One misty morning, Liz Dunn stumbles down the road to her school and screams for help. A police psychologist gets her to reveal her story: A month earlier: three rebellious teenagers – Mike, Frankie and Geoff are trying to ditch the school field trip to Wales. The school nerd Martin helps them out by allowing them to stay in an old war bunker for the three days on the condition that his friend Liz joins them. The teens go down, party and have great fun but Martin doesn’t return to let them out and they hope and pray that someone will find them…

Also Known As: Ямата, A gödör, O Buraco do Miedo, I trypa, Atrapados, Skyle, Skloniste straha, The Hole, Rupa, Le refuge, Delik, Яма, O Buraco, Η Τρύπα, The hole - En lo profundo, 穴(2001), Bunkier, O Buraco do Medo, Surmanloukku, The Hole - Gefangen in der Dunkelheit, The hole

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  • amy-james
    amy james

    Okay, so it’s a little insulting to have the director and screenwriter believe I’m so stupid that I won’t notice how lame their plot is. The students hide out in an abandoned war-era bunker, right? It just “happens” to have electricity and running water. Right. And that’s just the first of many howlers in a plot that’s as inconsistent as Thora Birch’s upper-class Brit accent. [Not that I’m knocking her talent, but a few more days with the accent coach would have improved her chances of passing off as an English schoolgirl.] Next time hire a script editor — someone who can tell you “Hey, you know, if you go to all the trouble of having the bad girl successfully pin the crime on the school geek, it doesn’t really make sense for her to make a full confession immediately after.” As for the hole, it’s what this movie needs: six down and three across, with the earth firmly stamped down on top of it.

  • ruben-gray
    ruben gray

    Boring, awful, silly, poorly cast. “I killed my best friend for a Coke” was probably the line of the movie, and that’s not saying much.I wouldn’t recommend this movie to my worst enemy. It boggles my mind that someone with a bankroll actually produced this film and thought it was a good idea to do so.

  • klavins-jezups
    klavins jezups

    *SPOILERS*The teen slasher is not a genre British film concerns itself with too much. The exception is the The Hole, an ill-advised and lackluster attempt to lock horns with vastly superior across the pond cousins such as The Blair Witch Project with, inexplicably, two Americans in leading roles.The film opens with Liz (Thora Birch) being found, bloodied and disheveled, after going missing along with three pals. The film unfolds in flashback as traumatized Liz recounts her experience to a police psychologist. This is all very well, but structuring the film in this manner removes all dramatic tension – we know that Liz survived, we assume that her friends did not. It is also somewhat episodic and disjointed – the flashbacks are out of sequence and this makes it difficult to become involved with the story. The script is completely lacking in polish and gives the impression of being perhaps only a second draft – it falls down at the basic level of explaining who these characters are and why we are supposed to case about them. “Liz and Frankie are almost the same person,” comments Martyn (Daniel Brocklebank) at one point. Spot on he is too, but this has more to do with the fact that the script fails to give any character depth or chemistry than any hamfisted but well-intentioned attempt to give the film a ‘Single White Female in a British Public School’ plot dimension.The young cast acquit themselves well, with good performances from Birch, Desmond Harrington and a then-unknown Kiera Knightly. As Martyn, Brocklebank pulls off the typical disdainful brainiac who’s smarter than pretty much everyone else and knows it, but he’s set up too early as the ‘fall guy’, once again killing off any potential tension.I feel the film would have worked better with a more linear plot line. I would have liked to see more of the gang’s initial hedonism and bonding in the hole, these scenes are brushed over far too quickly. I’m surprised that the script writers didn’t take the opportunity for some serious character development with this scenario. They’ve taken four people, put them in a confined space and given them nothing to do but talk to each other – and they don’t! The film moves straight from their initial partying to their realisation that they are trapped in the hole and the bickering and sniping starts. Non-existent character development is the film’s biggest problem. Without exception the characters are unsympathetic and impossible to root for – they’re just too unlikeable. When the inevitable ‘twist’ comes, not only was I unsurprised, I just didn’t care.

  • penelope-bianchi
    penelope bianchi

    This is probably the best teen horror movie I’ve ever seen; it is really well made, and the screen play really gives the young actors (among others Keira Knightley who is very good) something to work with. I really loved watching Thora Birch in her role as Liz, and I was extremely impressed by the way she interpretates Liz’s journey from making herself a innocent and insecure little girl in the eyes of the police, while in reality, she is a real little psychopath b***. Above that, the movie really gives you the chill, but not just in your body like other dumb movies in the same category; the chills are all in your head if you know what I mean.ten out of ten; if you’re bored with predictable, boring American teen horror films, see this movie!

