A young man discovers a mechanical device that merges with his own body, turning him into a cyborg superhero. When strange creatures start appearing, trying to take the device back, he begins to uncover a secret plot to genetically engineer terrifying monsters.

Also Known As: Гайвър, Guyver, a szuperhős, The Guyver, Alien Cop, Guyver, Mutronikit - vaaralliset vieraat, ガイバー, Mutronics - Invasion der Supermutanten, Mutronics, Mutronics: soldados del universo, Гайвер, Mutronika

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  • ismael-romeu-balaguer
    ismael romeu balaguer

    From childhood memory I recalled this movie being great fun and really cool.So the lesson I learnt from rewatching this film recently is that some kid memories should stay as memories. this really isn’t very good at all.This is a shame as the cast features some genre greats such as Mark Hamill, Michale Berrman and Jeffrey Combs. The film doesn’t seem to know if it wants to be a shlocky horror movie, comic book film or children’s adventure. One minute it feels like Shaq’s Steel film or Starkid the next it feels like Toxic Crusader. The tone is everywhere and for that reason left this old kid disappointed..

  • aadity-agrvaal
    aadity agrvaal

    Okay, granted, this is a very silly movie. The plot is ridiculous, so are the monster FX, despite Screaming Mad George’s fame. But the actors seem to have their fair share of fun and so does the viewer. Some scenes are truly classic and Linnea Quigley’s cameo is a scream (sic!). Entertaining and funny, yet somehow campy – but isn’t it that why we watch this kind of movies? The dull sequel is to be avoided…

  • dr-merzuk-zamir-mansiz
    dr merzuk zamir mansiz

    Ok I’ll admit it. These film wouldn’t win any acting awards, but this film is still fun. The monster and Guyver suits are very impressive. If you like guys in rubber suits than this is the film for you. Not a lot to say about it other than the fact that it has lots of monsters fighting. Jimmy Walker is hilarious as Striker. He even delivers his famous catchphrase, “Dyno-mite!”, at the very end. All in all good for just a fun little sci-fi party. I give it a 7/10 for fun times. a 3.5/10 for plot and acting.

  • hanna-jakobsen
    hanna jakobsen

    mark hammil is not the guyver but still its a great movie.i think it would be cool to be a guyver.the special effects are awesome.the only thing wrong with this movie is the boss baddie the guy who plays him over acts.if we could take out the boss baddie the movie would be perfect.

  • jordi-diez-gras
    jordi diez gras

    I’m sorry, but this movie is a really poor representation of the classic anime series. It is mildly entertaining, but in that way that you don’t want to look, but perverted fascination makes you watch anyway.Acting is slapstick, and over done. Imagine a cross between power rangers teenage mutant ninja turtles. Rubber costumes and overacting pull what could have been a decent movie into the “I don’t want to see that again ever” pit.I was expecting something a little more serious than this as the original animated series is pretty hardcore anime.I’d say, watch it once though, just for a laugh, then go borrow the Anime Series and really get the Guyver experience.

  • michelle-castillo
    michelle castillo

    The “bad news” outweighs the “good news” for this movie.BAD – The dialog in here is very stupid; the acting is poor (Jack Armstrong, Vivian Wu?); there is too much violence and simply a general Class B-type production feeling about this whole film, making it dumb overall. GOOD – It was very light on the profanity and sometimes had some pretty good special-effects with the humans turning into monsters.STRANGE – Added to the cast is television star Jimmie Walker, who played a goofy “Kid Dyn-O-Mite” character on TV, and Mark Hamill, from the hugely-successful Star Wars movie series. Wow, times must have gotten tough for those two actors to be in this movie!OVERALL – After watching this for an hour, it was hard to get interested enough to finish the film.

  • sofia-lindstrom
    sofia lindstrom

    I picked up this movie, thinking that this would be a cool live action version of one of my favorite Anime shows ‘Bio Booster Armor Guyver’. Boy this is the worst by far!The bright points of the film are the Guyver unit, and Brian Yuzna regulars David Gale and Jeffery Combs.The rest of the movie is horrible! Lisker *AKA Guyver 2 in the anime/manga series is reduced to a simpering idiot of a zoanoid. And Jimmy ‘J.J.’ Walker as a zoanoid? What are they thinking?If you are a fan of the Guyver Anime and Manga, rent Dark Hero: Guyver 2. It’s a much, much, better film, and is more truer to the original story. If they make a 3rd one, bring in Guyver 3, and Masaki Murakami! This would improve the series!!!

