Lawyer Rick Magruder has a one-night-stand affair with caterer Mallory Doss. He becomes hooked on her, and when he learns her nut-case father Dixon is threatening her, he puts the weight of his law firm behind Mallory, has Dixon arrested and subpoenas her ex-husband Pete to testify against Dixon in court. Dixon is sent to an asylum, but escapes from there and the lives of many people are in danger.

Also Known As: 相続人(1998), Пряничний чоловік, The Gingerbread Man, Imbierinis žmogeliukas, Ο άνθρωπος του βάλτου, Piparkakkumies, Hasta que la muerte nos separe, Хлебният човек, Gingerbread, Gingerbread Man - Eine nächtliche Affäre, Até que a Morte nos Separe, Démoni csapda, Conflitto di interessi, Conflicto de intereses, Gingerbread Man - Gefährliche Träume, Kuka pelkää mustaa miestä?, Zaslepljeni advokat, Gingerbread man - kuka pelkää mustaa miestä?, Ha eljõ a zsákos ember, Caminhos Perigosos, Kaybetme zamanı, Prikriveno ludilo, Fałszywa ofiara, Enquête sur moeurs, Kuka pelkää mustaa miestä, Gingerbread Man, Avocat si victima, Леший, O anthropos tou valtou

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