  • donna-corlett
    donna corlett

    This is a well crafted move holding the attention of the viewer from beginning to end.Your attention is captured quickly with a very dramatic start. As the story reveals in glimpses the situation moves from a light, teenage relationship style to a much darker side. The set moves you from a co-educational school full of light and activity to the Hole.The characters are well developed, revealing increasing texture to the personalities as the movie progresses. Much use is made of the effect of stress and despair in altering normal social behaviour. Contrast how they are when playing a game of rugby to their reactions when their world changes.The film contains the elements of drama, action, sex, violence, and Machiavellian manipulation.Very enjoyable.

  • anastasiia-shevchenko
    anastasiia shevchenko

    As the film opens we see a bedraggled girl walking into a large school building; as she heads in we see posters asking people if they know there whereabouts of four school children. The girl is Liz and she tells the story of what happened since the four of them went missing… As the end of term approached a small group wanted to avoid going on the geography field trip to Wales and Liz’s friend Martyn had an idea… he had the key to an old bomb shelter in the nearby wood; he would open it up for them and return in three days to let them out. When the three days were up he didn’t return and as the days pass it becomes obvious that he isn’t coming back to let them out; at first they think he might have had an accident then they start to believe that he had no intention of letting them out; he had feelings for Liz but she was only interested in Mike, the son of an American rock star. She goes on to say how they finally got out after ten days. There is a problem though; when the police arrest Martyn he claims to have had no idea they were down the hole… one of them is clearly lying; the question is; which one? It later becomes apparent that what happened in the hole was much worse than we had been told but that doesn’t mean Liz was lying; she could just have been traumatised; before she can tell us the full truth she will have to return to the hole one last time.This is a gripping chiller with fine performances from the fairly young cast. Thora Birch does a fine job as protagonist Liz; portraying her as either an innocent victim or an obsessed psychopath depending on whose story we are seeing at the time. The other key cast members are Desmond Harrington who plays Mike; Daniel Brocklebank who plays Martyn and Kiera Knightly and Laurence Fox who play Frankie and Geoff the final two members of the group. The only major adult character is Dr. Philippa Horwood, the woman interviewing Liz, played by Embeth Davidtz. The way the story is told keeps us guessing as to who is to blame for the predicament; in fact we don’t learn just how serious things are until quite a way into the proceedings. Director Nick Hamm did a fine job creating a claustrophobic feel and a constant sense of distrust. I’d certainly recommend watching this; in fact watch it more than once; things seem quite different at times when you know what really happened!

  • gilbert-brun-le-guilbert
    gilbert brun le guilbert

    If you have seen the trailers (or read some of the reviews), you would be forgiven of thinking of this film as a dark and disturbing thriller, unfortunately, this is not the case.The acting is first rate from the leading five, though Embeth Davidtz, an experienced actress, is confined to a character with little scope for the talents she has displayed in previous films, and I find it disappointing that her acting skills were curtailed by such a restrictive screenplay.And herein lies the main problem for this film. The characterisations are excellent, but the limited experience of the writers shines through. This film has none of the twists and turns you would expect from a thriller, an ending that is at once unconvincing, predictable, and weak, and plot holes you could drive a bus through.Director, Nick Hamm, shows great promise as this film is very well put together, and he certainly gets the best from the main four actors. However he seems to have neglected the talents of everyone else in the film (bar Daniel Brocklebank as Martin).In my opinion, this film was well acted and directed, if only the plot could have been better, we might have seen another classic British film. However I fear that this film will sink into obscurity. It seems a shame that such talent was not used on a film with better writers.I await with anticipation Nick Hamm’s next offering, and hope that he finds a screenplay to stretch both himself and the whole cast.

