South Asian Ramu Gupta has always been fascinated with western movie musicals and has wanted to be an American movie star primarily as a dancer. So when he hears from his friend Vijay Rao about his fabulous life in Manhattan with a penthouse apartment and Mercedes, Ramu decides to move from his home in Delhi to the US to live with Vijay as he pursues his dream of being a star. Upon his arrival in Manhattan, Ramu learns that Vijay’s life is nothing like he mentioned, he driving a cab and living in a run down cramped top floor apartment with two fellow South Asian roommates, Ramu who would be the fourth in the apartment. Ramu nonetheless just wants a chance to prove himself in the entertainment business. Among Ramu’s many missteps include stumbling into the porn movie business where he can’t get it up in such a setting anyway, and working as a waiter at least to earn some money. But it is a wait job at a private South Asian themed birthday party for a lost and directionless socialite named Lexi organized by her overbearing mother Chantal that Ramu gets a chance at a somewhat legitimate acting job when he is asked to fill-in at the last minute at the party for an incapacitated Swami Bu. Having no credentials as a swami, he decides to dance and channel the sex advice given to him by Sharonna, one of his porn co-stars. Ramu and the information are a hit, especially with Lexi, who feels she has found her own voice for the first time in her life. As such, she wants to help Ramu spread the swami word, most specifically as a sex guru, to the masses. Not knowing what that word is, Ramu again turns to Sharonna for advice, she in turn believing he is asking solely to further his career in porn. Sharonna agrees to mentor him on the condition that he not divulge what she would teach and tell him to anyone as they are her innermost thoughts as a way to cope with her own life. That life is a double one, where her firefighter fiancé Rusty, a devout Catholic, knows nothing about her being a porn star, believing she is just Shari, an innocent (i.e. virginal) substitute public school teacher. As Ramu becomes more and more successful in this pseudo acting job with the help of both Sharonna and Lexi, he has to reconcile this success with the fact that it is all a lie. He also has to reconcile it with his burgeoning romantic feelings for Sharonna, most specifically reconciling the fact that he has not only lied to her, but betrayed her confidence.

Also Known As: Guru, El gurú del sexo, Гуру, Секс гуру, O Guru do Sexo, Il guru, Der Super-Guru, Guruen, The Guru of Sex, Le gourou et les femmes, El guru del sexo, Le gourou du sexe, Der Sex-Guru, O guru, Guru - Profu' de sex, Der Guru, A guru, Ο γκουρού, The Guru

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  • angela-evans
    angela evans

    I loved this film! It’s one of the funniest I’ve seen in a long time, and a breath of fresh air when compared to a lot of ‘mainstream’ movies produced lately. Very light-hearted, it had me laughing from the beginning, and I left the cinema with sore cheeks and belly through laughing so much.If you like ‘alternative’ films, you’ll love this.

  • daphne-tuithof
    daphne tuithof

    I loved this movie from start to finish, mainly because Jimmy Mistry plays a great part, good looking and WOOOOOOOOO ladies he looks good in his boxers.The storyline is a bit silly but its one of those feel good movies that makes you laugh.What more can I say apart from go see it and judge for yourself

  • daniella-bach
    daniella bach

    I enjoyed it … I didn’t go into the theatre with super-high expectations, and its not Academy Award material obviously, but it made me smile for a couple of hours, tap my toes to the (too infrequent) musical numbers, and enjoy the eye candy that is Jimi Mistry 😀 A pleasant piece of fluff and I always like the opportunity to see the very funny Christine Baranski (underused in Chicago).

  • stephen-jones-davies
    stephen jones davies

    That was an absolutely hilarious movie. I have never in my life laughed so hard in a movie, and I plan to go see it again. I feel sorry for people who didn’t enjoy it, because they must be missing a healthy sense of humor.If you have a good sense of humor, GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!! Personally, I cant wait to see it again.

