Pregnant with director Roman Polanski’s child and awaiting his return from Europe, 26-year-old Hollywood actress Sharon Tate becomes plagued by visions of her imminent death.

Also Known As: Призраки Шэрон Тейт, Sharon Tate - Tra incubo e realtà, O Espectro de Sharon Tate, The Haunting of Sharon Tate, A Maldição de Sharon Tate

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  • keith-williams
    keith williams

    This movie was actually pretty good is not about changing the story it’s about the ending they deserved but if you watch the ending of the movie when she walks towards the bodies that lie on the floor she sees herself and her friends it’s a very good movie . I almost followed the comment and didn’t watch I’m so glad I didn’t follow . Next watch a movie entirely before bashing it don’t be a follower . Good movie

  • samuel-hayes
    samuel hayes

    So everyone lives in this happy version of the events after defeating the bad guys, and also Sharon Tate was a psychic. What the hell?! What’s next, a happy movie about John Kennedy, where Jacqueline receives divination and beats Oswald on the head with her shoes just before the fatal shot? The story of MLK where he popped a cap in James Earl Ray’s ass?

  • lindsay-moore
    lindsay moore

    The people posting about how offensive this movie is clearly haven’t watched it. This movie gave the victims the ending they deserved. Gave them the ability to fight back and survive unlike the real reality that ended their lives. I love that Sharon Tate was able to get that final F you to Tex. And it clearly shows in the end that everything did happen the way it did in the real world. But at least she got hers. I applaud the film makers for giving those victims a chance to survive.

  • douglas-moyer
    douglas moyer

    It’s astonishing that so many reviewers fail to understand what the film is trying to do. This is truly an excellent piece of work, and deserves to be seen, not least because it does not trivialise the horror of what went on in Cielo Drive that night. Nor does it render the victims a mere footnote in the neverending media circus around Manson.In 1969 Sharon Tate, Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger, Wojciech Frykowski and Steven Parent were all viciously murdered by the followers of the revolting Charles Manson. This film incorporates those awful events in a script that attempts to free the victims from their fate, to shift the focus back to those who were killed rather than allow the murderers to continue having the last laugh, if you like.Compelling and made with integrity, The Haunting of Sharon Tate is well worth your time.

  • paattil-raajiiv
    paattil raajiiv

    Perhaps a lot of the negative reviews this movie has stems from the fact people don’t like its narrative rather than the movie itself. We all know about Charles Manson and his “family”, and that Sharon Tate was their most high profile victim. What The Haunting of Sharon Tate does is adds in a sort of premonition backstory in order to view what happened that infamous night in August 1969 in a different light. And the fact Sharon talks about how she “views the world in rose tinted glasses” at the very start of the movie leads us eventually to an intriguing final act.Overall the positives just about outweigh the negatives. Hilary Duff gives a strong performance as the vision plagued, heavily pregnant Tate, and the supporting cast do a decent enough job around her. The movie does a pretty good job of building tension when it needs to, and there’s enough blood on show here to keep the gore hounds happy. Good use of sound and music too.On the negative side, some of the dialogue is occasionally wooden at best and cringeworthy at worst. A dog appears with the sole reason of bumping it off (when are horror films finally going to rid themselves of this most awful of cliches?), and the Manson family members are played up as pantomime villains when they finally arrive on screen.It’s almost too easy to leave hysterically negative reviews on IMDb. While The Haunting of Sharon Tate is hardly a classic, it’s nonetheless a decent low budget horror that tells the story of an infamous crime carried out on the orders of an infamous criminal. Watch it and judge for yourself folks.6/10