  • manfredi-riva
    manfredi riva

    Taking place at a private British prep school, a group of rich kids decide it would be a fun idea to go and hide out in an abandoned bomb shelter to escape a field trip – party for a few days away from everybody, and have an all around good time. Among them are hesitant Liz (Thora Birch), her crush, Mike (Desmond Harrington), Geoff (Laurence Fox), and his girlfriend, the wild Frankie (Keira Knightely). But their little “vacation” from the world turns into a nightmare when the four of them become locked inside with no way of escaping, and each of them begin to turn on each other in desperation and hysteria.Quite different from your typical teenage thrillers (and a lot more intense), “The Hole” is a little British movie that doesn’t seem to have gotten much attention, at least here in the United States, despite some of the core characters being played by American actors (most notably Birch). The movie’s premise is essentially the entire cabin fever-sort of scenario, placing a group of snobby, manipulative teenagers in a confined underground bunker, and lets them loose as they struggle for survival. This idea has been done before, but the characters/actors and the setting in this film alone make it stand apart from the bunch.The casting is probably the strongest point here. We’ve got the wonderful Thora Birch (“American Beauty”) leading the film, Desmond Harrington (“Ghost Ship”, “Wrong Turn”) playing her romantic interest, and a quite young Keira Knightely playing a wild party girl. Embeth Davitdz also is worth noting, playing a detective trying to solve the horrible aftermath of what occurred in the bunker. Overall, the acting is really refined here and even the young performers are believable (I wouldn’t be surprised if was was the film to initially get Keira Knightely out in the spotlight).Aside from the solid acting, there’s the claustrophobia factor, and the damp, cold atmosphere that emanates from each scene within the old bunker. A non-linear time line is used here, which switches between current time and flashbacks – the flashbacks being the recounting of what happened in the hole from when the idea was first initiated, to when the underground bunker became a bloodbath. The transitions here were a little confusing at times, which was a problem for me, the placement of them at times made the film seem a little choppy. I will admit, however, it does keep you guessing as to what the real truth of the matter is, which is definitely a good thing.I’d also like to note that this movie is not what it may appear to be- it’s much more of a psychological thriller than flat out horror, so that may be a disappointment to some horror fans. If you’re expecting some sort of slasher flick, steer clear of this one. I, however, love psychological thrillers, so this was enjoyable to me. The film’s conclusion is probably the biggest punch in the gut, and its revelations are nonetheless nihilistic and savage – it’s not a film that ends on a happy note by any means. Overall, “The Hole” is a dark, cruel thriller that keeps you guessing throughout. It’s surely not your typical teenage-thriller, and I applaud it for that. It’s a film that adults and teenagers can enjoy equally, whilst most of the teen thrillers on the market today lack intelligence and diversity. The plot is smart and the story’s presentation is harrowing and engaging. My only real complaint is the transitioning here, but otherwise, this is a solid thriller. Definitely recommended if you can get your hands on it, it seems to be a little difficult to find here in the States, despite its DVD release. 7/10.

  • asta-danielsen
    asta danielsen

    One big damn mess… I was duped into believing this to be a horror film but it is just a dumb mystery psycho-drama with plenty of bad acting, predictable plot development, and an absolutely absurd premise that hasn’t got an iota of credibility or realism to it. Birch organizes a “hole” excursion so she can starve everyone to death in order to make a guy fall in love with her?!! What a load of crap. What’s worse, the entire British police force and its detectives and psychologists can’t figure the mystery out, and are deceived by a half-crazed teen who hasn’t eaten or drank much for a fortnight! Can you spell “DUMB”? This whole teen horror/slasher/mystery genre just keeps digging down to new lows. At least De Palma’s and Hitchcock’s nonsense can occasionally be entertaining, whereas these kinds of films have no value whatsoever.

  • mia-larsen-moller
    mia larsen moller

    I’m a bit of a sucker for B-movies that display some sort of style and point of view. Plus, Keira Knightley’s been a bit of a crush of mine as long as I’ve been old enough to have crushes. Luckily, this movie was a great surprise to me because I found it really enjoyable, with a great electronic score and some twisty plot points. After a girl is found, disheveled and mentally and physically abused, an investigation is opened to find out what happened. The tale of the military bunker, The Hole of the title, is told in flashbacks, but is everything we’re hearing the truth? I really loved the way the movie pulled you in with the opening moments, because you’re left wondering how this girl came to be in such a state, and what happened to the others 3 kids with her. The directing is flashy, with some cool camera choices and a good use of the space in the bunker. You really feel like the place would be a fun getaway for these people, but it would also start to feel claustrophobic once you’ve been in there for longer than you want. They way the friends begin to turn on each other was realistic and scary.The acting from the leads is fantastic. I only know Thora Birch from American Beauty, but her accent here surprised me because although I’m not British I was impressed she did it well enough to have me check up where she’s actually from. The two guys are good too, you feel their friendship and their hurt and frustrations when things go south. Keira’s role and performance really surprised me. It was so fun to see her act closer to my own age and be a bit sexual because she’s usually so mature and posh and dignified. It also confirms my belief that she’s always been damn beautiful.Give this a try! I hope it sucks you in and surprises you in the same way it did for me.