  • richard-dixon
    richard dixon

    Will this one last the distance, I wonder? Is it only in the list because it was so recent, and I remember how much I enjoyed it? Time will tell. Anyway, British comedy, Asian guy gets into porn by accident, ends up pretending to be a guru to a ditzy American rich girl while learning technique from the porn star he secretly loves. I’ll just say that this movie’s touchstones are Grease and Risky Business. Now you probably know how you feel about it.

  • rosaria-lombardi
    rosaria lombardi

    I saw this movie and done nothing but laugh all the way through it. I always thought Heather Graham could only do movies such as Austin Powers but this movie prooves that she can act, especially Marisa Tomei who was brilliant in this film. I was surprised at Jimi Mistry being in this film as english soap stars don’t really make it past the small screen, but he was was hilarious to watch as The Guru.Altogether this movie is a must see for all comedy movie fans. You’ll get it all, comedy, romance, sex and drama. Everything about this movie was great!!!!

  • kunnddaa-vissnnu
    kunnddaa vissnnu

    The Guru is an upbeat, fun movie, one that will leave you smiling and humming the catchy Bollywood-esque tunes as you exit the theatre. Jimi Mistry’s energy as the fish-out-of-water Guru, Ramu Gupta is contagious, he dances and sings his way into our hearts as he does the same to Heather Graham’s Sharonna. Marissa Tomei is funny and charming as Lexi the neurotic but well meaning – and eventually spiritually advanced manhattan socialite. The jokes are hysterical most particularly in the upper-east side community… case and point Christine Baranski (fabulous as Chantal, Lexi’s neurotic self-centered mom) says, “Lexi, may I see you in the kitchen?” to which Lexi responds, “I don’t know, mother, do you know where it is?” The dance numbers leave the audience applauding, they are beautifully shot by Director of Photography John DeBorman and directed by Daisy vonSherler Mayer. It’s a timely film in that it is very gentle and “kindness is the new black”. The film is smoothly and adeptly directed by Daisy vonSherler Mayer who seamlessly incorporates Indian Bollywood style with the American genres of Romantic Comedy and 1950’s “Grease” style musical.It’s a fun night out, check it out!

  • elaine-bryan
    elaine bryan

    Reading through the various reviews, they are almost uniformly bad. I had almost come to the conclusion we had seen different films, because the film I saw last night, far from being a flat, failed attempt at a Bollywood pastiche brought me in mind of past British comedy successes (FWAAF, East is East etc.)If you treat it at face value as what it is; an undemanding romantic comedy then I think it succeeds. I laughed far more and much harder during this film than at any point in this summer’s other so-called-comedy blockbusters (Austin Powers III – Yet another cash-cow etc.)The tributes to the Bollywood scene which are used infrequently enough as not to tire of them bring a freshness to the film, and the comedy, given the subject matter, is subtle enough not to offend, but still manages to raise a smirk.All of the cast seem to be having fun here; OK, it’s probably not going to win any best actor Oscars, but I left the cinema in a really good mood – all I can ask of a light-hearted comedy.Definitely recommended.

  • steven-scott
    steven scott

    OK so this film does not break boundaries, it will not change your life and if you’re looking for a sex comedy, you’re in the wrong place. However I can’t remember the last film where I sat through with a smile on my face the whole time. There are some funny lines in it but the Bollywood-esque dance sequences are the highlights. Jimmy Mistry and Heather Graham also shine with infectious enthusiasm. Perfect Friday-night-lets-forget-work-type film.

  • rusakov-kasian-egorovich
    rusakov kasian egorovich

    I would recommend this film if you want to come out of the cinema smiling. OK this is not a timeless classic, or even great art, but it never purports to be anything else than a light sex comedy, and on that level it works well. Amusing without being coarse or offensive, some nice musical set-pieces, Bollywood style, and well-played by all especially Jimi Mistry, who has just the right mixture of sexy/innocent.

