Superkicker Dorian Tan Tao-liang plays a Shaolin student who must find a Manchu traitor responsible for the murder of the abbot. Jackie Chan is a spear fighting expert who decides to help Tan because the traitor killed his brother. Part of their mission is to help a scholar make it safely across the river without getting killed from the Manchus.

Also Known As: The Hand of Death Hong, Hand of Death, ジャッキー・チェンの秘龍拳/少林門, Mano de muerte, Countdown to Kung Fu Hong, Strike of Death, Shao Lin men, Countdown in Kung Fu Hong, Dragon Forever West, A halál keze, La mano de la muerte, A Lâmina Fatal, Рука смерти Soviet, Eroii Shaolin, I grothia tou thanatou, The Hand of Death, Ręka śmierci, Countdown in Kung-Fu, Shing le fantastique Mandchou, Roka smrti, Ръката на смъртта, Hand of Death Hong, Heróis de Shaolin

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