  • maria-campillo
    maria campillo

    The Hole isn’t that bad a film, its just that it lacks the components which a good thriller/suspence/mystery should have.The Hole, starring Thora Birch, is a suspence/mystery and is about a group of high-school teenagers who become stuck in an old, World War 2 tunnel, called ‘the hole’. The group of four decide to camp down in the hole for a few days to wag a school geography camp and have a good time. However, all goes wrong and the four become stuck in the hole for 18 days, deprived of air, food and water.The suspence lies in not knowing exactly how they became stuck in the hole and who’s to blame for their dire situation. The plot structure is based around Lizzy’s escape, while she continues to have flashbacks of the event itself. However, different flashbacks occur at different stages of the film, which leaves the viewer never really knowing the exact truth until the end.If you’ve watched your fare share of suspence type mystery thrillers, then you should be able to sum this movie up pretty quickly and be able to guess basically what’s going on. The plot and plot structure arn’t terribly original and I never really found myself becomming attached or captivated by what was going on. The film lacks character development and you never really become attached to the characters to the point were you intensely care what’s happening to them. Thora Birch’s performance is dissapointing and not terribly convincing. She’s good, but no where near her brilliance when you compare this performance to her roles in American Beauty and Ghost World. The Hole is overall dissapointing and never really draws you in like a good mystery thriller will. I give it 6/10.

  • andreja-mlinar
    andreja mlinar

    The movie concerns a bunch of adolescents formed by Thora Birch , Desmond Harrington , Kiera Knightley and others who stake to shelter in a bunker .They’re closed up and then terrible events originate .Although the happening develops itself in locked place the film is not tiring .The yarn mingles emotions , violence , shocks , thriller , the suspense doesn’t fail and that’s why it’s bemusing and isn’t boring .Acting by Thora Birch is awesome , she was paid a high salary due to her recent acclaimed role in American Beauty (1998) . The beautiful and very young Kiera Knightley -she war 15 when this movie was shot- is ready as a future main star (Pirates del Caribbean, curse of the black pearl) and even she has a brief first nude scene . And Desmond Harrington (Ghost ship) is cool .The film has relation to last group of English movies developed in shut and strange stages as the Bunkers or trenches , for example : ¨Deathwatch¨ and ¨the Bunker¨.The movie has a pretty twisted plot and the final storyline has extraordinary and fascinating surprises. The motion pictture was well directed by Nick Hamm (Killing Bono , Godsend , Talk of angels) . Flick will appeal mystery and emotions fans.Rating: 6/10 Good . Well worth watching

  • sepp-van-duyvenvoorde
    sepp van duyvenvoorde

    “The Hole” is one of the most predictable thrillers to come around in awhile.The plot – 4 teens get trapped in a bunker for weeks on end. Who locked them in? Take a guess. The chief suspect is SO obvious that you’ll think to yourself “No way, it can’t be her. Must be one of the supporting characters!” No, you were right the first time. SPOILER ALERT: Thora Birch is adequate, but she simply cannot convey crazy effectively.The film suffers the most from its horrid directing. The most intense scenes are badly shot, edited, and paced. The feeling of claustrophobia that a talented director would need to convey to truly make this film work is woefully absent. The Hole is simply TOO BIG.Knightley fills out her rather superficial role well enough. Laurence Fox and Desmond Harrington are the two real stars of the film, delivering fine performances. But it all fails in the end.The soundtrack is reminiscent of a Movie of the Week, the cinematography is base and uninspired, and the dialog is dull. If you want a good “young girl hatches a plot” film, watch “Wild Things.” This isn’t it.

  • rudi-kohler
    rudi kohler

    **WARNING – SPOILERS AHEAD**Short version: this movie sucks. Long version: as somebody else wrote, the hole is in the plot line. Or better, there are lots of holes, but mainly:a) Martin has a perfect alibi, yet he’s the suspect from the beginning and nobody believes him. But, since they find him (dead) with the key, he MUST be guilty. And Liz must surely be rather strong, if she can plunge him in the river so easily. And rather quick, to put the key in his pocket without anybody (in the audience) noticing. Martin dies only a few yards away from Liz’s house, but no one seems to care about that.b) Hello? Did anybody tell the psychologist there were THREE dead bodies in the cell, one of which with his head crushed? How come the police acts as if nothing happened and no one ever talks about it? How come Liz was never questioned SERIOUSLY about these deaths? The first version of the story ends with everybody coming out of the hole happy and smiling, but the psychologist seems to believe it.c) the hole is abandoned since WW II, but there still is electricity. The hole has an emergency exit which can be locked from outside, in order to make it completely unuseful. The door of the hole has a glass part, but nobody tries to break it. d)The door key magically appeared in Martin’s pockets some time before, because he won’t let us know who gave it to him, and if we knew it, that would mean that someone else knew about the existence of the hole, and that would have made it too complex for the writers.e) Nobody in the school noticed that the boys didn’t go to Wales, and their families didn’t notice they didn’t come home. It took at least three days to understand that there was something wrong.f) Liz is so convincing when she talks, that everybody instantly believes her: see the ending. g) Think about this: when Liz came out, the door was OPEN. If Martin was on holiday, who the hell could open it without a key?I think that’s enough to explain why the movie doesn’t work.A thriller is a dangerous game: if you want to play it with the audience, you must be sure you can handle it. As many famous screenwriters said, you’ve got to take the story and shake its foundations: if it “survives”, you’ve probably got a good movie coming on. This one crumbles quite miserably.