  • francisco-medina-arregui
    francisco medina arregui

    On the surface ‘The Haunting of Sharon Tate’ could seem like a very insensitive movie to make. As I was watching it I kept wondering how writer/director Daniel Farrands pitched this to studios and the cast to get them on board. Then the end of the movie rolled around and I realised how he’d done it (I won’t spoil anything). The way the film ended was probably the best thing this film had going for it because at least it gave it somewhat of a purpose. The problem is the rest of the film is so poorly put together a lot of people may not make it to the end.The first thing that strikes you about this film is how incredibly out of place Hilary Duff is. Both as a casting choice and in terms of her acting ability – terrible. To be fair the whole cast is pretty ordinary, but her in the lead role is the most distractingly bad of the bunch. The film also has a very strange style of direction. Some scenes are filmed in a very bizarre way that doesn’t seem to add anything to the film (although thinking about it now perhaps this could play into the ending of the film which I again won’t go into details on). There are some action sequences though which are unforgivably bad, like the scene where a car backs up and hits a fence. You’ll understand what I mean when/if you see it.There were a couple of genuinely creepy moments though. All the scenes involving the Manson girls were quite unsettling and the way the final sequence played out was quite disturbing. It does help the filmmakers that this was based on actual events though to be fair, which adds a degree of horror to what you are watching. For the most part though ‘The Haunting of Sharon Tate’ is a poorly constructed and ill-advised venture that would best be avoided.

  • dennis-evans
    dennis evans

    There are some reviewers here who seem to think that this film was supposed to be a documentary. It’s not and doesn’t claim to be. This is a drama/horror/thriller, hence one can assume that it will not follow history the way we know it. There are several conversations that happen that there are no living witnesses to, for example.I didn’t think I’d like this film, but I did. It wasn’t run-of-the-mill, which was a nice surprise. Hilary Duff was superb as were most of the other actors. There is, of course, the exploitation factor to consider, which didn’t, in this case, bother me much. What happened, happened. (It is nice to remember that Manson is dead now, though. He lived FAR longer than was necessary.) The ending is emotional and unexpected. Are we fated to live our lives as pre-written? I don’t know and the film attempts to answer the question. It’s also said in the film, however, that no matter how many different directions we take, we may still end up at the same place. Strange musings. Well worth the watch.

  • lucas-long
    lucas long

    Ok to be honest right off the bat, I was expecting a really really awful film from all the atrocious reviews. Instead while watching this film I was pleasantly surprised by how much I really enjoyed it. The Haunting of Sharon Tate is portrayed and advertised since the beginning of shooting it is “Based on the true events from Sharon Tate’s nightmares of the Manson murders”. Now I know it’s a daring project and story to come up with. I really enjoyed how great Hilary Duff was as Sharon Tate, I was nervous that she wouldn’t pull off a serious role and especially in “Horror” genre. Hilary Duff was absolutely great! She gave her all and this is her BEST performance of her entire career, showed her growth as an actress. Everyone else in the film was good except for one of the female murderers she was awful. Now the only problem I would say about the overall film is how they stretched it a little too far after we saw or what we think we saw. Now I completely understand why the director did that to trick or be unique to a film and to his audience but a flow is what you look for in a film and it did but it also bounced back to go forward. Other than that “The Haunting of Sharon Tate” wasn’t and doesn’t deserve these horrible horrible reviews DO NOT PAY ATTENTION to the harsh critics. Go with an open mind, I mean it is from her point of view of her nightmare premonition of her death.

  • line-andersen
    line andersen

    First off I have to say a huge congratulations to Hillary for taking on the role of Sharon Tate and playing it with such emotion. Daniel Farrands knew exactly what he was doing when he put this movie together and should be very proud of his work. With the crap movies that are out there today this movie should have gotten more notice and for better reasons. Yes it is a very sensitive subject matter but I commend them for having the balls for making a film about it. Give it a chance with an open mind. This film isn’t about glorifying her death, This is more about the after life and living in purgatory.

  • sibylle-wiek
    sibylle wiek

    It is an absolute waste of time, it is predictable until it annoys one. It’s bad acting and an even worse story. I can by no means recommend others to waste their time on this piece of amateur movie. That this at all can reach final production and publishing can simply wonder me.

  • howard-case
    howard case

    I’m not going to lie was really looking forward to this movie but hell no is it true to what happened that night because if it was Sharon Tate and her friends would still be here today. It’s a good movie they just needed to do their reasearch and make it true to what happened not make it into a what if! As in Sharon has a knife and stabbed a guy then they all suddenly start fighting back and killing the Manson followers no not what I was intending to see

  • thomas-burns
    thomas burns

    Then this movie is made about the Manson murders that is so far removed from the official story that one feels like they did some of that 1969 LSD! if i could have i would have rated this a negative 8! ABYSMAL is being kind!

