as well.

  • rudolf-kobal
    rudolf kobal

    There are few films that deal with things that I would consider myself an expert on, this one is.After some years of Fantasy Role Playing we split, me not leaving without a sense of shame of what I had become: a dork.You see, these things are really canonical, it happens to everybody.First you create a character fairly and it dies after the first attack.Then you help a little with the constitution, and while you’re at it, why not help with strength, intelligence, intuition, charisma and dexterity too? This in turn frustrates the game master who doesn’t know how to deal with this invincible gang. And after a while it bores the players too, so they start to create ever more exotic race-profession combinations, no matter how ludicrous it is.I created a Druedain warrior monk, yeah, not that far from the film.And that’s not all to be said about the destructiveness of the inherent dynamic of this devilish game (think the hunt for experience points), but just watch the film, it shows it all – and of course the stupidity of its most basic premisses.For this end, in turn, there is no better profession than the bard. I don’t exactly understand why the bard became a character in the first place, after all, the blacksmith is none. But once it became one, it had to be mapped into the game flow, that is: it had to be made lethal, at least indirectly. The poking of fun out of this never comes to an end and rightfully so.Sure, it’s not exactly a professional production, but I haven’t seen a better satire in ages.

  • mukramin-gul
    mukramin gul

    A low budget movie about table top gaming is something that could be good or could be bad. In this case it’s quite good. The movie starts rather slowly, with humor so low-key that I was watching it more because the characters and situation seemed interesting than because I expected to laugh much. But as the movie progresses it gets increasingly funny; the humor is heavily oriented towards running gags, which is why it takes a while to get going.Dorkness Rising succeeds by managing to both mock and respect its characters. The movie does a good job, as best I can tell, of portraying the allure of the table top gaming world (I’ve never played D&D or anything like it, although movies like this make me curious about it). But mainly, it’s just likable and funny.

  • emiliia-barannik
    emiliia barannik

    I don’t know if I can put this in perspective for the poor souls who have yet to check this movie out on YouTube or buy a half-dozen DVDs in support of the making of The Gamers 3.It’s funny. Going to get that out right away, it’s funny. And not just if you’re a gamer. They actually don’t make a lot of jokes about Dungeons & Dragons the game or any other game for that matter. They focus more on character-driven comedy, like when one player kills a random civilian in an effort to speed up the story. His in- game excuse was so great that they got not one but TWO jokes out of it.Unlike such unholy abominations as The Guild, these characters are actual characters. One’s a perverted college student who roleplays as one of his professors (who also happens to be female; still funny). Another’s the owner of the game store where they play, who also has a bad habit of dying a lot (oh, the hilarity they get from THAT gag). Player 3 is a TRUE obsessive gamer. Oh, you thought The Guild crew were too into the game? They know naught about gaming! This movie portrays how obsessive a gamer ACTUALLY is; he does not just formulate strategies to be thrown out in the first round of combat, he studies his adversaries, LEARNS their strengths as well as their weaknesses, and commits them to memory so that he may be better equipped to destroy him with his mighty Basic Melee Weapon Attack (a second one if he commits a Full-Round Action to it).Rounding out the cast is Joanna, a newcomer who serves as the audience’s guide through the campaign while getting a formal education on one of gaming’s more bizarre creations: Ninja Burger. With pirates. Why pirates? Go watch the movie and find out.The Dungeon Master also doubles as the party’s policeman (a paladin) in order to keep Players 1 through 3 in line before they kill off too many random nameless civilians (and one named Willem, I think).Summing up, this movie not only serves as a guide to gaming’s more eccentric personalities but also goes out of its way to sneak in a basic education on how to play. And even though the main 3 gamers are totally out of their minds (like most of the people I prefer to game with), their over-the-top personalities are tempered by the more grounded Joanna and Dungeon Master. The jokes are clever and the story leads to oodles of comedic opportunities, every one of which is taken advantage of.Now… ONWARD! TO WAFFLES!