  • mogens-mortensen
    mogens mortensen

    I’m not going to write a plot summary, there’s enough of them already. This may contain SPOILERS though.What I liked about The Hole is also what makes it a not very convincing and not very interesting movie: the twist. In itself it’s nice to see a story unfold in different versions. The idea of somebody who’s experienced something terrible and can’t quite remember what happened, isn’t very original but it can work for the suspense. However, in ‘The Hole’ the twist lacks subtlety. Liz changing from a sobbing victim into a confused and obsessed girl who loses control over her manipulating and scheming behavior is an interesting change of perspective. The scenes in which she wants to use the key and something prevents her from doing it I found psychologically convincing. We all know where a lie-going-wrong might lead to and we all recognize that feeling when we want to get it out in the open but are too afraid to do so.But when the movie goes on, Liz’s character takes another turn. We find out that she’s not just the victim of her own sick obsession, but downright evil. TMHO: that turn is a wrong turn. From that point on you just know how the ending will be, up to and including the final shot where she gives us her wicked little smile.I always feel just a little bit insulted when I’m sitting back and let that last couple of minutes roll by….

  • christopher-cain
    christopher cain

    The first trailer for this film showed to be a gruelling film about humans trapped in a dark, confined space, slowly withering away. The second trailer pitched this movie as some sort of repellent formulaic teen horror film. It was the first trailer that had been touted since last autumn in the UK that intrigued me enough to see it.Having watched the film I was disappointed as the film failed to deliver what had been promised in either trailer. What I saw was a bland movie that seemingly doesn’t know what it’s target demographic is. I am assuming that it wanted to be a psychological horror, but the film is so lightweight that it appears to have been written with twelve-year-olds in mind – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, the film is visually aimed at adults, with sex, full frontal nudity, nasty violence and drug use. Thus the film is torn between the two camps; the writing is too simple for adults but the adult material will stop kids seeing it.Essentially the story is that these toffs at a private boarding school in England would rather spend three days in an old underground World War Two bunker (the titular ‘Hole’) than go to Wales on a school trip. Everything is engineered so that the school assumes that they have gone home for the duration whilst their parents think that they have actually gone to Wales. In other words, nobody knows where they are there. Ultimately the events unfold and they end up stuck in the Hole and proceed to go stir crazy.My biggest hang up is the presence of Thora Birch. Firstly her twee English accent is all over the place. They should have just let her speak with her natural accent, as it would have been less of a distraction. Maybe as an Englishman this is a stick that I can unfairly beat her with and perhaps overseas no one will notice, but for me it was an unwelcome distraction (especially when there are many young British actresses who would’ve done a better job).Secondly she brings NOTHING to the movie. The other members of the young cast are relative unknowns and act her off the screen. They all give believable reputations of stuck up self-centred kids and the effects of human physical and mental degradation. I assume that Ms. Birch was brought in to add ‘international appeal’ but she stifles and flounders around with her leading role, unable to rise to the challenge of her co-stars.Before you all assume that I’m bashing her because she’s American think again because young American actor Desmond Harrington who plays Mike Steel, is the best thing about this movie.

  • joel-valtonen
    joel valtonen

    THE HOLE tells the tale of four British public (here it would be prep) school students messing around in an old bomb shelter. They accidentally get locked in. After several days, they begin to die off one by one. The lone survivor, played by Thora (GHOST WORLD) Birch, relates her horrific tale as the movie unfolds to investigators, including a doctor (Embeth Davidtz) who follows Birch through her recovery and eventually takes her back down into the shelter. A fellow student who led the four to the shelter is suspected of having locked them in, but has disappeared. This low-budget effort is less a horror flick than a psychological thriller, sort of HIGH TENSION without the barbed-wire baseball bat, although it has its share of grue and contains a couple of highly squeamish moments, the worst involving a pre-PIRATES Keira Knightley. It may remind some of SAW, and I would say rightly so. The end is a shocker, and Birch acts up a storm. Made about five years ago, this is some nasty stuff.

