In a remote hill top mansion, a mysterious stranger emerges from a thunderstorm in the night, seeking refuge with the Whipley family; three young adults ruled by their strict religious mother, and their troubled father, who has vanished the previous night. But perhaps the ‘stranger’ is more connected to this family and to the dark unknown history of the house than they suspect, and as the visitor begins to cultivate sexual tensions and paranoia within the house, the devilishly erotic history of the Whipley family threatens to lure them deep into its lustful, violent madness once again.

Also Known As: The House of Violent Desire

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  • parowyr-rhashidyan
    parowyr rhashidyan

    The first 14 minutes introduces the characters at the remote Black Rock Manor. We meet the creepy caretaker Sylus Scorpius with a name out of Harry Potter. The surname of the family is Whipley and Crimson Rose is the new maid. From the opening sadistic teaser scene, we know things are not what they seem.The film then jumps to “One year later” for no other reason than to make the maid look comfortable in her surroundings. A stranger appears. Soon there is murder, madness, and a disappearance.The characters and atmosphere were great. I wasn’t sure of the era. The house didn’t have electricity. Later photos are discovered as well as a tape recorder. The recorder still played after sitting there for years. They didn’t even have to change out the batteries, the part of the film I found most unbelievable.We uncover the twisted plot at the end. Clues are laid out throughout the script in a way that made it difficult to tie them together. I didn’t find the back story leading up to the events that engaging, especially since they talked about the scenes instead of showing the graphic details.DVD includes outtakes, deleted scenes, and behind the scenes. English subtitles available.Guide: A few F-words at the end. MM sex. Nudity.

  • andrea-hinojosa
    andrea hinojosa

    My God What is this film ?. A movie without music will be a piece of nothing. music is present in every part, in order to cover the overall weakness Bad performance. A meaningless story. Boring. The only acceptable thing is the place.

  • nina-furlan
    nina furlan

    I have no idea what I just watched. This movie is all over the place. Just saying it was a hot mess would be a compliment. If you want to waste a couple hours, by all means, this is your movie. There is no coherent plot or storyline. The scripting is a nightmare. The acting is overly exaggerated and tries to hard to be deeply dramatic. The filming is not polished. The only thing that held any quality was the setting. The house and grounds played their part well seeing as all they had to do was exist. Very strange movie.

  • kristina-rios
    kristina rios

    This movie gets worse by the minute, but if you happen to like nicely framed shots and unusual lighting, you may want to watch. The plot begins fairly decently, but transgresses into pure silliness about an hour in, the whole time seeming like a lengthy episode of DARK SHADOWS from the 1960s–a show I watched as a child. 2 stars for good filming techniques.

  • dionusia-phourkiote
    dionusia phourkiote

    Nearly two hours… TWO HOURS! This film started firmly in the 7 rating then went to a 6 and rapidly to a 4 and ended up at 3 after two hours of torturous viewing.It’s not that it’s a bad concept, and it seems some effort has gone into the intention to make a decent film, the problem is the intention just doesn’t translate in to the reality of what this film could be, or have been.I was hoping that this was going to be a good British horror and at least live up to the hype – but it is neither.It feels like a local amateur dramatic club has cobbled together some cash to make a project film.The majority of the acting is wooden and strained and really fails bring the characters or story to life, or to engage the viewer. It’s not necessarily that the actors are bad at acting. It could equally be that the director has not taken the time to either relay what they expect or are too busy rushing through scenes to pay attention to detail and give the actors what they need for best performance.There are obviously one or two actors who have great potential, and may well have theatre experience, but without proper direction their skill is not being allowed to come through in character in this film.The film looked visually promising to begin with, but like other things, rapidly became fairly ridiculous for the period the film is supposed to be set in. Some scenes were visually perfect and interesting, while the majority just seem to be shots where the camera was set on automatic and to hell with taking time to get the lighting right. It really wouldn’t have taken that much effort or time to make a few fundamental changes.The same with the sound. In some scenes it is clear that thought has been given to recoding and balancing the mix, while in others (ironically usually when there was substance to a character’s dialogue) it was difficult to separate dialogue from the overpowering volume of music or the far over/misused sound of thunder – which just became annoying in the end. Sound quality also seemed to be a serious issue with medium to long shots often sounding like it had been recorded with a baked bean tin.Next up – prop interaction. Oh my goodness, someone wasn’t paying attention.There are times when the characters interact with props in a way which is obviously wrong, if not downright amateurish and stupid. Without using spoilers I can’t really give examples, not that I would have to for anyone half-awake watching this film.Overall, this film looked as though it might be a good watch. If the people who made this film were as good as the hype they wrote then this would be brilliant. Unfortunately, this seems to be (yet) another example of people with too much spare cash and a woeful lack of skill and attention to detail thinking they can do something they obviously can’t.Perhaps they are more suited to shooting family videos with an iPhone.As for the 10 ratings – they are obviously false.