A rich playboy has a large house in the Ontario countryside. One weekend, he invites his girlfriend, a fashion model, but n his way to the house, he drives past a gang of crazed young men. The men find out where the house is, and terrorise the couple.

Also Known As: Den blodiga helgen, Un violento week-end di terrore, Week-end sauvage, Tappava viikonloppu, Bluthunde West, Fim-de-Semana Mortal, Death weekend, Dødens weekend, Kanlı tatil, The House by the Lake, Inferno im Moor West, Fin de semana sangriento, Death Weekend, Trágico fin de semana, Smiertelny weekend, Fim-de-Semana Sangrento, Смертельный уик-энд Soviet, Fim de Semana Mortal, Fin de semaine infernale, Party des Grauens West, Vergewaltigung West

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