After her small daughter’s sudden accidental death, wealthy American Julia Lofting bolts her unhappy marriage in London and buys a house in Kensington that is haunted by the ghost of an obscenely nasty little girl who died in the 1950s and plans to use Julia as her pawn in a terrible revenge plot.

Also Known As: Circulo de la muerte, Full Circle, Ond cirkel, Demônio Com Cara de Anjo, Posesión diabólica, A lány szelleme, Demonio dalla faccia d'angelo, Julias gjenferd, Escalofrío, Julias unheimliche Wiederkehr West, La maison maudite, Преследването на Джулия, Kringloop van de angst, Julia går igen, Noidankehä, Le cercle infernal, The Haunting of Julia, Julian painajainen, Círculo diabólico, Замкнутый круг Soviet

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