The story of a farmer in China: a story of humility and bravery. His father gives Wang Lung a freed slave as wife. By diligence and frugality the two manage to enlarge their property. But then a famine forces them to leave their land and live in the town. However it turns out to be a blessing in disguise for them…

Also Known As: Ziemia blogoslawiona, A Terra dos Deuses, La buena tierra, Op eigen grond, La buona terra, Terra Bendita, Hyvä maa, Sari Esirler, Az édes anyaföld, Благодатна земя, Daichi, Ha-Adama Ha-Tova, Den goda jorden, Visages d'orient, The Good Earth, Ypo to vlemma tou voudda, Den gode Jord, La terre chinoise, Die gute Erde, Den gode jord, Madre tierra, Благословенная земля Soviet, Terra dos Deuses, De goede aarde

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