  • olga-lazarenko
    olga lazarenko

    ****SPOILER ALERT****I am a die hard RPG gamer. I have been since I was the age of 6. Familiar with the musk of a bunch of dudes that forgot to put on deodorant (or didn’t bother to) and rolling the dice to see the fate of my characters. This film pictured EVERYTHING from my old life in one half-hour package. The arguing between the Dungeon Master and the Rules Nazi, the bro that died about 10 times… even the comic relief sorcerer. This movie had it all.****NOW FOR THE SPOILERS*** The low-budget indie film industry always have had bad reps because of low graphical effects and because the kids weren’t seeing stupidly overbearing CGI or any of that. But the jokes of this, became clear… That it was going to be a wild ride, and in a VERY good way. Between the girl going as a killing-fighter, instead of the classic tank everyone expected her to be, to the Bard that couldn’t stay alive longer than 10 minutes, it all meshed perfectly. The funniest parts, include the bard’s attempts to charm and pacify, which fail numerous times, but also work a few times in the funniest of ways, as luring the paladin outside so they could torture the demon for info, and charming their old peasant in the last dungeon to giving them all the stuff, to the lightsaber, chainsaw, and 12 gauge shotgun in a medieval setting RPG, it was glorious. The turkey came back to life and killed the bard which I almost fell out my seat about, and many, many more. (Irony is that the bard in D&D 1st Edition had the most hitpoints of any class and was almost impossible to kill) The red sorceress’s player kept forgetting his character’s gender, the monk kept making sly Eastern-style quotes (wouldn’t call them quotes… more like play-on jokes) and driving the dungeon master insane. This RELIVED my childhood up to my late teens.****Spoilers End****All in all, this movie delivered gamer-based fun that was dumbed down enough by the new girl so that anyone can understand, and in a way that maximized their low-budget. A great sequel to the first and I want to say this movie is grossly under-rated on this site. 7.5 is not accurate. This is at least an 8 to 8.5… Easy. It had a straightforward plot, great action scenes (for the budget) I would call it EXCELLENT writing, and overall just a hilarious work of art. And I recommend this movie to anyone that has a good sense of humor. You are bound to find one of these characters able to relate to, or you can find someone you know that you could relate them to. You also get to know the gamers on a personal level as well, which make this movie have great character development. Don’t be discouraged by the slow beginning. Get past the first party wipe, and you will NOT regret it.

  • naomi-de-rosa
    naomi de rosa

    I don’t play video games at all but my children do.I got a big kick out of this. Would like to see more of this type of film. “very cool” as my youngest would say.Interesting characters and the overall story line was interesting. Like I said I don’t play video games but I think that my children would enjoyed this. It was not full of bad language and that is a pleasant change. This visual concept was different which caught my eye. Plus the sound track was pretty good. I might even try out some of the games my sons plays to see because of this film. Who knows maybe I’ll be a gamer someday.

  • saara-laukkanen
    saara laukkanen

    My sister, dad, and I are really into D&D and one night we were browsing Netflix looking for a movie to watch when this one came up. We thought we would try it out and I ended up almost dying from laughter. The writing and acting in this movie is so amazing! Witty characters, great interaction, and hilarious moments kept us in stitches the entire time. I love this movie! It might not make that much sense for those who don’t know about Dungeons & Dragons, but nevertheless, it is a good movie. This only goes to show that movies don’t need an astronomical budget and big name actors/actresses to be a success. Check it out if you want a good, clean comedy.

  • julie-bowman
    julie bowman

    I saw the original rough screen showing 4 times at Gencon a couple years ago. I was delighted to have done so, my daughter is in the movie.I stood in the back of the room with her watching the much younger fans sit on the edge of there seats, dead quiet no wanting to miss a line. The standing ovation afterward’s was like watching the fans when the USA Hockey Team beat the Russians at the Olympic Games in Montreal.I love excellent comedy and sight gags. Taxi, Barney Miller, Cheers, Frasier and Married with Chilren are my all time favorite comedy shows. Lesser shows I will not even watch.This movie will do for Gamers what Animal House did for College Frat days, what Dodge Ball did for weird sports. Forget the lack of a mega budget backing the production. This is pure art, it’s that good.I could not be happier for the entire cast and production company.

