Led by their comedic leader, Turk, the Hollywood Knights car club raise hell throughout Beverly Hills on Halloween Night, 1965. Everything from chaotic pranks, drag racing and high school love.

Also Known As: Hollywoodin svengijengi, Rycerze hollywoodzkich nocy, Hollywood Knights, Голливудские рыцари Soviet, Holivudo riteriai, Hollywood lovagjai, Blondiner på bagsædet, The Hollywood Knights

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    This is a classic. U can catch diff things viewing it again that u missed due2laughn frm a earlier bit. I watched this,MiDNIGHT MADNESS,STRANGE BREW All the time on Hbo n 83/84. Luickly i recoded it off HBO cuz there was a massive lawsuit ovr music n the movie. I dont think it got a VHS Release n the 80s &if it did it was recalled. Wasnt until late 90s a dvd\vhs cameout, Barebone disc that had2have a deal with Walmart as they had a ton of them&on display. I hated the covr showing Tony Danza n a knights jacket with phiefer behind him. Wud luv a 4k special ed. “Does have a lil wang2it, good tho’ 2nd best movie cop behind Gleason