King Midas is visited by an elf; the elf turns his cat to gold, then claps his hands and it changes back. Midas begs for the golden touch, but the elf warns him it would be a curse to him. Midas insists. He dances about joyfully at first, but discovers the drawbacks when he sits down to dinner. Fearing death by starvation, he summons the elf and agrees to surrender everything he owns to have the curse lifted.

Also Known As: Le roi Midas, Re Mida, Kung Midas, Die glückliche Hand, Золотое прикосновение Soviet, Zlatý dotek Czech, Kong Midas, Kultainen kosketus, Stara kraljevska vrzina, The Golden Touch, Midaan kosketus, El toque dorado, Det gyllene fingret, El toque de oro, O Toque Dourado

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