  • szabone-horvath-emma
    szabone horvath emma

    The Hole begins slowly and very standardly, but unlike most genre films, it picks up pace after 40 minutes then accelerates towards a smashing ending. Well okay, the ending itself wasn’t a great surprise, but I found it satisfying in a B-grade kind of way.The premise of Hole is pretty mundane. The idea of a group of teenagers going into an old abandoned building or structure for a lark is a stock standard story opener for hundreds of B-grade horror flicks. But then Hole becomes interesting by the re-telling of events from different characters’ individual points of view in a manner reminiscent of the 1950 British gem ‘The Woman in Question’. Just who is telling the truth?The final third of Hole rockets along and the film becomes genuinely frightening. I was especially impressed with the way repercussion of actions and in-actions are graphically shown and not glossed over as so many genre films have a habit of doing.Hole is not a great film. The acting from the five teenagers is a cut above average, but the direction is pretty heavy handed and not very imaginative. Overall I found Hole a nicely satisfying and genuinely frightening B-grade experience which proves the old adage that says the worst monsters are human beings. It also shows that modern thriller/horror genre films doesn’t always have to rely on lashings of special effects and supernaturalism to tell a story effectively.6/10

  • linda-jorgensen-strand
    linda jorgensen strand

    This is no teen horror movie. Instead its a really good exploration into consequences of obsession. The direction was very good. I found it entertaining, frightening and most of all, thought provoking. Special mention to Thora Birch who adeptly highlights the subtle transformation of her character throughout the story.

  • pilar-guardia-tolosa
    pilar guardia tolosa

    This movie is basically a well made thriller, that has an original concept but in the end still falls flat as a thriller, due to some poor, mostly non-linear, storytelling.Really the main problem for me regarding this movie was its storytelling. It has a non-linear storyline, with flashbacks and such. It also tells the story two times, only from a different source. It makes the first part of the movie feel kind of redundant afterward. Sure its good for some twist but unfortunately at the same time these twists are too obvious and not quite surprising enough. And why do movie makers keep giving away parts of the ending of the movie already at the beginning? I’ll never understand why they do this. It’s a killer for the rest of the movie, since you already know who survived and who didn’t. It completely takes most of the tension away and you know certain events have to occur in the movie to add up to the ending of it, which was already shown in the beginning. It’s mostly a common thing in British movies. One they should very quickly abandon this way of storytelling in the movie business.This movie makes the cop seem like a bunch of narrow minded morons. They could had solved the entire mystery already halfway through the movie and while watching this movie it makes you wonder why they didn’t. I hate it when they make the police seem like stupid narrow minded persons, mainly because its bad for the credibility of the entire movie.The characters are good and so are the actors that portray them. Only thing is that they used too old persons to play the youngster. I hate it when man play boy-parts. It’s not credible. The only one who seemed to have the real right age at the time was Keira KnightleyI appreciate what the movie tries to succeed and it times it comes really close. For most part the atmosphere of the movie remains good and consistent. It tries to make the movie a mysterious one with lots of twist and character changes in it. However most of the twist are too obvious with as a direct result that this movie isn’t the most surprising thriller around.In the end it simply doesn’t all add up. The movie remains too vague in certain areas and doesn’t deliver a satisfying enough ending. It makes you wonder why this should be the ending. It seems like a silly and unlikely thing that the Thora Birch character would get away with this all, after already confessing it moments ago to Dr. Philippa Horwood. The movie leaves too many questions and improbabilities.A movie that had way more potential and in the end comes too short of becoming a completely good, memorable and credible thriller.6/10http://bobafett1138.blogspot.com/

  • laowra-alaberkyan
    laowra alaberkyan

    Here goes,The whole movie is about one girls obsession with another boy, and the lengths she goes to make him notice her. I know you have ‘cliché’ ringing about your ears already but this movie has managed to twist and contort itself to such extremes that it took me a while even to break it down that far.First of all I saw the trailer, very deceiving, portraying the movie as some kind of teen slasher, with the deep voiced narrator telling of how they wanted to be in this ‘hole’ so much, yet after not long are desperate to get out. There was even the ubiquitous shot of a girl (liz) screaming as if some masked killer were about to chalk her onto the list of not so memorable movie deaths. But instead I can only think this trailer was done to try and draw the student and teen population into the cinema’s to watch a much darker and more frightening movie.Forget about the hole, the hole is unimportant. The movie could have easily been called ‘the big wardrobe’ or something foolish. It’s not about the fact that these people are stuck in a hole, it only represents an unbreakable boundary holding them in, albeit a slightly spooky one. The real boundary is Liz’s encapsulating herself in her own hole by being so fazed with this boy (mike) even to the extent that when her best friend is vomiting in the only disgusting toilet in the hole, right next to her, she doesn’t notice and tries to strike up a conversation about how Mike is starting to notice her more.Another thing I liked was the lack of twist in the movie. Wes Craven seems to write this book of movie rules after every one of good movies, and all his pioneering new idea’s are fast turned into known and hated cliché’s. That’s what I think of all these slasher flicks thinking they have to have a ‘twist’. There wasn’t a clear twist in this movie, there was a gradual change of emphasis, guises of the same theme, but no ‘oh it was only a dream’… or ‘I’m your father Jessie’ kind of twists.About 8 people walked out near the end of this movie when I was watching it at the cinema. I can only guess it was because they expected to come and see a movie where pretty girls got stabbed and then died quickly and never seen again. Instead they had some truly gruesome deaths followed by sickening decay and rotting, and the decay of the living due to lack of water. And the most frightening thing about the movie was the fact that for one girl, it was all self imposed.So if you want to see a pretty girl get stabbed go to watch another ‘I know what you did last summer’ sequel, but if you want a slightly disturbing psychological thriller then give this one a shot.Xand

