Led by their comedic leader, Turk, the Hollywood Knights car club raise hell throughout Beverly Hills on Halloween Night, 1965. Everything from chaotic pranks, drag racing and high school love.

Also Known As: Hollywoodin svengijengi, Rycerze hollywoodzkich nocy, Hollywood Knights, Голливудские рыцари Soviet, Holivudo riteriai, Hollywood lovagjai, Blondiner på bagsædet, The Hollywood Knights

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  • e

    This is a classic. U can catch diff things viewing it again that u missed due2laughn frm a earlier bit. I watched this,MiDNIGHT MADNESS,STRANGE BREW All the time on Hbo n 83/84. Luickly i recoded it off HBO cuz there was a massive lawsuit ovr music n the movie. I dont think it got a VHS Release n the 80s &if it did it was recalled. Wasnt until late 90s a dvd\vhs cameout, Barebone disc that had2have a deal with Walmart as they had a ton of them&on display. I hated the covr showing Tony Danza n a knights jacket with phiefer behind him. Wud luv a 4k special ed. “Does have a lil wang2it, good tho’ 2nd best movie cop behind Gleason

  • benjamin-freeman
    benjamin freeman

    ‘Hollywood Knights’ was one of my earliest memories of my cable TV viewing days back in the mid-’80s, and is still a favorite of mine, in spite of its flaws. As noted in other posts here, it’s sort of the “poor man’s” ‘American Graffiti/Animal House’–a “guilty pleasure” that you shouldn’t have to apologize for enjoying!’Knights’ is far from the greatest flick ever made, but it definitely has its moments–despite having Tony Danza in it! To this day, I cannot hear the song “Volaré” without thinking of Newbomb Turk flaunting his flatulence in the gym–not to mention the cheerleader who forgot her underwear! There is one major factual error in the film that has always driven me nuts, though: the scene in the garage where Danza unveils the 8-track player in the hot rod and pops in the tape of the Mamas & Papas doing “California Dreamin'” Great moment, but just one problem: the movie is set on Halloween night, 1965, and “California Dreamin'” wasn’t released until early, ’66!Nonetheless, cool cars, cute chicks and great music abound throughout the film, and it’s one of those movies that you just can’t seem to turn off, regardless of how many times you’ve seen it. I’m looking forward to seeing it on DVD.

  • karmen-dolenc
    karmen dolenc

    The only reason I watched this is I was attempting to fill in the gaps of my Michelle Pfeiffer experience ( my favorite actress ) I would venture to say that it’s one of the most unfunny comedies ever made and horribly hard to sit through.About as bad and inept as movies get.The only amusing thing for me was that Tony Danza’s annoyed opening line to Michelle is “Oh that’s right I forgot. You’re going to be a famous actress!” A little bitter and prophetic about her place in film history versus yours, Tony?

  • madison-watkins
    madison watkins

    Say what you will about this movie, but in the end it is funny. Is it Shakespeare and the bard? Hell, no. Just take it for what it is, a funny, guilty pleasure that is great. I like this movie. I like it a lot. Is it an American Graffiti wannabe? Yep. But, with the group of friends I grew up with we kind of experienced a few of the things in this movie so we could relate to it. The movie is funny,sophomoric a little raunchy and dirty in spots, but so what? The story isn’t too bad and as a movie it is entertaining. we get to see several young actors and comedians just starting out. This is the perfect movie to be shown the weekend of the Woodward Dream Cruise in Michigan. It is basically the perfect guys movie, because it has cars, topless and nude women, drag races, beer, topless and nude women, great music, practical jokes, insults, topless and nude women, simulated sex and innuendo,more women, farting,and of course topless and nude women. This movie makes no pretenses on what it is. Just sit back and enjoy it like any other guilty pleasure. It’s a fun movie!

