In a small pleasant European village, there is one unhappy person: Ella. She is despised by everyone, and mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters. Out feeling miserable one day, Ella meets a handsome young man, who falls for her. He is really Prince Charles, the son of the Duke, but he tells her he is the son of the cook, and invites her to a great ball at the Duke’s castle. A strange woman who lives in the mountains by herself befriends Ella, and dresses her up so she can attend the ball. She goes, and is a great success, but must run out at midnight. In her haste, she drops a single glass slipper. The Prince uses the slipper to find her.

Also Known As: Het glazen schoentje, La pantoufle de verre, Lasikenkä, The Glass Slipper, ガラスの靴(1955), Der gläserne Pantoffel, Хрустальный башмачок Soviet, O Sapatinho de Cristal, Szklany pantofelek, Az üvegcipellő, Staklena cipelica, La scarpetta di vetro, I staktopouta, Der gläserne Pantoffel West, La zapatilla de cristal, Скляний черевичок, Glasskoen, Kül Kedisi, Slottsbalen

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