When Bobby dies in a car accident he is not allowed to enter heaven but has to stay in one of the lower levels until he has worked enough as an guardian angel in order to deserve paradise. He is first given an assignment of helping a young kid named Lenny, who later Bobby founds out is his son. Lenny has a crush for a girl named Sharon who is the most beautiful girl of the class. But she does not even notice him until Bobby helps Lenny change his image and boosts his confidence. By doing this Bobby dresses Lenny up making him a playboy and tough guy so that he gets what he wants although Bobby knows that this is not the best. Bobby later realizes that Lenny’s mother is his former girlfriend who has married another guy. Although not being allowed he makes himself visible to her… after some situations take place he vows to give his soul up to help his son from losing his own life. This unknowingly earns Bobby a trip to Heaven or “uptown” as the movie refers to it.

Also Known As: Да заслужиш рая, Passaggio per il paradiso, Poika taivaasta, El Kid celestial, As Aventuras de um Anjo, Nevidni voznik, Facet z nieba, The Heavenly Kid, Парень с небес Soviet, Le garçon qui venait du ciel, Heavenly Kid, Teen Angel, Zurück aus der Vergangenheit West, Phantom kid, El kid celestial, Un noi celestial, Az őrangyal, Le Grand Rêve, Cennetlik genç, Chico celestial

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