  • alexander-kudrjavtsev
    alexander kudrjavtsev

    I am so impressed, really. I expected cheesy gamer humor and nothing else.OK, there’s a ton of pretty geeky humor. But the movie is so well done. The acting is quite good.The dialog, while gamer cheesy at times, I guess to cater to the gamer crowd, is not bad at all. At times it’s even, dare I say, great.When the female gamer, who built this non traditional fighter type character rather then the usual (min/max) type gets all these additional attacks (seem right, I did not check the rules,) it was cool.The sets are amazing for what must be a fairly low production movie.The story moves right along. The transitions from game world to real world are well done. A male playing a female character would sometimes be played by a female, and sometimes by himself. Pretty clever, I thought.The guy who decided to play a female, but kept forgetting he was female was good for a lot of laughs. He even said tag at one point, and the female walked on to play the role ( sorry, I did not look her name up, she did great though.) The guy always trying to “get some”, got a bit tedious, but I guess that was more gamer humor.There was just so much to like about the movie. Lighthearted. Fun! Very well done and I am saying that as a movie fan, not a gamer (and I am not a D&D player.) As I said I expected SO much less.Movies often don’t hold my attention, I end up listening to them while working on my computer. This one held my attention. I can’t give a movie much higher praise.

  • aleksandra-kuznetsov
    aleksandra kuznetsov

    What’s it about? Well, it’s a little complicated to explain if you haven’t played tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons. And yet—it’s quite easy to explain if you do play roleplaying games. If my description of the plot comes off to you non-RPGers as alienating, don’t be turned away! The humor and cleverness of this film is not so “sub- cultural” that you won’t find yourself laughing and perhaps touched.Anyhow. Back to the question at hand. What’s it about? It concerns a group of friends who play Dungeons and Dragons together. If you play Dungeons and Dragons, then you know that D&D is a kind of “collaborative storytelling ritual.” Thus, the film also relates the story of this group of friends’s Dungeons and Dragons “campaign,” that is, the story they tell and act out together.And so you have two narratives here: (1) the story of their real lives, sitting around the game table, laughing, drinking soda, arguing, etc., and (2) the story of their D&D campaign, set in a fantasy world plagued by the evil necromancer Mort Kemnon. So, you have two narratives juxtaposed over top of each other here: a realistic one and a fantasy one. This narrative juxtaposition is the source of much of the pleasure of the film—its humor, its insights into human character, etc.. Let me try to explain.An example. There’s one character, Gary, who has decided to play a sorcerer in the D&D game. And so he plays another character, a sorcerer. And yet, he can’t decide on which gender to make his character. And as he’s playing, he sometimes forgets his character is a girl. And so, you have a character in the fantasy world, a sorcerer/sorceress, by the name of Luster, played by two actors: Christian Doyle and Jennifer Page. One scene you have a scantily-clad, sexy sorceress; and the next scene you have a dude in excessively feminine sorceress’s clothing. What is the result of these complicated narrative swirlings that I’m having difficulty articulating here? Hilarity.Aside front he plot, you have some very good comedic acting in here. The character of Flynn Fine, the womanizing bard (played by Scott C. Brown), is hilarious. There’s a scene where he attempts to use his bard-singing abilities to calm the rage of a marauding band of goblins, and is pin- cushioned with spears. This moved me to tears (tears of laughter, that is). When I watch the film, this scene is a “rewinder-and-play-againer”.The stories of other characters–the game master, Kevin Lodge (Nathan Rice), and the “rules lawyer,” Cass (Brian Lewis)—are, in addition to being both hilarious and fun, touching stories. Kevin is struggling with writer’s block; Cass is struggling with his need to “win,” to be the best, the greatest, the one. There’s another character, the fighter Daphne (Carol Roscoe), who is perfect at being the opposite of the stereotypical mighty-thewed warrior: intelligent, sweet, noble, and– nevertheless–deadly. In a fun way her character shines a lot of light on gender stereotypes.For being an independent film company, the production value is also quite impressive. Costuming, computer effects, choreography, props, scenery: all of these suggest that this film is indeed an “independent,” low-budget production—and yet, the production elements seem to suggest a characteristic style, a unique flavor that is endearing and impressive rather than cheesy.Anyhow, I love this movie! In juxtaposing “real life” with “fantasy life,” it reveals important inter-connections between the two; and it does this difficult work with humor and authenticity in a way only an independent production could.