  • albin-zupan
    albin zupan

    …and Steve Wang and Screaming Mad George are just not. What can I say? this movie could have been a really cool little monster flick IF ONLY a certain pair of special effects personell had stuck to what they were good at and not been allowed into the director’s chair.On a positive note, there are SOME decent things in this film – the guyver and some of the zoanoids look amazing and its good to see Mark Hamill doing something again, but the good just doesn’t outweigh the bad. For a start the script – I don’t know who Jon Purdy is but he’s crap – is just TERRIBLE. The relationship between Sean and Mizky is ambiguous, stilted, and generally unsatisfying while the presence of Sean’s aikido instructor at Mizky’s home is not explained very well (that particular scene is maybe the most poorly written in the film.)***SPOILER***The plot itself is thin: Sean gets guyver – guyver is killed – guyver regenerates and kills villain, basically it covers the highlights from the first Guyver book (albeit names/ settings changed)with a flimsy love story stretched across its surface. The acting by and large is poor and overdone – Jack Armstrong as ‘Sean’ does okay but isn’t great, Jimmy Walker’s character should have been cut from the script, Balcus was too silly at times, Lisker was the best of the bad guys but over-acted when in human form, and Mizky? well I can safely say that she is one of the biggest reasons as to why this film sucks. Vivian Wu is a really horrible actress, yes I know the dialogue was poo(r) but every time she shouted (not spoke) a line I thought how much better almost any another actress could have said it – ‘Liz Hurley’ for example!!This film should not have been called “GUYVER” or “MUTRONICS,” it should have been called HOW TO F*** UP A DECENT ACTOR’S CAREER, the decent actor being the ‘star’ Mark Hamill. I think that Hamill was screwed by Wang and Mad George – they fronted him as the star of the film (which he wasn’t) and used his name to promote it by showing on the poster that he was the guyver when he only had a secondary part. They followed by killing him off in a hideous and pointless way. Of course the pair of ‘directors’ did this to show us just how SICK and EVIL Chronos are, and how GOOD Wang and George are at showing SICK and EVIL things. The point is…don’t buy this film, rent it at a pinch, but don’t buy.

  • poluxene-tsetou
    poluxene tsetou

    When it comes to cartoon movie adaptations, it has yet to be seen where one comes out playing well. Speed Racer (2008) is a perfect example of this. Live-action tends to suck the life out of cartoons. So after watching the Japanese cartoon of The Guyver, I wasn’t quite sure how this movie adaptation would play out. But surprisingly, to me, I was somewhat entertained by the creature effects and actors that appeared in the film. However, this still does not make it a great movie.The film starts off with a scrolling of lines that explain that there is a group of people who can transform into creatures called Zoanoids. The Zoalord, the strongest Zoanoid who looks to control the world, leads these Zoanoids. But the only way he can do this is by obtaining the “guyver”, a bio-armor that should make him invincible. That is, if not for an unwilling individual who runs into the bio-armor first, giving him power beyond his original abilities.The unwilling individual is named Sean Barker played by the forgotten actor, Jack Armstrong. Armstrong gives a convincing performance as his character, even if the majority of his lines are “Are you OK? or Let her go!”. Baker also has a girlfriend, Mizky Segawa (Vivian Wu), who gets caught by the Zoalord and is the damsel in distress. However, her character does show some courage, a trait that does not come up often, usually most damsels scream constantly. Tagging along with them is CIA agent, Max Reed, played by the famous Mark Hamill. Hamill gives Reed some good lines, this made me chuckle here and there.Even more surprising is to find four other iconic actors in this film as well. Michael Berryman from Wes Craven’s The Hills Have Eyes (1977) has a significant role as the Zoalord’s henchman. Even more intriguing is that Jeffrey Combs and David Gale from Re-Animator (1985) both have roles in here too. Gale plays the Zoalord himself and Combs plays a lab rat named Dr. East. Jeez, how funny is that. Herbert WEST from Re- Animator (1985) is now Dr. EAST in The Guyver (1991), and, now Combs is working for Gale instead of fighting him, like in Re-Animator (1985). Also Willard E. Pugh, Mayor Kuzak from RoboCop 2 (1990), plays one of Reed’s coworkers. Which also coincidental because when the “guyver” armor is first activated by Baker, someone says, “Alright you RoboCop thing!”. Hahaha wow. Too many coincidences.Now for the bad things. First, I enjoy martial arts fight sequences but for a lot of the time, I felt like they dragged on forever. This is mostly because the fight scenes contained the same techniques. Also, I understand that it is 1991 but it seemed like many of the creature costumes ran from either clunky to unrealistically goofy. One monster had googly eyes. Really? How does that look terrifying? I’d laugh. Actually, a lot of the costumes looked like they were ideas to be used for the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (1993) TV show. But I do give credit to Linda L. Meltzer, head of costume design for making the “guyver” armor looking so awesome. The special effects with the bio- armor were cool but it also made me wonder why the same couldn’t be done for when the villains transformed.Also, for the first half of the film, the transitioning between scenes was very obnoxious. But credit should be given to screenwriter Jon Purdy for at least making the story more creative. The story isn’t the usual cliché hero movie. There are parts of the film where it’ll have the audience guessing and I’ll admit there were segments where I thought certain things wouldn’t happen but they did. It keeps you on your toes so that’s good. The musical score by Matthew Morse wasn’t impressive though. I had a slight resemblance to the anime shows but it wasn’t very prevalent in the film. Also the ending seemed quick which made me feel like it was done last minute just as a throw in. This movie had a lot of ups and downs but I support it because it did almost go somewhere.For the most part, the actors and the “guyver” armor itself is the thing to see in this film. The action is good for a while but gets tiresome overtime as well as the creature costumes.