  • carol-mullins
    carol mullins

    I’ve been anticipating this film for a while since it is Thora Birch’s first role since American Beauty. So, The Hole. The Hole has been hyped up as a horror/psychological film in which 4 students are locked down an old wartime bunker (-the- Hole) to avoid a boring Geography field trip. How does it fare?The casting is probably the jewel of this film. It’s superb. The absolutely stunning Keira Knightley (Sabé from Star Wars Episode I) appears as Liz’s (Birch) friend, Frankie. All the rest of the characters are complete unknowns, except the psychologist played by Embeth Davidtz (Matilda, Bridget Jones, Schindler’s List), but they all act their parts excellently.This film really has the British ‘feel’ mastered. The sets are excellent, the locations are splendid, and the whole ‘feel’ of the movie is very realistic. The school really does feel like a British public school (A British ‘public school’ is like a ‘private school’ in the US.. one where you need rich parents to flash $$$ to get you in). The unnamed pupils seem extremely realistic.There are only three small flaws with this film. The first is that it doesn’t exactly live up to the hype in the British press. I did not find this scary at all, but it was an extremely well done mystery/whodunnit. Horror? Nah, not unless you classify psychological thrillers as ‘horror’.The second flaw is that the transitions between different parts of the film can be rather confusing. Often, the film bounds around past and present shots and be extremely disorienting in places. Unlike Memento, this disorientation is not an advantage. However, at the end of the film, you’ll be able to tie all of the parts together and leave feeling quite satisfied with the story (a bit like the film ‘Wild Things’).Another minor let down is the music. Totally forgettable, has no place in the film, and it often appears at the most inappropriate times.I really do hope this is released in the USA soon, as Thora Birch is definitely not to be missed here.. and I think the stunning Keira Knightley is going to be getting some bigger roles from now on, she’s definitely earned her stripes here. So, my big question, why has this not been scheduled for US release!?This is certainly not a Blair Witch Project clone, although this impression has been given by the press. Instead, this is a cleverly constructed and extremely well casted psychological thriller/mystery.

  • apollonia-kapantaidake
    apollonia kapantaidake

    Truly, fresh and new ideas, rarely make it to film. The Hole, based on the novel (after the Hole) by Guy Burt is a good exception to this. It is seldom that we see a top quality thriller, but this movie is well cast, well directed, and works wonderfully. The story is quite simple really, it relies on strong characterisation and good dialogue. All the cast give good performances and Thora Birch is outstanding. This thriller really does keep you on the edge of your seat throughout; it is very dark, very creepy and has a terrifying atmosphere. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes a good thriller. It isn’t in the same league as Se7en and Silence of the Lambs, but it is better than most thrillers that are released. 8/10 A great film.