  • eugenia-georgitse
    eugenia georgitse

    Gamers: DR is not a fancy made movie, it’s more like amateur video. Horrible magic effect, really fake fireball, terribly made dungeon, castle, village…… sword, axe, shield, robe, plate….. okok… everything. You will need about 10 minutes to adjust your expecting on visual, then you will get 105 minutes of fun.I’m from Hongkong and it’s really hard to find RPers, none of my friends play RPG and I always fancy to be one of the character in the world of D&D. Watching Gamers: DR just show me what would it be like to be a gamer. You see rule books, dices, game set, etc etc etc; You hear terms like “fighter”, “wizard”, “hit point”, “level”, “character”, “flaming hand”, “Chaotic Evil”.What RPG fancy me is that it let you do anything u want to, not bonded by software RPG. Gamers: DR provide the same element, you wont know what happen next and it probably just make you laugh to dead. The movie goes both gamers’s real life as well as in the D&D world. You will hear the gamer cast the dice when the character in game take action, which make you feel you really participle in the game.I don’t want to spoil anything, but in short, Gamers: DR is a must watch movie for RPG lovers. For people never play RPG game, I’m sure you still get many fun from it.

  • cetnaa-paattil
    cetnaa paattil

    This movie brilliantly captures the atmosphere of a D&D group. While watching, I could not help but notice how vividly characters reminded me of myself and my gaming friends to the point where they acted literally the same as we do. Including the bickering, the fighting, the internal jokes, driving the DM crazy. EVERYTHING.It has it all. Jokes that made me cry, action scenes which, even filmed in low-budget, I found uncannily awesome. The story is pretty straightforward and unsurprising, but that doesn’t really matter, since the best part of the movie is to see the characters react and interact with each other and the NPCs.Seriously, if you’re playing D&D or any similar RPG, I cannot stress this enough, WATCH THIS MOVIE, it captured beautifully the spirit of D&D.

  • danna-korpaniuk
    danna korpaniuk

    This groundbreaking film is truly a work of art. I went into the screening at the convention in Indiana with very low expectations, having already viewed 2 other film with “gamer” in the title (both of which were so bad that by the end of the second one I had plucked out one of my own eyes with my drinking straw and a twisted paper clip I found between the seat cushions). But from the opening credits “Dorkness” had me. The temperate Northwest setting made a beautiful backdrop for the drama surrounding the frustrated game master, Lodge(powerfully portrayed by Nathan Rice) and his misfit band of friends who set aside the real-life dramas they face everyday to face fantastical dramas in the setting Lodge provides for them. After the first scene(set in the fantasy world they inhabit) They are violently thrust back into the world they so desperately try to escape. This drew so many comparisons to my own life that I was moved to tears. Rice’s acting is of such amazing caliber that I truly believed within the first 20 minutes of the film that he really was a twenty-something male suffering from frustration, male pattern baldness and an annoying group of “friends” that can’t seem to grasp concepts like right and wrong. Lodge’s friends are of some note here: Leo, the oldest and heaviest of the trio seems to be the only other character with a job, aside from lodge. Yet he seems to gravitate socially towards Gary, the youngest of the group. This seems only slightly odd at first until you realize that Gary is, in fact, a sexually confused sociopath with very few prospects outside his “fantasy” world. This dichotomy serves, not to confuse, but to inform and uplift the audience about the importance of diversity in our society. My only complaint about this is that the actors who portray Leo (Scott C. Brown) and Gary (christian Doyle) seem to play the characters for laughs at times, as though they were informed they were acting in a comedy instead of a hard-hitting action/drama. Speaking of action, Brian Lewis makes his film debut as Cass, the third and most influential member of Lodge’s motley crew. the tension is always high when he is on screen, both when he is arguing passionately about his beliefs to Lodge or when displaying his fantastic Martial Arts skills as “Silence” his fantasy character. Or even when he turns around suddenly to face the audience and you reflexively duck in the audience so as not to get smacked by his fantastic chin. Lewis Lights up the screen no matter what he’s doing and I hope to see more of him in the future. Once the action begins in this movie, it just doesn’t quit. the drama and the action blend so seamlessly at times that you can’s tell whether your in the middle of a frenetic action sequence or a touching dramatic moment. Truly a thrill ride of Epic proportions, I would recommend “The Gamers: Dorkness Rising” as required viewing for anyone who loves film. It was almost worth losing an eye over.~Chip Deedlenick