  • ginzburgas-karina
    ginzburgas karina

    I think personally that Guyver was a good comic book, then, oh my god, They made the movie. The movie was based on the greatest comic I have ever owned. Ya know, unlike some superhero movies, well, this one was most like the comic, which I haven’t seen in movies now. Thanx, spawndra

  • urbonas-vitalija
    urbonas vitalija

    Why are people taking this film so seriously. It’s bad but it was never meant to win Oscar’s. I love bad movies that don’t take themselves to seriously and this is one of those films. It’s tongue in cheek, it’s comedy. I watched this movie when I was a kid and loved it. That love will always be there even though I can look back at it now and laugh.So to all those slagging this film off- get a life. Go rent Schindler’s List or something….10 lines of text!? What’s that all about? I’ve said what I wanted to say… errrm… Did anyone watch American Psycho the other day? Does saying goodbye count as a line of text?

  • sander-tali
    sander tali

    The Guyver seems like it was made by the old power-ranger guys, but it is in my opinion one of the best early superhero movies that I have ever seen. I believe that if Hollywood was to do a remake of this film, it would probably be as popular as Jumper or Spiderman 3.For those of you who haven’t seen The Guyver yet, it is basically about this guy named Sean Barker who discovers this strange device called the Guyver. The Guyver unit is able to turn into a futuristic bio-mechanical suit that increases Sean’s strength a hundredfold.While wearing the suit he has a small horn coming out of the top of his head,and he can also grow spikes of of the back of his elbows which he commonly uses to slash at his enemies. After his first transformation, the unit fuses with his body and retracts into his neck. From then on he is able to call on it by saying “I am the GUYVER”

  • jacqueline-larson
    jacqueline larson

    Whether I am biased because of it’s Japanese influences, whether I am biased because I like (bad) monster movies, or whether I like it because it to campy to put into words….I don’t know, maybe all of the above.I think last night was the first time I saw the guyver -live action movie. I did see the sequel (dark hero), but that was released on video here in Holland.I don’t know how to rate this movie. The bad: -the acting is poor -the dialogs are poor -the plot could have been better -the fights are not bad -eighties feel to it. The baddies are a eighties -punk-steetgang-esque group. AND THIS IS A 1991 MOVIE!!!!The good: -The dialogues are hilariously bad -It has humor, almost self-relating humour -the acting almost seems bad on purpose, like it was meant to be cliché. It gives a kind of flair to the movie. -the fights are awsesomely choreographed, in a funny, power-ranger kind of way. -The monsters are awesome, great designs, great suits …at least we can tell where the budget went -The special effects aren’t that bad, given it’s time (early nineties, pre-Jurassic park) and it’s budget -jeffrey combs & mark hamill I hate to say it. Against better judgment: I love it. Don’t expect duel of the fates darth maul vs obiwan kenobi & Quigon Jin like fights, but the fights serve their purpose well and handsomely convey the campy feel to it. So does the bad acting … in the end, it is still a bad movie, but I have seen worse, with bigger budgets… I rate it a 6 out of 10. Somethings are well done, others unspeakably poor, but in the end, it has good entertaining value. If you like this kind of movies. If you’re not into low(er) budget movies …