  • madeline-miller
    madeline miller

    Ignore the negative reviews. Trust me, I’ve seen worse. This movie doesn’t claim to be a documentary or a remake. Spoilers…its how we all wished the real life events would have ended with survivals alive. Think, what would have happened if Sharon Tate and her friends would have survived Charles Manson? The acting was okay and a decent movie to watch. I gave it 4 out 10 stars.

  • paulo-da-mota
    paulo da mota

    I thought this movie was ok to a degree , it was interesting, the acting was good and there was an element of mystery, and the picture gives a good account of the manson family murders in which sharon tate was a victim of back in 1969 , the violence was o.t.t to say the least and the concept of the twist in the narrative is mindblowing too , but its passable, 3.1 is way to harsh!

  • chloe-carter-phillips
    chloe carter phillips

    Life is tough out there for 90’s stars. They had it all..awesome fashion, cool thin eyebrows, ecstacy and a ton of money. But what do you do when those lucrative tv show parts dry up? You get desperate And decide to exploit one of the most repulsive moments in American history. This is truly a horrific film, with hilary heavy breathing and trying to look gorgeously startled throughout, whilst cradling her prosthetic bump murmuring “I think those people are a threat to me and my baby”. Sharon Tate was so much more than a murder victim, yet we always overlook her talent and contribution to fashion and films in favour of morbidly sifting through her (and her friends who always seem to be a footnote) murder. But this film goes much further by mashing up the worst horror cliches (I’m tired of seeing people in the mirror-gasp- turn around and no ones there) with deeply offensive notions that Sharon prophesied her own murder. Sharon tates family have been through so much, and the fact that they have to deal with trite schlock like this really makes me feel even worse for them. It means that theyre not allowed to heal, and it perpetuates the murder porn that permeates throughout our society and it’s sick. Two stars as the music, whilst cliched, is decent.

  • dr-sandra-frederiksen
    dr sandra frederiksen

    Daniel Farrands’ latest film tells the tragedy of Sharon Tate, one of 5 deaths in an infamous real-life mass murder committed by the members of Charles Manson’s cult. The release comes close to the 50th anniversary of those events.I entered hoping for a fact-based biopic of Sharon Tate and what happened that night, giving life to the people that were killed and showing us who those people were during their short lives and final days. What we actually get is a rather dull sensationalistic take on the facts, used purely to create a horror film off the back of the tragedy. Had I seen his previous film based on Amityville murderer Ronald DeFeo (which I watched after this and is better executed while feeling narrowly less exploitive), I would’ve know what to expect – a mostly fictional horror story based on real victims of a real tragedy.While it uses the real life events as an influence on the characters and story, there’s clearly a lot of artistic license used and the result is a sub-par horror film that leaves a bitter taste in the mouth due to its exploitation of the real tragedy that took place. There was an opportunity to pay respect to the people that lost their lives, but unfortunately we get a forgettable home-invasion horror film with a particularly odd plot point, which feels absurd for a film which wants to give the impression that it’s a fact-based biopic.I can appreciate why Sharon Tate’s sister was so against the film.There’s nothing particularly interesting about this film and it doesn’t do justice to the innocent victims, nor reveal much of anything that we didn’t already know. It invents more than it enlightens. Without revealing spoilers, Farrands could have easily made this horror film as a fictional story, with fictional characters, and the result would probably have earned slightly better ratings. But at its core it’s a by-the-numbers horror with attempted jumps, moments of suspense, and cat-and-mouse chases, but it definitely does not give the impression (to me at least) that it wants to pay homage to the victims, nor deglorify Manson.The acting is okay, but it’s hardly top class, and Duff seems to fade in and out of using an odd accent in her portrayal of Tate. Some of the script feels unnatural, the characters are underdeveloped and some of the acting and dialogue is wooden. The story moves along at a decent pace, but it doesn’t really offer enough to hold interest or build suspense, possibly because we know what’s coming.Farrands seems to have found himself a new niche, making films about real life tragedies, the next of which will be the murder of OJ Simpson’s wife. Unfortunately, the tragedy of Farrands’ new-found inspiration for his films is that they’re exploiting these horrific real-life events for entertainment and profit.I give it 1/10 due to the combination of it being an unoriginal and dull horror film, as well as an insensitive exploitation of the tragedy. Had it been presented as a fictional story, with fictional characters, it may have earned closer to 3 or 4 out of ten, but it still wouldn’t have been anything special.