  • vasil-zhuravel
    vasil zhuravel

    There are few films that have had me waiting and waiting for release more than this one. This is the latest film from The Dead Gentlemen group responsible for the original Gamers film and the Demon Hunters films. This group has not been terribly active over the last few years but this film is a definite reason to try and keep things up in following their progress.This film follows a group of gamers who are trying to finish a campaign run by a GM frustrated by his group’s disregard for his story. With the help of some new blood they attempt the campaign again with hopes of finishing this time.This movie is a breath of fresh air in the movie community and a great improvement over the original. The movie shows respect for the game much like the original movie did but on top of that this movie shows a dramatic improvement on special effects launching it above the simplicity of college films. The acting is fairly decent and the jokes are quite funny.Unfortunately many of the jokes are in jokes so if you are not a gamer you may not find the film as funny as others. So this is why I give the movie an 8 instead of the 9 that I initially thought of. Any case if you are a gamer or know about gaming check this one out you will enjoy it.

  • alexandra-matos
    alexandra matos

    Best fan boy movie I’ve ever watched save “Free Enterprise.”In some ways it reminded me of an early Kevin Smith film.If you do any kind of role playing, this movie will likely have you laughing often at its insatiable fun. Don’t expect a big budget here, the acting is also questionable at times, but it really adds to the fun of the atmosphere they create. The script is truly humorous with a lot of witty moments worth experiencing.The bard that always gets killed had me rolling. The sexually confused player also had me smiling a bit too. But in the end… It was just a great movie showcasing some better moments in the lives of a few geeks having a great time with role playing.If you are bored, and ever got into role playing, this will do nicely for a distraction. A real unexpected treat.

  • marcus-medina
    marcus medina

    Dead Gentlemen Productions has put together a film with amazing production values considering their budget. Anyone that has ever played any role-playing game, particularly any fantasy RPG (they play Dungeons and Dragons in the movie) will LOVE this movie. Brilliant performances all around–especially with regards to the dual nature of the principles, playing their players and their characters. Anyone who has ever filmed or acted in a student film will appreciate the amount of work and love they put into this project. This movie (and its prequel) is to fantasy movies and role-playing games what Blazing Saddles is to westerns–parody of the highest order. I only have a couple minor complaints about the movie itself, none of which will prevent me from buying the DVD as soon as it’s available (only 6 more weeks–I’m counting the days): 1. When Lodge is talking to Joanna about joining the gaming group, he hands her a copy of the Dungeons and Dragons Players Handbook and says “this will tell you everything you need to know.” The camera hovers too long on a shot of the book, and the moment really seemed like a commercial.2. The jokes are hilarious, but they seem unevenly spread throughout the movie. The last third of the movie, after the almost continuous barrage of visual and verbal humor preceding it, slows down a bit, as if the narrative was catching up with the jokes. Odd, but Blazing Saddles always struck me that way as well. . . and I love that movie, too.One of the narrative strengths of the story is the unresolved nature of the romantic subplot. Will Joanna become the GM’s girlfriend? Will she go back to Cass? Or will the three maintain a platonic friendship, deepened by the camaraderie of role-playing? (Yes that sounds sappy, but there are a couple of saccharine moments, particularly when Cass and Lodge “make up” at the end.) But the movie spans one week: in terms of human relationships, those questions could not be answered in a week. The fact that the characters’ relationships are left undefined strikes me as better than the more classical choices you see in most movies, like the girl gets her prince and they move into the castle, or the prince sinks into the North Atlantic after three trite, tedious, and predictable hours. The writers really seem to have a grasp of the psychology of the characters, and you can see the characters (both the gamers and the player’s characters) change over the course of the movie, but not suddenly, and not unbelievably. I would love to hear more wisdom from Brother Silence. “The man who stands out in darkness is. . . fluorescent.”