  • szabo-emil
    szabo emil

    This is a great film. It’s great to see a big studio take on a film that has few concepts that are unfamiliar to Hollywood. “The Guru” is absolutely hilarious and cute. Some scenes were absolutely hilarious. But aside from the comedy, there is also the part where we understand the main character because we all know what it is like to dream. The whole theater clapped after the film ended. I guess we all felt the same good energy from this film.

  • faye-blonk
    faye blonk

    The Guru is a great little film. The actors are great and the social commentary is as honest as it is subtle. This is a very subtle movie in general, with a smooth, realistic love story bounded together by a series of sensational events and circumstances. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone over 16 (since the comedy would not be well-consumed by someone much younger).

  • narine-abt-ek-yan
    narine abt ek yan

    When Sari met KaliThere are two real stars in “The Guru”. One, of course, is lead actor Jimi Mistry as the self-styled “guru of sex”, spouting a philosophy of pleasure that can most aptly be described as a cross between Dr. Ruth and Dr. Phil. It’s a tough assignment, but Mistry (ahem) rises to the occasion and (ahem, ahem) pulls it off. It doesn’t hurt that the Indian actor is eye candy from any angle, with a winning and winsome smile, and the way he dances “to his inner beat”.The other “star” of “The Guru” is its Bollywood-extravaganza-style choreography. When the cast drops everything to stage a musical number, it just fills you with a pure and exuberant joy.Christine Baranski, Marisa Tomei and Heather Graham lend their talents to this inspired bit of silliness, but it is really Jimi Mistry’s vehicle all the way. His charm and energy give the film its heart and soul.

  • feofan-mazepa
    feofan mazepa

    I have watched this movie over and over, and I doubt if I will ever stop. It’s that good. The characters are perfectly cast, the plot is classic for a comedy, and the dance numbers are simply amazing. The last scene never ceases to bring a big smile to my face. Most importantly to me, though, is the way the movie breaks down racial and cultural stereotypes. The world of “The Guru” is the world I want to live in!

  • kacper-cyron
    kacper cyron

    This film did not appeal to me when I saw the trailer, but it actually turned out to be one of the best films that I have seen this year. Heather Graham was hysterical to watch in this comedy film, which concentrates on a man pretending to be a Guru Of Sex.’ I would highly recommend this film to anyone who has a sense of humor as it will have you on the floor with laughter!

  • sofia-mattila
    sofia mattila

    THE GURU, in my opinion, is an excellent comedy about two Indian men who try to obtain the American dream! If you ask me, Ramu was the true definition of a ladies man! In addition, all of his antics were hilarious. Before I wrap this up, I’d like to say that everyone was ideally cast, the direction was flawless, the production design was spectacular, and the performances were top-grade. Now, in conclusion, I highly recommend this excellent comedy about two Indian men who try to obtain the American dream. I guarantee you you’ll enjoy it, so go to the video store, rent it or buy it, kick back with a friend, and watch it.

  • daan-schatteleijn
    daan schatteleijn

    An homage to Bollywood, “Grease” and possibly Dr. Ruth, “The Guru” could be listed prominently in a cinematic encyclopedia under the heading of ‘cute cute cute’.As a child, Ramu is seen enjoying john Travolta and Olivia Newton-John singing “You’re the One That I Want”, which began his love of dance, music and Americana. He moves to the US as an adult to live with his cousin but the streets are not paved with the proverbial gold be had envisioned and when his career as a waiter is short-lived, he answers a want-ad requesting an actor. Much to his discomfort, the movie turns out to be pornography and he is, uh, unable to fulfill the requirements but he does become friends with his co-star, Sharona. She is sympathetic to his plight and begins giving him sexual advice so that he can become a full-fledged porn star. But he takes this advice and becomes a sexual guru who eventually charms Upper East Side socialites, most notable Lexi, and Sharona feels betrayed.Needless to say, its all okay at the end, and so will you be, if you just enjoy it for what it is. I like the movie far too much to point out the logistic problems, but they are there.I loved the musical numbers, all the actors are very well-cast, and some of it is hilarious. I liked Daisy’s “Party Girl” a lot and after seeing this, I’ll make sure to check out her other movies. 8/10.