  • melinda-perez
    melinda perez

    American Graffitti became a classic because of it delved into issues of high school graduation, the Vietnam War, and moving on from your roots and comfort in a small California town in the early 1960’s. The Hollywood Knights (HK), in many ways, examines similar issues at a similar time except it departs any semblance of maturity and seriousness.HK touches all the silliness a film can muster yet the cast here pulls it off in a fun way. The situation is this…we’re in Beverly Hills, CA. in the mid sixties and Tubby’s Drive-In, the local hang out for teens, is closing its doors for good when it closes that night. The members of the “gang” Hollywood Knights are determined to cram into one night all the pranks and mayhem they can. Their ringleader is Newbomb Turk, played wonderfully by Robert Wuhl long before he created the character of ARLI$$ for HBO.You’ll get to see some very notable actors and actresses here. Following in the fine tradition of real Hollywood a movie such as this tends to bring to the public some terrific future talent. Among the people you’ll recognize are Michelle Pheiffer, Tony Danza, and Fran Drescher. Danza had already been discovered as a boxer turned cab driver in the great TV series “TAXI”. Pheiffer is so young and beautiful here that it is easy to see the star potential movie makers saw in her. Drescher, shortly before developing her signature role as “The Nanny” for TV, plays her role with the same nasal Brooklyn charm that made her endearing to audiences.One final note about HK…some of the scenes are slapstick funny. As in Animal House this movie will have you remembering pranks you tried and moronic silly things you laughed at yet it will take you back, I’m betting, in a good way.

  • mixeil-shamugia
    mixeil shamugia

    Just watched this movie that had aroused my curiosity for the last 29 years on YouTube. Unfortunately, because the Warner Music Group has boycotted any of its recordings from the site, part 7 in a series of 10-minute segments of The Hollywood Knights had no audio which I figured had the three Atlantic artists that were credited at the end. As a result, I missed the dialogue of Tony Danza, Michelle Pfeiffer, and some Knights with a Doo-Wop group, one of whom I recognized as T.K. Carter. If I eventually hear this missing segment, I’ll add my comments of it to this review. Now, for the most part I enjoyed this movie especially the scenes with Robert Wuhl, Stuart Pankin, and Fran Drescher especially her attempt to have sex with Wuhl in the car. The cop scene in the clogged bathroom was a little embarrassing. The “punch” scene with some of the comments made afterwards was pretty hilarious. Many of the Danza/Pfeiffer scenes were a nice drama though I didn’t really see a connection with the more prankish scenes. And I loved all those scenes with that adulterous school faculty woman and the man she’s fooling around with especially those with Pankin. And how about Wuhl’s version of “Volare”? Or the “one-armed violinist”? So on that note, yeah, I recommend The Hollywood Knights. P.S. It’s now several hours later and I’ve heard the missing scene I mentioned earlier. Touching speech from that guy about to go to Vietnam about if anything happens to him just before The Mamas and the Papas “California Dreamin'” plays on the 8-Track. And the Doo-Wop group sings a fine version of The Drifters “Under the Boardwalk” as they help the pledges out. And then there’s the hilarious police superior’s recount to those dumb cops at Tubby’s of what happened earlier in the movie…

  • aleksander-mrozowicz
    aleksander mrozowicz

    If You like Porky’s and Animal House, then I guarantee you will like this as well, think of a newer American Graffiti. It has a lot of adult humor, but it also is about coming of age up and the last remnants of teenage angst, dealing the Man, teenage pranks (some classics and you will never hear the song Valarie’ again without cracking up!) joining clubs and the rituals to gain entry along with the lost of virginity to name a few! Their is more than one plot going on, but is more like a Seinfeld episode where something is happen to each character including their paths. This is a very funny movie not only then but now! its a great movie to watch with the gang! go find it you will not be disappointed.

  • cole-jordan
    cole jordan

    This is a great movie. I first saw it in my younger years on cable and loved the gags. Now, much older but not too much more mature, I can still appreciate the gags – I have to say the editing in this movie is horrible! Very disjointed and the sequencing makes no sense. Each scene is a gem in it’s own right, but whom ever threaded this together left something to be desired. I guess since there are at least 5 story lines going on, you will find something you like, but don’t get too involved – your head will spin by the time they get back to it. Great soundtrack, awesome cars – fun to see many stars first time out – Hubba Hubba to Michelle P. Look for the skinny cop in Spaceballs. Now that it’s on cable – it’s a fun-must see. I’m glad I never paid for it though!