  • mike-pedersen
    mike pedersen

    Despite all the bad reviews I thought it was pretty good when you consider that it’s an American comic book adaptation. The storyline was pretty straightforward, good guy accidentally finds some super weapon that the bad guy is trying to get his hands on. It turns out the villain has superhuman abilities and a small army of scientists with the same powers. There are tons of awesome transformation effects but the bad thing is we get to see a few frames of them briefly and many times none at all. In the last third of the movie a bunch of human villains transform in a laboratory, only it kind of shows them coming out of the dark in a deliberately fast pace. The creatures they turn into are really cool and complex looking, especially what Mark Hammill turns into. The main villain Balcus’ true form is truly horrifying in the ending.

  • bagseongho

    I love tokusatsu, in any shape size or form. So I was excited about this film when I first heard of it, an American tokusatsu based on an anime I had never heard of with a really cool premise, a human discovers an alien device which turns into a suit of living armour (I love living suit superheroes). But there is one distinct problem with this concept, translation. This was during the 90s and people weren’t sure how seriously to take anime yet, a problem which translates into this film which has no idea what kind of tone it’s going for. Firstly the positives; the fight choreography in this movie is nothing short of fantastic combining martial arts and wirework with really cool powers, the look of the Guyver and the Zoanoids is really really well done, the music is intense and energetic and the acting ranges from over the top and goofy to good, Mark Hamill is in this film as a cop trying to solve the mystery and he is great as always. But the film is completely ruined by it’s tone, there are two movies going on here, a goofy over the top fun film and a serious gritty film, the two mesh HORRIBLY and so the film ends up being no fun at all, Give it a miss.

  • evangelista-barone
    evangelista barone

    This movie isn’t what you would consider a classic, but it is most definitely worth seeing. It is the story of young college student Sean Barker finding the Guyver unit and activating it turning him into the Guyver. Then he has to go up against the shape changing ZOANOIDS. From then on it’s loads of fun. 6 1/2 out of 10 but still worth the rental.

  • tyler-cox
    tyler cox

    This movie rocked , i was a big fan of the anime cartoons that came out before it but once this came out i was very happy , it was a fun AND funny movie , Mark was an unexpected cast member! This movie is totally under-rated and i give it a 9 outta 10

  • ghenadie-mocanu
    ghenadie mocanu

    I first watched this in the early 1990’s, and I wasn’t familiar with the animation or Manga versions of the “Guyver”. I merely found this movie because of Mark Hamill was in it. And I have watched it a couple of times since then, with years in between each viewing.And I will say that “Guyver” actually still holds its ground today, as it is still watchable and enjoyable, just as it was back in the early 1990’s.The story is about a young man who discovers an alien device which fused his own body with that of a cyborg organism, effectively making him an ultimate fighting machine. But the secrets of the guyver is sought by others, and soon monstrous creatures start to show up to take back the guyver unit.”Guyver” has adequate special effects, especially taking into consideration that the movie is from 1991. Sure, you can clearly see that the creatures are just suits worn by actors inside them. But the design of the creatures is still impressive and passable even by today’s standards. And the conceptual ideas behind the guyver and the creature designs is unique and quite memorable.As for the acting, well, people were doing good enough jobs with their roles and characters. Of course, this is not thespian acting in the making, so you know what you are in for.It was nice to see Mark Hamill in this movie, despite not being the lead actor, although he was billed on the front of the movie cover. So people might actually be lured in on false pretenses, because he does not have the lead role. But it was also nice to see David Gale, Vivian Wu and Jeffrey Combs make small appearances in the movie. And if you are a fan of Jeffrey Combs, then you should get a kick out of the fact that his character in “Guyver” is named Dr. East.As campy and cheesy as “Guyver” actually is, it is still a very enjoyable and entertaining movie.