  • niksa-pavelic
    niksa pavelic

    Four snotty rich kids at a prep school in England want to get out of a field trip to Wales, where they would have to eat “fish paste sandwiches” and be otherwise uncomfortable. They also don’t want to get out of the trip by just returning home over the school break. Two are male friends, Mike Steel (Desmond Harrington), son of a rock star, and Geoff Bingham (Laurence Fox), and two are female friends, Elizabeth Dunn (Thora Birch) and Frances Almond Smith (Keira Knightley). Frances and Geoff have had an intimate relationship, although any relationship between them seems very tenuous, and Elizabeth has had a crush on Mike for a long time; Mike was otherwise going out with another girl, but she had just dumped him. One of them knows, or knows someone who knows, the perfect “getaway” spot, secluded and private, just right for promoting an intimate, extended weekend of partying–an old war bunker deep underground in the middle of a forest. The bunker is accessed via a circular, thick steel door, and is lined with thick reinforced concrete. The four end up trapped in the bunker, with the door locked and no way to get out, for at least 10 days. Who locked them in and why? How will they get out? If you’re someone who only likes straightforward plots, traditionally happy endings and films depicting “facts” that are close to what you believe to be true about the actual world, you’re best advised to avoid The Hole. If you instead do not mind, or even prefer, circuitous, twisted tales with strong fantasy elements (in this case primarily to enable what amounts to a parable) and fairly nihilistic endings, you may find much to love here. Reflecting the film’s overall ambiguity, The Hole resides in a gray genre area between thriller, psychological horror and a straight-ahead drama. The first half hour or so is much more straightforward, and for me, the film was cruising along at about an 8 for at least that length of time. But as it progressed and things became much more bizarre and “evil”, my score gradually rose, with the extended climax being a firm 10 for me. So my rating on this one is more of an average.The plot, from a screenplay by first time (and only time so far) scripters Ben Court and Caroline Ip, based on a novel by Guy Burt, is unusual for being told primarily from unreliable characters’ perspectives. We learn most of the story through the testimony of a victim–Elizabeth, and a primary suspect, Martyn Taylor (Daniel Brocklebank), who may in fact be a friend of Elizabeth’s. Their accounts change as the film progresses, often framing different characters as victims and perpetrators, and the bulk of what we see on screen are depictions of these changing accounts. Thus we see some “repeating” material. It’s important to show parts of the story again as the supposed facts about the story change.Stemming from this, it’s easy to see that the performances are quite good. Most characters undergo subtle alterations for the different instantiations of the story, and the four principals–Birch, Harrington, Fox and Knightley–adeptly transform themselves, aided also by their clothing, hair and makeup.Court and Ip cleverly do not change the scenario as much as you might expect after the first couple variations. It keeps you on your toes as to just who the perpetrator was, but also enables a surprising and in-depth exploration of the psychotic personality and motivation behind the “lock-in”–whoever the perpetrator was (and I certainly won’t reveal the film’s answer here), they were clearly somewhat insane. We’re also led to be skeptical about the material that’s relayed from an ostensibly third-person point of view. It’s never clear for most events just what is meant to be “objective” and true versus what is still the potential fantasy of the storyteller. Personally, I love that kind of ambiguity. Some others do not like it so much.The Hole is also a bit of an exploration of spoiled kids. All of the main characters are manipulators who are used to getting whatever they want. They all seem to have an attitude that their intellect is far superior to almost every one else, and thus they’re entitled to whatever they desire, as well as justified in whatever it takes to get it–that’s a classic disposition of many criminals, and not a few business leaders, politicians, Internet geeks and so on. It’s notable that when the students’ parents appear (which is very seldom), they are distant and mostly dissociated from their offspring, who have come to rule the roost as far as we can tell. The investigators trying to piece together the case come to know this, although they never directly state as much, but the performers give very subtle clues to their complex realizations as the story goes on. We can see them also gradually losing hope that they’ll be able to properly sort the events out and reveal the truth.The Hole can be seen as a parable about how far some may go to get what they want, as well as how far co-conspirators may go before they try to divorce themselves from events gone wrong (there are clues throughout the film that other characters had various levels of knowledge and involvement). It’s also an exploration of what makes some go as far as they do and what makes conspirators play along. At the same time it comments on the bewilderment of “outsiders” trying to figure out how some horrific event developed. A lot of the answers are appropriately ambiguous. Under the guises of the subtexts, as well as on a more visceral surface level, the film is a great success.

  • bogdan-zakrajsek
    bogdan zakrajsek

    Liz stumbles towards her boarding school, bloodied and shaken up after being missing for several days. She tells the police psychologist of a party in a hidden bunker planned for her and three friends by her friend Martin. However when Martin doesn’t return things turn nasty in the bunker. However when Martin is found by the police he tells a very different story. Slowly the true events are retold in flashback.I saw the trailers for this and assumed it was another teen slasher – I didn’t even know it was set in Britain until someone told me. I think the trailer is an example of a studio unsure of how to sell a product and just plumping for the lowest common denominator. However this film rises above that. Instead of being a slasher or a horror it is a thriller with a horror twist. This makes it better – it may not be as scary as you expect but it is a better story and is creepy rather than schlocky!The cast are good despite being young. The weaknesses come in with the adult cast – especially the cops who have clearly watched too much Sweeney! However the teens are good and are more than the sort of fodder that is put in teen movies.Overall this is not what you expect. But it is better than you’d think. The thriller story is gripping because you’re not sure what happened in the bunker until the end and I had questions answered as I went. Not great but certainly better than another teen slasher movie.