  • oldrich-masek
    oldrich masek

    Ramu Gupta leaves his home in Bombay to join his rich relative in America to make his million, only to find that his ‘rich’ relative is actually a waiter. Ramu’s dream of becoming a Movie Star hits a stumbling block and through circumstances out of his control he is forced to pose as a Guru of Sex.Funny characters, decent plot, a good date movie.To anyone who picks apart anything in The Guru (2002)- lighten up! This is a light romantic comedy – not a documentary. 7/10

  • ensio-leppanen
    ensio leppanen

    I had read a review of this that said the sex bit was quite low key and it was actually quite a good comedy. Indeed it was, not great, but quite watchable and good fun. Jimi Mistry was very good, and the female leads, Marisa Tomei and Heather Graham were funny and sexy.The Bollywood dance sequences were well done, and Mistry proved he can move very nicely. There were several laugh out loud moments and overall it was a feelgood movie.It wasnt the best sex comedy I have seen, and the laughs could have been more frequent, but that didnt spoil an otherwise light hearted and amusing film.For an evening in with nothing else to do, worth watching!

  • aashaa-kumaar
    aashaa kumaar

    A very funny & intelligent movie that spoofs all stereotypes, American as well as Asian. A real good hearted, feel good movie with some wise insights into peoples’ foibles. The cast, the songs & the dancing are awesome. Much better than so called romantic comedy “How to Lose A Man In Ten Days”

  • tuulikki-kokko
    tuulikki kokko

    This is the kind of movie, when I read the negative reviews, that I just shake my head. All the august discussion, criticism of script, “racism”, “lack of chemistry”, lofty analysis, and on and on. And critic Michael Medved, his “review” which is more of a hand wringing speculation over the real-life sexual orientation of Mistral, reaches a new height of ignorance.A movie doesn’t have to be a masterpiece of cinema to be enjoyable. Of course it is not a “great” movie. WHO CARES? I enjoyed this movie more than any comedy I think since Big Business (another gem trashed by critics).Of course it helps if you understand and like Bollywood and Indian culture, and it helps a lot if you appreciate the sexy charms of the lead actor, who is shall I say, remarkably supple.If you fall in that category, I guarantee you will love The Guru, die laughing over the musical numbers, and be totally charmed by the cheesy ending.My only substantive criticism of The Guru as a movie, is that it gets a little slow in places, and I think more musical numbers would have been great. If you are not interested, this movie will leave you cold. That’s OK. But spare us all the literate dissection.I give The Guru a 10 for a wonderful movie diversion!

  • rita-kaupas
    rita kaupas

    Not many people will be attracted to The Guru; if for no other reason that the movie poster (or DVD box, if you will) would suggest that of an Indian film that may be too ethnic for the casual moviegoer. And that is too bad, for The Guru is one of those small gems of a film that through word of mouth will eventually get its due as an entertaining, light comedy. Directed by Daisy von Scherler Mayer (1998, Madeline), the movie stars Jimi Mistry as Ramu Gumpta, an young Indian man that moves to America in hopes of obtaining the American dream; that of fame, fortune and celebrity. His hopes are soon dashed however, when he realizes that the land of opportunity is not awaiting his presence with open arms, and he must find work as a waiter and then a reluctant actor in porn films in order to pay his quarter of the rent. As chance would give, Ramu finds himself at an upper class house party where a guru has been hired as the entertainment. When the guru passes out due to excessive drinking, Ramu assumes his role and uses logic obtained on his movie sets to enliven the guests in the first of three musical numbers within the film. At this gathering, a young, compulsive female named Lexi (played by Academy Award Winner Marisa Tomei), falls for the guru’s sexual teachings and soon uses her connections to get him set up with one-on-one client visits and eventually television spots. But alas all is not well in guru land. The teachings and mutterings by Ramu are actually words from a porn actress named Sharona, (played with normal ditziness by Heather Graham), who thinks that she is giving him lessons on how to be a better porn star and asks only that he tells no one of the information they share. Later Ramu must is put in a ‘we-can-see-this-coming-a-mile-away’ scene where his teachings to a mass audience are witnessed by Sharona and he must try to win her back after betraying her trust.The Guru is very light entertainment, but it delivers by offering nothing more than a few laughs and musical numbers that will have your feet tapping the floor. There are plenty of ethnic jokes and stereotypes (Indians driving cabs, ha ha), but nothing offensive or off color. Daisy von Scherler Mayer keeps things lively by providing us with just the right amount of sex, music and humor to keep us enthralled. The Guru is by far a perfect movie and a 7 out of 10 would be about the proper rating if I was asked to rate it on such a scale, but considering the amount of comedies out there and the lack of laughs they provide, I think you will agree that The Guru will at least keep a smile on your face for 90 minutes. Thumbs up!