  • davi-da-conceicao
    davi da conceicao

    I’m new to gaming, but I would have started MUCH sooner if this film had been around! I caught it at Gen Con last year (a trip made only as a favor to my husband) and LOVED it! Even to a non-gamer like I was at the time, it’s funny and accessible–so much so that I finally relented and started sitting in on my husband’s gaming group.I don’t want to give away any plot details, but if you’re a gamer, you NEED to see this film–and if you’re not, you’re going to have a great time despite yourself. There are certainly “in” jokes, but the vast majority of the film is accessible to anyone.My only complaints: wish it were longer and wish it were available on DVD. Soon, perhaps?…

  • mariam-vasaze
    mariam vasaze

    I was laughing so hard most of the time I had people glaring at me because they couldn’t hear over my laughter. I literally fell out of my seat at a specific point.I’m a Bartender and Bouncer for a living in the Real world (note my use of the term Real world, sadly it always has to come first), and whenever I tell someone I play RPG’s, it’s usually followed by one of two questions: 1. What, like D&D? I played that back in Junior High.2. Really? I’ve been looking or a group forever! Have room for another? Very rarely do people not know what D&D and Gaming are.That having been said almost every person who watches this movie can get something out of it. Even if you aren’t a Gamer, chances are there is something in your life you “Geek Out” about that can be made fun of in a light hearted way, and that alone means you can relate to the hijinx in this flick. It’s just light hearted happiness in an hour and a half.

  • ellen-maenpaa
    ellen maenpaa

    This film is so wonderful it captures the gaming life. I laughed so hard while watching this. The movie is about a gaming group that have a hard time with a campaign that their dungeon master came up with. The movie switches from the real world and the gaming world as they play the campaign it shows them in the gaming world as their character, and then switches back to the real world when they are not playing. The campaign is the basis for a module that the dungeon master, Lodge, is writing. The problem is Lodge can’t finish his module because the characters can’t finish the campaign. They are more for killing and looting instead of role playing. Lodge wants them to role play through the campaign something they have never done before. They decide to bring in some extra help so they bring a,wait for it, girl in to play. Lodge also makes a npc, a non player character, a paladin,who can not witness or do wrong, to play. The film is how they do all this and more I don’t want to spoil any of the film so I won’t say any more. This movie may not be a big budget film the acting may not be Oscar worthy but if you are into gaming or into dungeons and dragons then definitely watch it. They had a lot of fun making this film and it shows I am not going to bash on it for any movie problems such as continuity or any thing it was a low budget film that is just fun. There is some slap stick comedy which I enjoy and some damn good writing in my opinion. So if you want a fun film try it .

  • martine-fredriksen
    martine fredriksen

    Better than the original, “the Gamers: Dorkness Rising” manages to pull off a funny comedy with good acting, fine special effects, and comedy that transcends the “gamer” knowledge-base and do so on a low budget. I’ve seen many low-budget films that have been terrible and almost none that have been as good as their high-budget counterparts. This film blows most mainstream movies away! Parts are a bit weak (the bit with the pirates and ninjas -while funny- goes on a bit long without explanation and takes you out of the movie for a bit) but, overall, this is a very strong film.I’m very happy to say that I bought this film as soon as I saw it and brought it home.Any chance we can look forward to another feature Gamers movie from these guys? 🙂