  • rok-blazic
    rok blazic

    A film that constantly sways my opinion. On one hand my think it’s disrespectful and exploiting a shocking event. But on another, I think it’s interesting, in the theme of alternate fates. It captures the dark mood, and it’s hard to ignore Duffs amazing performance.

  • wesley-carr
    wesley carr

    I started watching and was almost about to switch off after about half an hour but something kept me watching. The final hour is gripping. I thought the final scenes were carried out tastefully and respectfully. It made me feel a bit emotional & I get what the director tried to do. Watch with a open mind with this one…

  • hunter-glenn
    hunter glenn

    It wasn’t that bad geez. I actually was quite moved at the end it was good actually I think people are just on the bandwagon about this because it’s about Sharon Tate. The story shows what the poor victims went through and how it would have been if they had of seen the disgusting Manson freaks coming. Unfortunately the wrong people died… I wouldn’t exactly say it’s Oscar worthy or anything. Give it a try at least people after all have their own opinions and views.

  • melissa-magalhaes
    melissa magalhaes

    Horribly distasteful and disrespectful exploitative movie about one of the most horrific murders in American history. SHAME on everyone involved in this sick travesty, including Hillary Duff. May you all learn from the errors of your ways.

  • pamela-segura-villegas
    pamela segura villegas

    How dare you use a person that was brutally murdered to make cash. If the story was not horrible enough they changed the story to a fantasy because the real story would not sell enough. This is a big no,no.

  • matthew-beck-dds
    matthew beck dds

    There’s a lot of reviews saying the situation is being exploited but are alright with all other movies of this type. It tells a story, and in a different way. The ending stays the same, those saying it was altered, clearly didn’t understand the concept of the movie. I appreciate some people will not understand the basis of the movie but I thought it was ok. The acting was good and it still got across the terror of Helter Skelter and ultimately still showed the murders. I wouldn’t watch it again but I wouldn’t put anyone off watching it

  • marine-mary
    marine mary

    I don’t have a dog in the fight about whether one should make a movie like this about a real person, so I was happy to give it a go. But it does feel exploitative, in part because it is so incredibly bad that you cant help but feel it was disrespectful. If you are going to make a movie about a real person who was brutally murdered at least have the decency to make a good movie, not this amateur hour rubbish. Watch the trailer. See how bad it seems? Well, believe me, the trailer has been skillfully edited to make it look 20x better than it really is.

  • ashton-barr
    ashton barr

    Horrible ten cent fictionalized version of the Sharon Tate murders in 1969 is the worst possible thing imagined. As if the real life murders weren’t bad enough, this movie changes the outcome and turns it into a low rent slasher film. I expected Roman Polanski to fly in on Bat wings and vanquish the mighty Manson family. I realized, however, that I had been conned. As someone who has seen nearly all the major Manson films, that I was suckered into this hoping that it would interesting. Forgetting reality for a moment, how does the movie play as a thriller. Terrible. The camera work bips and bops around like Uncle Jim just got his new camcorder. The acting is awful but in fairness to them the dialogue is so bad that Meryl Streep would have had trouble with it. Really though, this is exploitation of the worst kind, taking a monumental event in history and turning it into a complete sham.If people really do turn over in their graves then Sharon Tate must be rolling now. Watch it if you must but expect full and complete garbage of the worst order!

  • vahan-t-erzyan
    vahan t erzyan

    I just hope younger people realise there is no truth in this account of sharon tate’s murder. while it has been said she had visions or dreams beforehand that is the only semi truth in this movie. facts are distorted beyond belief. it goes into some rubbish about how our decisions control our fate and we can somehow change that. this seem pretty disrespectful to her family also. makes her out to be a bit crazy. it’s an okay movie but twists history way out of all proportion so should not be taken seriously.