  • havard-thomassen-johnsen
    havard thomassen johnsen

    The Guyver is not the best film, but it’s certainly not the worst. Let’s just say Brian Yuzna has been involved in better films. If you can survive the Jimmie Walker rap scenes, you’ll be able to survive this movie. You know from seeing Jimmie Walker’s name in the opening credits that there is going to be a Dyno-mite joke cracked somewhere. It is extremely corny (EXTREMELY), however the creature designs are actually original and cool and make the Guyver worth watching. The Guyver itself is awesome. The movie does have its moments (“I am the Guyver”) though. The main reason I am commenting on this mediocre movie is the presence of Jeffrey Combs. He plays Dr. East, and all Re-animator fans will get the joke there. Also Dr. Hill from Re-animator plays the villain once again. If your in the mood for something that requires a short attention span or you enjoy corny movies (I belong to the latter), then watch the Guyver.

  • arodddhaa-kaalidaas
    arodddhaa kaalidaas

    If you think this film was intended to be in the vain of its animated counterpart then you are clearly wrong as it’s true formula can only be found in the filming conventions of most Japanese B movies, for example bad campy acting, simple narrative, bit of kung fu, bit of gore, bit of comedy, lots of dark lighting, rubber costumes coupled with funky man to mutant transformations. One might question the integrity of the acting or dialog but the fact is the cast were directed to cheese it up so as to fit into its genre and eastern heritage. The fighting scenes are a bit over the top but this is what Japanese B cult is all about. Dyn-o-mite!!!

  • heather-chambers
    heather chambers

    I’ve seen the old Guyver cartoon and some of the newer Guyver cartoon and I got to admit that I am impressed with this American adaptation of the material. The creature effects and designs are perfect, the Guyver design is perfect. It’s an almost perfect movie. Now it does get a tad goofy at points, but not too bad. Plus, if you ask me and you haven’t. But I think they over hyped Mark Hamill’s part in this movie. He does a great job, but the original video box and I think the movie poster leaves the impression that he’s the Guyver and he’s not. So long story short, this is a great adaptation of the comic book and the cartoon show. If you are a fan of the comic or cartoon show, then watch this movie. If not, then I wouldn’t. 9 STARS.

  • kaspars-auzins
    kaspars auzins

    Yep that is correct, I did love this flick when I was about eight or so, my favourite Zoanoid was the bad stereotype jive-talking one with the big lips and the bling, I thought he and his…rap was the absolute coolest ever!! Well time doth make fools of us all and some movies you just plain outgrow. I still love many pictures that I did when I was little, but this to me does not hold up at all. I’d love to enjoy it for what it is, but the thing is, what it is happens to completely suck! Who’d think a movie with nothing but an alien cyborg fighting monsters could be so boring? I mean it is a little fun and entertaining but only in stops and starts, I mostly find it to be a tedious watch. From the beginning there’s a noticeable lack of momentum to it. And the tone is completely wrong, rather than being all sleek and dark and cool, it’s all a bit go-go Guyver rangers! It feels like a kid-friendly movie but like it’s seriously forcing itself to be that way? when the visual style and atmosphere of everything is clearly crying out for something decidedly more gritty and harder-edged and dark, with some well placed swears and maybe even a little light nudity, and it was begging for copious amounts of blood guts and severed limbs to be flying in all directions as a result of the Guyver’s deadly arm blades and firepower. It would have been improved so much if they’d only done away with the painful attempts at slapstick, and also if they’d bothered to invest in some decent fight choreography, because most of the time the Guyver just picks enemies up and throws them around. And get used to those f***ing scene-to-scene transmissions! The way the film slices itself in half and blares out that annoying noise is so jarring and stupid. The cartoony comic book-esc elements and the tone are what really murders this film for me. The good guys don’t exactly leap out and grab you, Vivian Wu as an actress was really terrible! And Jack Armstrong was fine enough but he was dull and didn’t make the character of the Guyver compelling at all.. It does have some positive aspects, like what’s definitely the best thing about the movie whether you love it or hate it are the practical creature suits and makeup effects. The Zoanoid suits look great, they all blink and have expressions and have a great scaly skin texture, and the Guyver suit is an excellently presented piece of work that’s quite striking. A brilliant job was done of recreating the look of it from the manga, it’s near-perfect, right down to the steam vents. It’s also pretty spectacular and icky when Mark Hammel painful transforms into a giant cricket, and dies! I’m also still quite fond of the last battle where the Cronos president changes into a humongous demonic lizard beast that stomps after the Guyver in a sequence that I find oddly similar to when Howard the Duck takes on the Dark Overlord! The Zoalord is similar in design to another creature that Screaming Mad George designed for the Full Moon movie Arena. And that leads me to David Gale, who I thought was terrific as the tyrannical leader of the monster organisation bent on world domination, his was the only character that wasn’t dull, dim-witted or ultra-thin. The movie didn’t deserve him, he steals and just really livens up every scene that he’s in. What a brilliant character actor, he could play a crazy villain like no one else I’ve ever seen, so sad that he passed away too soon.. I love when Jeffrey Combs pops up as Dr. East, an underling professor to the man who’s head he once chopped off years earlier as Dr. West in the gory classic Re-Animator. Oh well in closing I don’t think that this is something you can watch and then immediately love the thought of watching again any time soon, because to me its bad points far outweigh its good ones. Horribly mishandled, it’s truly a bad adaptation of an awesome franchise and character.