  • samuli-nykanen
    samuli nykanen

    I saw this at the screening at GenCon in Indy. I had some time to kill and decided to check it out. It played to about 1000 people in a packed standing-room-only ballroom.Wow, what a ride! The script was tight. The action tense. The pacing perfect. The character exposition excellent. One thing I really appreciated was that you knew going in that this wasn’t a big budget film. Yet it soon became obvious that the creators pushed their sets and effects as far as they could despite their limitations. And it was more than enough. It’s true that this film was targeted at a certain audience – gamers/tabletop players – the creators make no effort to hide that. But other filmmakers could learn a lot from them. For in going for the jugular in scene after scene and not worrying about if Mom who happens to be watching will “get it”, they got the biggest laughs time and time again. But there’s enough universality there that Mom will be laughing too, even if she’s not in on every joke. I think too many times I see films that try so hard to lower the bar to the lowest common denominator so that they will appeal to the most people, but the movie just ends up suffering for it.But not this flick. Indeed, this film was so solid that it had the audience wrapped around it’s finger from the opening credits. And, while the viewers around me *really* wanted to like the film, they weren’t pushovers – gamers can be among the most critical niche out there. I’m so glad I got to see this in a big crowd. At least 10 times the audience was having such a good time that they erupted into applause at a joke or scene during the film. How often does that happen at screenings? It should be no surprise that there was a huge standing ovation when the closing credits rolled.For my own part, I can’t wait for this to be released. After it ended, one of the producers said they were shooting for a simultaneous TV/DVD release. That date cannot come soon enough.

  • maksur-hancer
    maksur hancer

    I had heard about “gaming” and “Dungeons and Dragons” before, but I had know idea it could be like what I saw in the “Gamers: Dorkness Rising.” These guys are so funny and fun to watch. Especially the guy who plays the “bard” or “minstrel” or whatever, he has a gift for physical comedy and timing. There is so much background humor and energy in some of the scenes that make you really think that at least some of it was improvised there on set. The special effects needed to be worked on a bit, but I saw it at a convention last year and thats one of the things they said they were going to redo and make better, so it’s probably wicked now!

  • jakob-junken-b-eng
    jakob junken b eng

    Just got back from the European Premiere of The Gamers: Dorkness Rising.All I can say is that if you are a gamer (CRPG, RPG or LARP), then this movie is for you. And if you’re not a gamer? Well, it’s still a great deal of fun.The acting is certainly not Oscar-worthy, but in the whole element of the movie it adds to the charm. The humour is everywhere, along with some very nice touches (the tribute to Gary Gygax is especially well done, if you can spot it). The cast are very down to earth in their appearance, befitting the fact that they are ordinary people enjoying an ordinary hobby.The quality of the movie’s sound and vision are adequate, but again, it all just adds to the atmosphere that helps to define this movie as being the Dungeons and Dragons movie, written and performed by gamers for gamers.Not afraid to use terminology specific to one system, they still manage to allow product placement to be a part of the movie, but in a very understandable and utterly fair manner. It also touches on some of the perceived prejudices that some gamers can have about other gamers and deals with that quite well.All in all the movie is very much driven by an well-thought-out equal balance of character, plot and entertainment (the Bard is amazingly good value-for-money).In the end it does make scoring this movie quite hard, so I have given it 2 scores.Score (for non-RP’ers): 7/10 (A few moments could go way over your head, but the main sections of the movie just work so hard and achieve so much more.)Score (for RP’ers): 10/10 (Everything fits together, in the perfect quantities, and with the perfect charm and sentiment)

  • timmy-dam
    timmy dam

    I am definitely not a gamer, but a couple people in my family and my boyfriend are. So, a little reluctantly I decided to find out what the big deal was with “fantasy stuff”. I saw Dorkness Rising and thought it was HILARIOUS! It’s slapstick, but not disrespectful to those that enjoy role playing games. Also, and most importantly, people who’ve never gamed before can enjoy it and not feel left out or lost trying to understand the plot. The acting was great and the field shots/set were believable. This makes me want to see other movies by this production company. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this group! Three cheers – well done!!