  • zaharia-ene
    zaharia ene

    Released in 1980, this was another crazy teenage comedy which tried to emulate the exceptional ’70s films “American Graffiti” and “Animal House”, and comes up short. The loose plot takes place in 1965 (even though some of the characters retain their late-seventies hairstyles) and is centered around the closing of Tubby’s, a favorite local teen hangout. There’s a group of pranksters called The Hollywood Knights who decide to say farewell to Tubby’s’ by playing practical jokes on stuffy adults and police officers. This includes spiking the punch at a party, stuffing the toilets, and doing other such childlike shenanigans. A few of these are humorous, but most of them fall flat. Throughout the movie are strewn many classic old ’50s and ’60s tunes, something of a consolation. Stand-up comedian Robert Wuhl plays the lead gang member, called Newbomb Turk. He’s got at least one funny bit involving Fran Drescher as a gorgeous bimbo who he manages to get in the back seat of his car, but not for very long (it’s the best scene in the film). There is a fat cop who becomes the frequent victim of the Knights’ gags, which isn’t too bad. And last and least, we get Michelle Pfeiffer and TAXI’s Tony Danza taking up unnecessary screen time as a couple going through some troubles in extraneous segments which are completely unrelated and take you out of the movie. ** out of ****

  • steven-ford
    steven ford

    This was one of my dad’s favorite movies I watched with him as a teenager. It reminded him of growing up in the sixties. If you like Porkys and American graffiti you need to see this one.

  • jakub-kijas
    jakub kijas

    They obviously borrowed heavily from American Graffiti and Animal House, both of which are far superior movies. I hadn’t seen this since around 1985, and at the time it was my favorite movie. In the 15 years that have passed, it hasn’t improved, but it’s not that much worse either. It is what it is, and it has a good time doing it. For that alone it is worth watching.

  • warren-abbott
    warren abbott

    The Hollywood Knights is perhaps as low as low-brow humor can go and still be funny. There is nothing pretentious or any deeply layered meanings to be found anywhere in this 90 minute romp about a car club whose favorite hangout is set to close after one last night of mayhem.Car enthusiasts will love the various hot-rods that tear up the streets throughout the film. There is a fair amount of nudity and sexual humor mixed in. The film gets the rest of its laughs from low-brow pranks perpetrated by the gang of record.We see the Knights stuff baked potatoes in the tailpipes of cop cars, kidnap and humiliate and honor student, disrupt a country club dance, and drag race up and down the streets of L.A.. There are two particularly inept cops who seem to be on a personal crusade to “kick the crap out of” the Knights; Newbomb Turk (Wuhl) in particular. Their superior officer warns them to just take it easy and let them have their fun since this will presumably be the last night the gang will be around. Needless to say, the cops disregard those instructions and we see one confrontation after another between the two camps. There is also plenty of animosity directed toward a waspy neighborhood group that has helped push the Knights’ hangout out of business. We also see the trials and tribulations of four new pledges who have to run naked through Watts to get to a radio station to make a personal dedication to the favorite hangout. Overall, there’s plenty of funny stuff going on.There are a couple of smaller and more serious subplots. One involves a Knight who spends the evening saying his goodbyes to everyone before leaving for Vietnam the next day. This material is sincere, but it does kind of kill the mood in the midst of all the pranks. Another subplot involves Tony Danza and Michelle Pfeiffer having relationship troubles due to the fact that she wants to be an actress and he’s against that for reasons that are never really made all that clear. This plot is also somewhat of a distraction, but it gives us a chance to look at Pfeiffer, and she is absolutely amazing in this film!!! Wow! There is no doubting Robert Wuhl’s charisma as Newbomb Turk. I’m surprised it took him as long as it did to make a bigger name for himself in Hollywood, but he’s pretty much made it now. Pfeiffer and Danza of course went on to much better things, as did Fran Drescher.Still funny after all these years, The Hollywood Knights is certainly worth a look. But keep in mind that this film is not exactly an episode of Frazier. For those of you looking for “intelligent comedy”, you won’t find it here. This film gets its laughs from lighting bags of dog crap on fire and watching the horrified reactions of wasps after they’ve just been mooned.It makes me laugh, anyway! 8 of 10 stars.The Hound.