  • zenais-phragkoudake
    zenais phragkoudake

    When I was younger this was one of my favorite movies of all time. Well, needless to say I grew up. I watched it again and while the plot is weak, the acting isn’t all that great, its still a fun movie to kick back and watch!Boasting Mark Hamil as the star since he’s the only recognizable actor, you’d think he’s the hero, well he’s not, he’s just a government agent who allies with the the Guyver, a college student named Sean by day, super-power alien-warrior by night. The movie is in fact actually somewhat based off the anime pretty well. The movie is pretty much the first episode of the anime, just tweaked to America and aging the characters and well rushing the end of the anime to the live-action. Although the budget is under a million dollars the SFX are actually pretty good. Those rubber suits have never looked better! Plus there’s a good Jaws parody that results in the death of J.J. Walker!The movie makes me laugh sometimes intentionally and sometimes not, but I had fun the while way thru, so give a 10!

  • troy-wilson
    troy wilson

    I have to admit, i had seen this film before i even knew that guyver was originally a japanese manga comic, which then became a highly popular anime series. so i was originally impressed with the film (except for the rappings scenes).the novelty of the film wore off when i saw the anime and i realised it had been americanised BUT…. fighting scenes were pretty good and the make up and costumes were brilliant, especially the Guyver bio-booster suit. (to find out what that means watch the anime series). if you like this film, then trust me you will like sequel, which gets pretty deep into the guyver units history!!!

  • cezara-voinea
    cezara voinea

    Despite what many reviews say, I really liked this. It may be dated in special effects, and be crawling in flaws, but it is a generally enjoyable movie. Sean Barker finds a strange alien mechanical looking device that merges with his own body, turning him into a cyborg-like superhero. When Zoanoids, Werewolf like people that can turn into mutants, appear and start chasing him down in order to obtain the device, Sean uncovers Khronos Corp.’s evil schemes.Fans of the Guyver cartoon and comics may or may not like it. A lot of the “best bits” from the cartoon’s storyline are involved in this movie but are done slightly differently. While the action and Zoanoids(monsters) seem like an adult version of the Power Rangers, and some of the tongue-in-cheek gags almost take over the Guyver’s story, something about the movie is just irresistible. The problem is it’s impossible to put your finger on what it is.Reminiscent of a lot of the late 80s to early 90’s action comic inspired movies, the movie never takes itself too seriously. Weather that’s a good or bad thing is your decision. There are times where the comic relief, or purposely amusing action scenes can start to become annoying, as any fan of The Guyver is obviously looking for some serious action and gore. It does have it’s moments in that department, however.The movie covers most of the main Guyver story, apart from the actual origin of the Guyver. A sequel, “The Guyver: Dark Hero” spawned from this(although it can be watched on it’s own and understood, especially if you have seen the cartoon or read the comics), which takes The Guyver much more seriously, and uncovers the origin of the Guyver, whilst at the same time throws constant violent action at you.Casting is good in the means of appearance, Mark Hamill as a CIA agent must have boosted the sales of the film, and Michael Berryman makes the perfect mutant, with his bald head and evil stare, but the acting could use some work.Hardcore fans of the cartoon or comics may be iffy about the tongue-in-cheek humor used in this movie, but as long as it’s not taken too seriously it can be a great movie to watch. The important part is that it FEELS like The Guyver. If you don’t want to put up with lots of flaws and comic relief gags, then go for “The Guyver: Dark Hero” which is much more similar to the cartoons and comics.