  • alek-sandr-t-arak-ajyan
    alek sandr t arak ajyan

    In India, the dance teacher Ramu Gupta (Jimi Mistry) decides to move to New York to become a famous actor. He believes in the American Dream and wants the follow the example of his friend Vijay (Emil Marwa), who moved to USA and in accordance with his letters, has a Mercedez Benz and lives in a wonderful penthouse. When Ramu arrives in New York, he realizes that Vijay indeed is a complete loser, working as a cab driver and waiter in an Indian restaurant, and sharing a simple apartment with two other friends, one of them illegal. While looking for a job as an actor, the naive Ramu ends in a porn movie, and he meets the porn star Sharonna (Heather Graham), who teaches him some secrets to have a good performance in front of the camera and the shooting crew. Later, in the birthday party of Lexi (Marisa Tomei) in the wealthy house of her parents, he pretends to be a guru, and becomes very successful as the Guru of Sex, using the advice of Sharonna. This silly and delightful story is a great homage to Bollywood and a very good entertainment. Like in the Indian movies of Bollywood, there are lots of songs and numbers of dances, and the cast is very nice and enjoyable. Heather Graham and Marisa Tomei are beautiful as usual, and there are many funny scenes. It is impossible not liking such a sweet romantic comedy. My vote is seven.Title (Brazil): “O Guru do Sexo” (“The Guru of the Sex”)

  • konovalova-raisa-antonovna
    konovalova raisa antonovna

    I caught this film late at night on Starz and decided to watch it. I was bracing myself for something stupid a la “Master of Disguise”, but this is a good movie. A young Indian goes to America in hopes of becoming the next John Travolta. He ends up working odd jobs while still searching to be discovered. He eventually does, but not as he had hoped. Marisa Tomei is psycho and Heather Graham is surprisingly good in this role. The ending is terrific. Leaves you feeling good. Everything has a good outcome. It’s too bad this movie bombed at the theatres. It’s a good offbeat romantic comedy. I cracked up at quite a few parts. It’s a light-hearted film with great music (traditional and modern). I recommend this to couples who want to spend a great evening inside with a bowl of popcorn.

  • milos-vesely
    milos vesely

    I had no idea what the plot of the Guru was before I saw it. And afterwards, I was glad I saw this unique love story that for some reason, never got much press when it was in theaters. The story revolves around a young India man who moves to New York to make his dreams of becoming rich and famous a reality. He tries out for a movie role, not knowing it was for a porn. On the set of the porn, he meets a girl, whom ends up giving him advice about sex. She thinks it is for working in porns, but he is using the advice to advance his career as the Guru. Of course, the two fall for each other and how they finally get together makes this movie worth while.FINAL VERDICT: A lot of music, and a much better plot than most romantic comedies now days. This was much better than any of Sandra Bullocks lame romantic comedies. I recommend this unique, not-so-well-known, gem.