  • lelia-marin
    lelia marin

    I was a teenager in the 60’s and life in this movie is nothing like the way it was for me growing up, but I love to watch it and think of how much fun it would have been to own some of the expensive equipment the kids in this movie have. It’s a “fun” movie to watch, nothing too serous, if you have to leave the room for a minute you won’t miss anything too important, but it does have some memorable scenes. I watched it many times over and have it in our personal DVD collection. I like this best of all the 60’s type movies, I especially like the street singers, makes me wished I could sing every time I watch it. Many times after watching it I find myself thinking “Lawrence, Lawrence of Arabia, he’s an English guy, came to fight the Turkeys” – don’t laugh, you may be doing it too! Much like a well placed commercial jingle they have little spots throughout the movie that will stick with you and put a smile on your face when you recall the scene. The scene with Newbomb and the girl in the “pie wagon” makes me recall when I was young, I remember when I was young and a bit like that, and it definitely could have happened to me.

  • lauren-trujillo
    lauren trujillo

    I first saw this movie when it premiered on HBO in the early 80’s. Having recently purchased a VHS (not Betamax!) videocassette recorder, I immediately taped it. Of the many movies I recorded at the time, The Hollywood Knights was the one I came back to over and over again, until one of my friends “borrowed” my cherished copy, never to see it again. But the one-liners and the jokes remained fresh in my mind for all these years, and now it is available ( finally, after 20 years !! ) on VHS and DVD. I must admit the R-rated jokes are not for the easily-offended, but they are FUNNY, and that’s what being young in the early-mid 60’s was all about… hot rods, music, women, and just having a good time. Years after I saw it for the first time, many of the actors kept appearing in new roles and I asked myself: Hey, wasn’t he (or she) in the Hollywood Knights cast ? This is one of the few movies I can remember in which this happened several times (Pfeiffer, Danza, Pankin, Dresher, Wuhl, Helberg and Graham ). Every time I hear Domenico Modugno or Bobby Rydell sing “Volare”, Newbomb’s cover version pops in my mind. For all the one -liners, the practical jokes, the cast, the cars, and the music, it is a great movie to enjoy for years to come … and yes, don’t drink the punch !

  • srsvtii-kunnddaa
    srsvtii kunnddaa

    I was 10 when this movie came out. I remember watching it and laughing so hard my stomach hurt. Put your political correctness away and enjoys some good gags and awesome cars. I still watch it and find it just as funny as when I was a kid. It definitely brings back memories. Robert Wuhl is awesome in it.

  • cihandide-arsoy
    cihandide arsoy

    In reality it is a poor movie. The acting is Luke warm. B U T . . It is a great movie too! The plot is thin and the stories were cut short. Too bad the cutting room floor clips weren’t available for the DVD.The Cobra vs Project X race is incredible. Even though MSD electronic ignition and electric thin profile fans weren’t available yet in ’65. The Cobra still would have smoked the ’57 and the T-Bucket. The hair-dos are more of the late ’70s than the mid ’60s.I have it on VHS & DVD as well as a couple of original posters and it ranks as one of my favorite movies. The cars are great to see.KNIGHTS RULE

  • emily-hart
    emily hart

    the hollywood knights incorporates the cream of the crop when it comes to killer rides, laugh till you cry pranks and gags, as well as a major stepping stone for many of tinseltowns now famous stars like tony danza,michelle pffeifer and fran dresher.i just hope that sony pictures will finally put an end to the suffering of the fans of this film and release it to homevideo.it was released by coloumbia originally(part of sony now) in 1980.19 years is too long to let a gem like this go unmined.

