On a 4th of July weekend, three barnstorming skydivers arrive to perform in a small Kansas town. They are hosted by the youngest member Webson’s aunt, the unhappily married Elizabeth. While Browdy one-nights with a topless dancer, a doomed romance flares up between Elizabeth and Rettig. Tension builds, and explodes with a spectacular skydiving show.

Also Known As: Cesur paraşütçüler, Llegan los paracaidistas, Os Paraquedistas Estão Chegando, The Gypsy Moths, Os Paraquedistas, Шелкопряд Soviet, Luftens vovehalse, Los temerarios del aire, A különleges tengerész, Himmel-stuperne, Les parachutistes arrivent, Cyrk straceńców, Moliile ţigăneşti, I temerari, Οι δαίμονες των ουρανών, 飛天英雄未了情, Die den Hals riskieren, Padobranci dolaze, Hyppy ikuisuuteen, Oi diamones ton ouranon, De dödsföraktande, Skydivers, さすらいの大空, Die den Hals riskieren West, De parachutisten komen

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