Under a broad bridge on the ill-lit banks of Rome’s silent Tiber River, a hapless prostitute lies dead. Six prime suspects and their distinctly different stories become inextricably intertwined, as an impoverished purse-snatcher; a suave former thief; two friends and penniless Casanovas; an impulsive young soldier, and a mysterious man in clogs tell their versions of what happened that fateful night near the quiet Paolino Park. Now, amid a heterogeneous group of potential killers, who all have something to hide, only one man is capable of committing such a hideous crime. Will he get away with murder?

Also Known As: A kaszás, Костлявая смерть Soviet, Сухата кумица, Kostucha, La commare secca, A Morte, Døden er en gammel kvinne, Viikatemies, 殺し(1962), Les recrues, Kaulėta kūma, The Grim Reaper, Βίαιος Θάνατος, La cosecha estéril

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