  • emilie-krizova
    emilie krizova

    Whether you like good comedy or like movies that bring memories of a long-gone era, this is the guilty pleasure for you. The setting in 1965 with the Vietnam conflict, changes in race relations and music gaining momentum, makes for a perfect setting for a group of fun-loving senior high students who gather their car club together on Halloween night for an evening at the local drive-in burger joint nobody will forget. Big names–before they were big–like Robert Wuhl, Tony Danza and Fran Dresher, add to the fun. Everybody knows or has known a Newbomb Turk, guys will enjoy the cars and antics, and gals will like the nostalgia and the love story between Danza and Michelle Pfeiffer. Sure there are juvenile pranks (actually a lot of them), but all in good fun. If you’re looking for something different in comedy, check this movie out.

  • dipl-ing-kata-hubel
    dipl ing kata hubel

    Trashy, sophomoric, offensive and very, very funny! I keep a watch for this film as it shows up on Cinemax every so often. I love the two cops and the whole bit about spiking the punch. Robert Wuhl’s rendition of “Volare” in the gym is a gas!Truly one of the most hilarious movies ever made.

  • paul-valentin-le-brunel
    paul valentin le brunel

    You’ll find this movie more enjoyable if you were lucky enough to be the same age as the movie setting. The pranks played by that generation were ones that were funny and not meant to hurt anyone. Not like the morbid ones kids play today where they are meant to cause harm. For a now graying gear head the top billing of the movie has to go to all the vehicles. It’s a dam shame what the auto industry puts out today. They’ve lost all the distinctive beauty and class like the ones shown in this movie. And not to forget the sound and feel of horsepower hiding under the hood. As to the parts of the movie that make you warm inside, they are all well done in concerns of love and war as well as the bonding between friends. I’ve enjoyed watching this movie over and over again. At my age a movie like this one brings back the feelings of being young again and a desire to turn back the hands of time to the good times with good friends, good music and hot rods.

  • alexandra-melo
    alexandra melo

    It’s 1965, it’s the time of great fun, great music, also great laughs you can’t get anywhere. “The Hollywood Knights” is loads of fun, and loaded with an all-star cast. You got “Taxi” star, Tony Danza, Fran Drescher from “Saturday Night Fever”, Michelle Pfeiffer, and several others including Robert Wuhl as Newbomb, which 9 years later play Alexander Knox in “Batman”. Newbomb is the leader of a group of pranksters known as “The Hollywood Knights”. On Halloween night, their hangout is being shutdown permanently by snobby Beverly Hills locals. And they make their efforts to put them in their places. That night, they get themselves new pledges, as they roam the night to send out the request to a radio station in Watts. The mayhem ensures as the night rolls on. The pep rally was hilarious, especially when the sign get vandalized, and during the cheerleading razzle dazzle, one of them forgotten to wear her undies! Wild things go on in this movie, plenty of pranks, sexual innuendo, and lots of raunchy scenes that would make “Porky’s” look tame. So if you’re looking for a great laugh, this movie is right up your alley. This is too much, I say, Too much! 3 out of 5 stars

  • sandra-medved
    sandra medved

    By rights, this movie should get a 2. It is badly acted, there are any number of continuity goofs (like Moosie Dreier being in two places at once) and there are many racist and sexist jokes. However, if you want to laugh and forget the real world for a few minutes, then this film is for you. This movie launched the careers of Tony Danza, Bob Wuhl, Joyce Heyser, Gailhard Sartain, Stuart Pankin, and Michelle Pfifer. There were great cars and there was great music, although some of the music was post 1965. The California surf-and-drag culture was very appealing. I grew up in the Midwest and went to catholic schools during cold winters, and I can imagine was CA must have been like. Another favorite movie of mine is also set in 1965, Heaven Help Us. The contrast is extreme. To kids who were swimming bare in cold pools and getting the paddle in gym class, the prospect of endless sunshine and girls in bikinis would have been otherworldly. And no teachers to worry about, just two dumb cops who were easy to outwit. And what I would not have given to be a student at Beverly Hills High!

  • aaron-yoder
    aaron yoder

    I I still love this movie after 24 years. This show was to take place during Viet Nam era. I would say this is a movie for guys. Good looking muscle cars throughout the show. Hey they even cruise the burger joint !!!!! Good Motown music throughout. This show is the ultimate in high school pranks. Great cast of actors. Unbelievable what teenagers can get into when they’re away from home.There are some very good moments of “growing up” in this film. Some one leaving to go to Viet Nam not sure if he’ll come back to see his friends, so he hangs out with them the night before he leaves. The usual boy falls in love with girl ,then girl leaves for college stuff. Some good street drag scenes. A high school initiation quest. There are a lot more stories in this very well scripted film that are all TOO real. If you ever wondered what your parents did in the sixties then you need to watch the fun they had. It really did look like a blast. This is a must see!MY FAVORITE CHARACTER: Newbomb Turk

  • leroy-waters
    leroy waters

    Folks, this is not a movie to be judged or rated by ordinary or serious standards as you would “I Am Legend” or “Gone With The Wind.” Admittedly, this is a typical early 1980s (set in the 1960s) teen trash and laugh fests crudely mixed together from “Animal House” and “American Graffiti.” No real plot, a thousand different things happen at once to group of wild teenagers (played by numerous soon-to-be’s) who pull crazy pranks on Halloween Night 1965.However, if you are not of the overly-sensitive politically correct crowd or watching this with (very) young children, this film is FUNNY! The gaseus rendition of “Volare”, wild catch-phrases (his pants fit him like a glove, Lawrence, Lawrence of Arabia, et. al) and senseless raunch makes this ideal for firing up the DVD player while your buddies are over for beer and pizza. Don’t expect to find the meaning of life in this one.

  • vano-ant-aze
    vano ant aze

    If you’re looking for a fun way to spend an hour and a half, plug this movie in, kick back and be prepared to laugh yourself silly. This film basically has no plot save for the fact that Tubby’s Drive-in is shutting down and the Hollywood Knights converge there for one last hurrah. Most of their hijinks take place elsewhere however, but Tubby’s is their hangout. The movie is a series of comedy sketches rather than a straightforward progression. The cast plays their roles to the hilt led by the frenetic stylings of Robert Wuhl (Newbomb). Also outstanding are Stuart Pankin as Dudley (the much-maligned honor student), and Gailard Sartain and Sandy Helberg as Officers Bimbeau and Clark. One point I notice in other reviews and which I have to agree wholeheartedly with is that the subplots featuring Tony Danza/Michelle Pfeiffer and Jimmy Shine/Vietnam both contrive to slow the film down. This can be excused though, thanks to such gems as Newbomb’s rendition of Volare, the one-armed violinist and the catered reception. Bottom line: it’s a lewd and crude laugh-riot!!!

  • keith-singh
    keith singh

    We first saw this little opus on cable, and rushed out to get a blank tape right away. The first major film for Tony Danza, Michelle Pfieffer, and Robert Wuhl, “The Hollywood Knights” is funny, gross, bawdy, and nostalgic all at the same time. Is it a rip-off of “American Graffiti”? Um, yeah, but it’s still a very funny film in its own right. Is it gross and lewd in spots? Well. . .yeah, but we can think of more egregious examples, like “Porky’s”. Does it deserve an “R” rating? Not when you consider some of the other dreck that’s been put in the can. Undoubtedly the most memorable scene is Newbomb’s rendition of “Volare'” in the school gym; a masterpiece of lowbrow humor, but funnier than. . .well, you can fill in the blank. Bottom line: a small-budget gem, if you can take it. If you’re easily offended, lighten up. After all, there’s LOTS worse out there!